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Is it weird that I keep having anxiety-riddled dreams about classes and exams when I haven't been in school for over a year? (Answer: YES. Brain of mine, what is wrong with you.)

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Just got through with the Cranford Christmas special -- boy but that series does not cut back on the high mortality rates, does it? On the whole I don't think this was as well put together as the original but, still, high old lady hilarity all around and yay Tim Curry and yay Jodie Whittaker. Overall, though, I'm rather disappointed with Masterpiece Theatre's spring line up. Bahhhhh to Austen encore (well, I will admit that the Northanger Abbey movie was extremely adorable, but epic do not want to the new Emma mini. BECAUSE THAT'S JUST WHAT THE WORLD NEEDED, RIGHT?); Small Island sounds interesting, so I guess I will bide my time until April.

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Not having classes on Fridays? Both a bless and a curse. Blessing: HELLO, NO CLASS. Curse: I can't be arsed to get anything done. I even forgot to set an alarm for this morning and didn't get up until almost 8:00. At the very least I'll be trekking over to the library later today to pick up some movies on reserve (Forbidden Planet and The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, what up! I also have plans this weekend to rewatch Repo! The Genetic Opera with one of my friends and then watch the recent Byron TV movie with another. Don't worry, it's perfectly natural to be jealous of my clearly awesome taste in viewing materials).

I just rediscovered a rather embarrassingly large stash of American Idol miscellany on my computer, oh dear. Season six... those were the good days... *is in no way rocking out to Blake Lewis right now, of course not*

GUUUUYSSSS CHUCK IS BACK ON MONDAY!!!! FINALLY MORE CASEY! And, you know, Sarah and Chuck and Ellie and Awesome and Lester and Anna and Morgan and Big Mike and Jeff and awesome guest stars and EVERYBODY...! But mostly Casey. Lamely, though, I think I'll have to start watching it online (why why whhhhhhy did House have to move to Mondays?).

And to close, Lost! Spoilers for 5.03 Jughead )
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Still being eaten alive by finals and am off to sleep for approximately ten thousand years (i.e. between now and my next test on Wednesday afternoon. Except that, uhhh... some studying should probably occur in the intervening time... sigh. :/ Anyway). BUT. Well. I'm not quite up for a full-blown Chuck episode squee (even though, hello, great episode!), but I just feel compelled to do my weekly JOHN CASEY IS SO FRIGGEN ATTRACTIVE post. Because... wow. I don't even know. IT DEMANDS REPETITION. Here, watch this, it'll make you feel better.
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And now for a completely random but completely necessary interlude!

So I'm sitting here innocently doing my homework (YES. FOR ONCE. I SWEAR.) and, to cover up the sounds of my roommate on the phone, I've got my headphones on and am listening to some unobtrusive Glenn Miller Orchestra in the background. Then suddenly, hey, what? I must have reached the end of the album because the next thing I hear are the silky smooth stylings of Benry's monologue at the end of "The Whole Truth". And, gosh, I just felt the overwhelming need to come over hear and proclaim my UTTER ABSOLUTE UNDYING LOVE FOR MICHAEL EMERSON AND HIS GENIUS. It's easy for Lost to fall out of my fandom rotation during its hiatus, but, show, please know that I still love you and you're still amazing and I can still listen to this scene two and a half years later and still think it's one of the most brilliantly, ambiguous creepy moments of television. Bravo, Lost! Now please return to me soon, I'm getting lonely without you. :( :(

...Interlude over, back to homework. (Reading the Reform Act of 1832! So exciting!)
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I feel so sneaky when posting from school! Well, I've been quite studious all day so I think I'm due for a break -- it makes me feel better about being stuck in the library if I can also waste time on LJ. That said, though, some of the security settings on these school computers are ridiculous. First of all, I didn't even know we had our internet censored in college, what the hell; secondly, I just got blocked out of a friggen Merlin page because it said it was tagged for sexual content. ??? I... sigh. Whatever.

But speaking of Merlin...! Spoilers for 1.02 )

And, ooh, new Pushing Daisies! )
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So I've already been having a kind of lame week for various reasons (endlessly gloomy tropical storm-induced weather; lingering discomfort from my now-absent wisdom teeth [seriously, is this normal? It's been over a week now and, well, it doesn't really hurt, but it's kind of sore and tingly like, say, that feeling you get after an especially rigorous flossing, only it WILL NOT GO AWAY and frankly it's driving me BONKERS. And I took the last of my painkillers yesterday morning, woe]; an e-mail from my seminar professor containing a schedule of in-class presentations, and OF COURSE I'm going first, as in, the first full week of school. IS THAT EVEN ALLOWED? because essentially I now have to put the presentation together over break, except I don't even have access to most of the required research materials and basically, yeah, I'm ready for this term to be over before it's even started; and FREAKING SPYWARE screwing up my computer so I'm on the family computer now while I've been running scans on my own dearest darling for about the past four hours -- I think I have it under control, but still ZOMG ANNOYING) and now this? *curls up and quietly curses the suffocating amounts of bad mojo*

Team! *cries*
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Okay, so I have pretty much sworn off LJ this week in hopes of forcing myself to get all of my homework done. However! For once these two areas of my life merge, because I need to beg some help off of my fellow Robin Hood fans. Going back to those long, painful days right before the finale... full of terrible speculation based on the BBC press releases... Does anybody have a link to the news piece that announced that a character was dying, and gave a short list of four possibilities? My usual embarrassingly encyclopedic knowledge of everything related to this show is failing me, along with my Googling abilities! I just need it for a reference in a paper, so any help would be greatly appreciated. :)
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Meme that I got from [ profile] dollsome like a million years ago and has just been sitting in my drafts waiting to be posted: ten things I love! Today's programming brought to you by the letter R (and please comment if you'd like a letter of your own).

