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I was going to ask whether anybody had unwanted specially marked boxes of Kellogg's cereal with codes for Toy Story 3 merch that they didn't plan to redeem, when... wow. I experienced one of those moments of total clarity: this is what my life is. Begging free cereal prizes of the internet.


(Seriously, though, if you aren't going to use your codes -- I totally will. I can only eat so much Frosted Miniwheats between now and the end of the month!)

Oh, Royal Pains -- you seduced me with the best-of marathon of S1, you seduced me with a kickass season opener, and now you're back to mediocre again this week. Why do you do these things to meeeee.

Okay, I just had yet another moment of clarity re: writing horrible things and then thinking, "Oh god, did I really write that, what sort of person am I D:" only it was SO HORRIBLE that I've just deleted it completely. Seriously. I need to reassess my life. I'm doing a lot of self-discovery in this post, but... it's all of the bad.

Further embarrassments (intentional ones, though): I was planning to do an Awkward Childhood Celebrity and/or Fictional Character Crushes picspam/discussion post (still kind of am! SO PREPARE YOURSELVES), but I am just getting totally completely hung up on Janeway/Chakotay. I KNOW, RIGHT, HOW DID THIS EVEN HAPPEN. It started with me, as usual, reflecting back on my huge crush on Chakotay and how totally hilarious/weird/no seriously what, 10-year-old-me, WHAT it all was -- but somehow it morphed into me going through screencaps, fixating on Janeway/Chakotay body language, basking in my insane love of Kate Mulgrew, and basically just reliving my prepubescent Star Trek ~romances~ again. Aside from the odd episode here and there, I haven't watched anything in ages and don't remember much of the show except that THEY ARE LOVELY AND BEAUTIFUL AND BADASS AND AMAZING AND SHOULD BE TOGETHER FOREVER. So, yeah, I love how this began as me going "lol whut WHY" and ended with me going "HOW COULD ANYONE LAUGH AT THEIR PERFECT LOVE, CHATE IS FATE, ETC."

PICSPAM FOR THE DOUBTERS. General Voyager spoilers, even though, again, I remember basically nothing of this show. )
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New to me TV of 2009. Keep in mind that this is with a self-imposed moratorium on picking up any new TV shows during the fall season, so... this is significantly less unwieldy (significantly more... than it might otherwise have been. Spoilers for: American Idol, Ashes to Ashes, Big Wolf on Campus, Chuck, Crusoe, Dollhouse, Farscape

TV of 2009 )

Aaaand I decided to cut this off because I'm cold and hungry and lazy and will probably never ever never get through the whole thing if I decide to do it as one behemoth of a post (...I am only about a quarter of the way through my shows -- and then you know I'm going to blab like twice as long over Lost and twenty times as long over Robin Hood). So expect future installments soon, picking up with... House! Which I literally never write about any more! And yet somehow I still watch every episode because it is impossible for me to drop a fandom. (PLUS WHAT WHAT WHAT MONDAY'S EPISODE WHAAAAT.)
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Not having classes on Fridays? Both a bless and a curse. Blessing: HELLO, NO CLASS. Curse: I can't be arsed to get anything done. I even forgot to set an alarm for this morning and didn't get up until almost 8:00. At the very least I'll be trekking over to the library later today to pick up some movies on reserve (Forbidden Planet and The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, what up! I also have plans this weekend to rewatch Repo! The Genetic Opera with one of my friends and then watch the recent Byron TV movie with another. Don't worry, it's perfectly natural to be jealous of my clearly awesome taste in viewing materials).

I just rediscovered a rather embarrassingly large stash of American Idol miscellany on my computer, oh dear. Season six... those were the good days... *is in no way rocking out to Blake Lewis right now, of course not*

GUUUUYSSSS CHUCK IS BACK ON MONDAY!!!! FINALLY MORE CASEY! And, you know, Sarah and Chuck and Ellie and Awesome and Lester and Anna and Morgan and Big Mike and Jeff and awesome guest stars and EVERYBODY...! But mostly Casey. Lamely, though, I think I'll have to start watching it online (why why whhhhhhy did House have to move to Mondays?).

