Jun. 6th, 2010

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UGGGHHHH IT IS A MILLION AND THREE DEGREES HERE RIGHT NOW. AND IT'S ONLY JUUUUUUNE WHHHHYYYYY. But you know, I made a pact with myself not to complain about heat because I know as soon as it's gone I just spend my time complaining about the cold, so... yeah. What I meant to say was -- WOOHOO IT'S A MILLION AND THREE DEGREES, PARTY TIME, EXCELLENT.

I have been taking advantage of the weather, at least. On Friday, we went to Ichetucknee for the first time in many many many years, and yet it totally lived up to all of my awesome childhood memories. Unfortunately, I didn't really take any pictures on account of having a camera that is totally incompatible with floating down a river, but thankfully flickr search is here to assist me in capturing some teensy amount of the gorgeousness (1: I think this photo gets across the "Jurassic Park River Adventure" feel, with the towering trees and winding waterways and DINOSAURS. Okay, just kidding, there weren't any dinos. BUT IT LOOKED LIKE THERE COULD HAVE BEEN. And 2: this one for showing how it changes with the rain, with the INSANE greens and the mist/haze everywhere [because, yes, we did get rained on! It rained sporadically on the drive over but cleared up before we got in the river... but about halfway down, it started up again. It was just a shower, not a thunderstorm, so it wasn't any fear-for-your-life stuff -- but just totally cool, because we could hear the rain around a bend before we could see it, and then once we could see it, it was just a distant disturbance of dots and ripples on the surface that slowly swept its way over to us and UGH, NATURE, YOU ARE THE COOLEST EVER]). (My Locke icon feels so appropriate here, too. LOOK GUYS I'M GOING TO START CRYING OVER LOST AGAIN JUST FROM A TINY SQUARE OF PIXELS. FML.)

While trying to finish up my embroidery project from OCTOBER, I finally decided to watch my Psych DVDs that I got in DECEMBER (HI, SO BEHIND ON LIFE) and, gosh, Andy Berman is so totally the love of my life. I... just... the deleted scenes for "Murder? ...Anyone? ...Anyone? ...Bueller?" are like thirty minutes long, hahaha SERIOUSLY, SERIOUSLY, MY FAVORITE PSYCH WRITER. And in other USA network news, I seriously dug the Royal Pains S2 opener! I think I talked the show down too much in my 2009 TV recap, because right after I wrote that up I went and watched some of the S1 marathon and was like... hey, what, this is actually kind of... good? I think it might be because the three episodes I watched ended up being the three episodes I listed as favorites, coincidentally enough, but still! And then, YES, there was just so much YES YES YES YES all over the premier. In conclusion: YES!! In a different conclusion: EVAN/DIVYA.

Bleargh, okay, I should be writing an essay right now (yes, the one I mentioned three days ago AND STILL HAVEN'T FINISHED. OR IN FACT REALLY EVEN STARTED, BECAUSE EVERYTHING I HAVE WRITTEN IS GARBAGE AND I THINK I'M REDOING IT ALLLLL).


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