And to close, Lost! Spoilers for 5.03 Jughead )
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Why is American Idol the weirdest effing show ever? And why am I still watching it anyway? I swear it becomes a more surreal experience every year, but it's kind of weirdly magical. I started out yesterday without any real emotional investment in the finale, yet it took all of about five minutes for me to start getting wibbly about the performances (especially Cook's The World I Know. The crying! And the winking!). And now having everybody come back on again...! Awww!! I was just congratulating myself on my progress from a ridiculous obsession last season to a more casual viewership this year around, but I do still love everybody quite a lot anyway.

Although seriously if they really do pull that Elvis mess again this year... *FROWNS AND DISAPPROVAL*

ETA: Bahaha American Idol at Disneyworld? I still haven't gotten used to the Hollywood Studios name change, either; it was a confusing experience all last semester because half the signs on I-4 hadn't been changed from MGM Studios.

And Blaaaaaaake! Um. Clearly I love this show more than I am willing to acknowledge.

TV of 2007

Jan. 9th, 2008 09:56 pm
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For the third and final part of my Fictional 2007 review, I bring you my year in television shows. This post has been an embarrassingly long time in the making (as evidenced by the fact that I did the first two within the same day and yet have been adding onto this one for the better part of the week), because, wow. I don't think I quite realized just how many new TV shows I've picked up on the wayside. I remember a few years ago making an agreement with myself to limit my major TV fandoms to only House and Lost, because I was HUGELY invested in both of those and didn't think I could make room for another obsession of a similar caliber. And then somehow I justified watching a few summer shows, some reality TV, maybe some educational programming... and holy bejeebies where did all these fandoms come from? I also blame the fact that, through some installation mix-up or something, I've been getting full cable (70+ channels) at school for the past semester despite the fact that I only pay for basic (about 15 channels); and being the terrible person that I am, I've decided to milk the mistake for as long as I can (and, ooh, spooky coincidence -- my Comcast bill literally just popped up in my inbox as I typed this. Weirdly enough, this is one bill I don't get annoyed at paying; instead, I get excited about having another month of TV!!! :D Yes, I am in desperate need of a life).

Caution: contains lots of large-ish images, as well as spoilery discussion of the most recent seasons of Lost, House, Robin Hood, Psych, Star Trek: TOS, Star Trek: DS9, American Idol, and Pushing Daisies

Part Three: Television )
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In case you couldn't tell from the fact that I've only managed to post once so far this month, I am in the throes of finals. I just went to my last class of the term earlier today, and I only have two days of exams next week, and then omg I am done and it is Christmas break for five weeks yessss. That's a pretty intense motivator right there, and a lovely payoff for getting all my work done.

But even though it will be nice once I'm done, for now all I have to say is: URRRGHHH. I've met my quota for the amount of homework I wanted to get done before Jeopardy!, so I don't feel too guilty about taking a break to catch up on some fandom babble.

First of all (because I'm listening to it right now) Blake Lewis's album finally came out this week. And it's actually GOOD! For once you might actually feel unashamed to show your true colours as an American Idol fan. It's all the best of 80s cheesy synth, angsty Maroon 5-ish ballads (which sound distinctly less whiny when sung by Blake), and awesome Cake collaborations. Despite the obvious influences on the album, I certainly wouldn't describe it as derivative--just think of how he made all of those covers on AI his own, and multiply it tenfold because here it's actually his own music. Compared to his pre-AI work, I'd say it's maybe a little more mainstream, in the sense that the songs are a lot tighter and catchier. But there's such a huge variety of sounds on just this one CD that he clearly hasn't boxed himself into one category.

So anyway, y'all should totally go buy a copy -- $10 on Amazon, and as one of those CDs that you can play from start to finish without getting bored, it's totally worth the investment. If you still need to listen to some songs before being fully convinced, YouTube is your friend. My personal favourite is She's Makin' Me Lost It, which is SO AMAZINGLY GOOD THAT I SIMPLY CANNOT TALK ABOUT IT WITHOUT CAPSLOCKING. SERIOUSLY, JUST LISTEN TO IT. A THING OF BEAUTY AND WONDER, I SWEAR. The song he wrote with Chris, What'cha Got 2 Lose? (just looking at the grammar, you can already tell that they wrote it, haha), is another highlight.

And I spent too much time squeeing over that, so I'll have to confine the rest of my ramblings to one sentence: PSYCH CHRISTMAS SPECIAL TONIGHT. USA NETWORK 10/9C. It will be epic. And okay that was more than one sentence, whatever.

I really don't have an appropriate icon for this post. All of my dormant fandoms are coming out of hibernation!
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Today just seems to be the day for new music. I hadn't expected my Amazon package until the end of this week at the soonest, but the package slip in my mailbox this morning told no lies! So yaaaay I finally have Emmy Rossum's CD. It is most excellent, to the point where I almost feel un-embarrassed about being so excited about it. The funny thing is that the song that I loved the most from the Amazon preview clips was her cover of "Rainy Days and Mondays," and then the CD just has to show up on one of the rainiest, gloomiest Mondays I have ever seen. Coincidence? I think not!

Of course I already knew the Brian Setzer set was awesome. His "Getting in the Mood" is dfasjsdfusdf!! -- the perfect "I'm home alone so I can blast this on the stereo and bounce around like an idiot" music.

And then Blake Lewis's new single just dropped this evening. (In case you are worried that my American Idol obsession has robbed me of all my nerd street cred, keep in mind the fact that I got the text in the middle of watching Jeopardy! and had to wait for it to finish before I called up and listened to the song.) I am now officially psyched out for his CD next month.
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Perpetuating the meme isn't really necessary, but if you would like for me to choose some of your interests, just ask!

Comment on this post. I will choose seven interests from your profile and you will explain what they mean and why you are interested in them. Post your this along with your answers in your own journal so that others can play along.

My seven interests; no pictures, but a bunch of YouTube videos )

Now back to being productive. And by "being productive" I mean "sitting in front of my computer eating ramen and watching House/Wilson videos on YouTube."
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Who says that Lost and American Idol can't go together?? You heard it here first: American Idol Take the Cake Ice Cream + Dharma Fish Biscuits = yum.

American Idol )

Lost )

I'm not sure I'll be able to make it through Pirates tonight; this is all just too much for one fangirl to handle.
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Do I just have a really contrary personality? Blake's "Roxanne" was definitely my favourite performance from last night, and yet it seems like I am alone in thinking that. I don't know, "This Love" is just way to overplayed for me to ever want to listen to it again, and then the third song wasn't something I was familiar with (but I still liked it, I guess, just not as much as the first one). Anyway, I originally counted myself in the camp of people who really didn't want Blake to make it to the finale and end up as AI's buttmonkey, but now I kindasortareallyalotWILLDIEIFHEGOESHOMETONIGHT!!1!eleventyone!!! want him to stay. So. Fingers, toes, whatever... they are all crossed for tonight.

Yesterday I was updating my tags and reading through old entries from a few years ago, and oh man. Haha, there is about a three month stretch where all I do is post about Phantom of the Opera every. freaking. day. Wow, was I obsessed with that movie. Also, oops, I kind of forgot that I watched Battlestar Galactica during the first season; it's been ages since I've even caught part of an episode. Anyway, it's fun to see my cycles of fannishness.

...Oh no, am I now going to have to tag this entry as "tags"??!
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Okay, let's see how many different fandoms I can squeeze into one post. Ready, set, GO!

For starters, Damon Lindelof once again MAKES MY LIFE with his AI comments:
In past seasons, Lost executive producer Damon Lindelof says he had to stay mum about his American Idol obsession because the Fox juggernaut aired in the same time slot as his ABC drama. "This is the first year I'm out of the closet as an Idol fan," he tells PEOPLE. "Nobody can give me crap for cheering on Blake." Lindelof, who attended Tuesday night's show with wife Heidi, jokes that fans of Idol and Lost shouldn't fret that the shows' two-hour May 23 season finales overlap between 9 and 10 p.m. "I promise nothing good will happen the last 10 minutes of the nine o'clock hour so people can see who wins and then they can switch over to Lost and it will really get good."

Oh, Damon. It really isn't necessary to remind me all the time of just how much I love you.

And, you know, he really shouldn't feel bad for supporting Blake. I actually thought he was much better this week than the judges said. To be fair, I think that a good deal of the time his performances demand multiple listenings before I really like them (err... let's not get into just how many times I've already listened to both of his songs since yesterday...), which isn't really a luxury you have on a live television show. I'll refrain from making any predictions about who's leaving, though, because I really do like everybody who is still on. Heck, I really like everybody who made the top six. I think last night's show was definitely hurting from the loss of Chris and Phil.... Maybe it was just having two people go at once that made it seem so much more subdued without them.

And then House. Oh, House... Wilson has officially established himself as the single most perfect character to ever grace my television screen.
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Oh, man. I am so sad. In more ways than one. Way to BREAK MY HEART, American Idol!!

(but I still love you for the ridiculous amounts of Cake)
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Okay, I don't care if you hate American Idol with the fiery passion of a thousand suns -- you have to watch Blake's performance from last night. I'm not quite sure how I feel about his new hair, but that is so completely moot. Because. Seriously. AMAZING.

While I think Blake is very deservedly garnering a lot of attention for last night, I feel kind of bad that Chris is getting pushed to the side. Just like last week, I thought he did a really great job (certainly a lot better than the judges gave him credit for). I guess that's one of the ironies of being pegged as the next to go. He seems much less nervous now that he really doesn't have anything left to lose. It's a real shame that he'll probably get kicked of just as he's been doing so well, but I guess it's best to leave on a high note.
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Um, wow.

The Lost podcast was all kinds of awesome this week. For starters, ahhhh!!! Fandom collision!!!!

Damon: Break it down for me.
Carlton: Break it down. Well one possibility would be--
Damon: Do you want me to beatbox while you break it down?
Carlton: Yeah, exactly.
Damon: Like Blake on American Idol?

Oh, man. I almost died. Damon, words cannot express how much I love you.

Secondly, they answered my question! Well, kind of. I wasn't actually the one who submitted it, but I kept meaning to. I asked it over on [ profile] lost_tv almost a year ago in this post. It was in regard to the episode "Numbers," and whether or not Carlton was secretly the lotto announcer. Which, uh, HE TOTALLY IS!!! Vindication.
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OMG, I need to go to sleeeep... It's just so hard, though! Every time I get in bed, I just roll around for ages fretting about the fact that I've been out of school for over a week and yet still have not found any form of gainful employment or productive activity with which to occupy myself. Naturally, distracting myself with the internet is the best way to deal with these problems. Of course.

I went to the movies for the first time in approximately 456,132 years today and saw Hot Fuzz. So much violence, but so much love! Any movie that opens with an Adam Ant song gets automatic approval from me. Also, actionheroinuniform!Simon Pegg is surprisingly hot. Or maybe I've just been stuck in complete fangirl mode for too long.

Speaking of fangirling, today has been filled with an unprecedented amount of Cake love. I don't care if you watch American Idol or not, you NEED to experience the complete and total awww-ness of the two of them in this AI Extra interview. Seriously, I cannot get over how much I love them (and how much they love each other!).
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House last night seriously owned my life. So. Freaking. Good.

Spoilers for House Training )

Uggh, I know I watch way too much TV, but I just had to watch American Idol last night, too. I actually think it's really great that they're doing the whole Idol Gives Back thing, but sheesh! Way to drag it out as long as humanly possible! ...Of course, I'm still going to be sucked into watching it again tonight. Curse you, Cake! I am more invested in American Idol than any person over the age of thirteen has any right to be. If either Chris or Blake goes home tonight, I will be very very very sad. I know a lot of people have expressed concern about Chris, but this was actually the first week where I enjoyed his performance more than Blake's. Still, though... *fingers crossed*
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It feels weird to think that we are almost done with this school year. I'm already reviewing for finals and getting stuff ready for tests and wrapping up assignments...

I have a meeting for AP tests tomorrow after first period, and can I just say a big thank you to whoever scheduled it. This of course means that I get to miss second period, or at least the beginning of it, which is when we go over our tests. I really don't want to see my test. It bugs me when you have to take a test over material that you really don't understand at all, but it bugs me even more when you take a test on stuff that you know very well and you still manage to confuse yourself and mess up. I knew everything that was on our math test, but as soon as I got the test I starting blanking. Our teacher does this thing where she leaves hints to help you solve the problem but all they end up doing is confusing me. I don't know... I am sure that I passed the test, and I probably didn't even miss the questions I was worried about, but I don't feel like looking at my grade right now.

On a non-school related noted, watching American Idol tonight is probably going to be depressing. And I'm still going to watch it. Because I am a sad, sad person.


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