Cut for pictures and YouTube vids of a biggish nature )

...Okay, I think I've discovered why it takes so long for me to finish any memes, because a simple, "Make a list of ten things!" turned into a 1000+ word ramble. Of course!
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Wow, I just typed up this whole giant, cranky, angry rant against the fact that it's cold, and then decided it was too giant, cranky, angry, and ranty to post. Anyway, I think just typing it out was catharsis enough; I just needed to vent all of my rage against the seemingly endless stream of people in my classes this term who would not shut up about how they were "from New York, and in New York, it actually gets cold during the winter! I wish it would get cold here! I wish it would snow! You can't even tell when the seasons change." WELL THEN WHY THE HELL DID YOU DECIDE TO GO TO SCHOOL IN FLORIDA? I'M PRETTY SURE THAT PART WAS ON THE BROCHURE! NOW STOP TALKING ABOUT HOW COLD YOU WANT IT TO BE BECAUSE GODDAMMIT YOU JUST JINXED MY BEAUTIFUL WARM WEATHER AND NOW I AM FREEZING. ARRRGHHH. Um. Oops. I guess I still had some residual rage... But I am comforted by the weather forecast which predicts a return to warmer temperatures by the end of the week, so enough whining from me on this topic.

Instead, I will whine about Robin Hood. Is it seriously almost over already? Only one night left? It feels like we just got started! I won't grouch too much about this, though. In fact, I think sincere congratulations are in order. Robin Hood gets a hearty pat on the back for developing into an actual quality program this season, one which I am (almost) no longer ashamed to own up to watching. I'm not just saying that because of the unexpected deluge of Guy/Marian this year, either (well, okay, I am. But let's pretend that I'm not). The show made some ballsy character moves, sustained a season-long plot arc, and featured some brilliant acting. Since I've been home from school, I've had a chance to reunite with some of my season one episodes on TiVo. And... oh, goodness. I was just watching "Parent Hood" the other day, and. Just. What? Did I knowingly start watching this awful, awful television program? Of my own free will? Granted, that was already one of my least favourite episodes from season one, but its horridness is only magnified in comparison to this season. I like to think that I saw some seeds of potential greatness in those early days, though, and these latest episodes have been my reward for persevering through it all.

Hopefully I still keep my high opinion of this season after the finale airs, but we'll have to wait and see. At any rate, I think I'm planning a nice long tribute post to just how much this show has brightened my weekends this term, which I will hopefully be done with some time before the finale. It can be my Christmas present to Guy/Marian!

Which reminds me -- AHHHH!!! I still have to order Christmas presents! And today is the last day to get free shipping on Amazon! AHHHH!!!!! Crap crap how did I forget about this all day? *headdesk* I couldn't be more behind on all of this stuff if I tried (which I don't. Which is why I'm so behind!).
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Somebody please explain to me why I ever thought it was a good idea to sign up for a Shakespeare course which involves a play performance as the final project.

Oh God oh God oh God.

Commencing countdown to public humiliation at 11:00 this morning...
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For those of you who celebrate it, happy Thanksgiving! More than a just a time of eating until I make myself sick (ah, what a great American traidtion!), today is a chance to reflect on the good things in life, and maybe appreciate some blessings that I have taken for granted. So here's my list of things that I am thankful for:

-TiVo!! Reunited, and it feels so good... In the past two days, I've watched a movie, an episode of Pushing Daisies, three episodes of Dirty Jobs, and five episodes of Star Trek. Which brings me to a corollary item to be thankful for...
-Star Trek! Since I've been at school, DS9 has been piling up, so I've got about forty episodes to catch up with. So far I've only watched four of them, and already it is has provided a bounty of hilarious, touching, scary, sweet, and oh-so-slashy moments. Bashir/O'Brien, how I have missed you.
-House. Or more specifically, CTB. Or even more specifically, Amber/Taub. I have three papers to write, and one book and one play to read over break for class, and yet the only thing I've succeeded in working on is Amber/Taub fic to fill in some of the titillating gaps left by 4.08.
-Guy/Marian. Yes, I do have a penchant for horribly doomed ships, why do you ask? I just can't help myself when it comes to these two, though. And even though I know it is going to crash and burn and perish in the flames and leave me heartbroken and devastated, I still say that it is worth every. single. minute. This season of Robin Hood has helped me through my darkest hour, given me something to look forward to at the end of a depressingly directionless week, and also introduced me to some great new LJ friends. Behold the power of Richard Armitage and Lucy Griffiths to rescue me from my sophomore slump at college.
-ETA: I can't believe I forgot this one -- Psych! In case you haven't already check it out, they're having a Christmas special this year and the preview clip is already up at the USA site. How is it possibly that one 90-second clip could cause me to nearly overload on funny? It needs to be December 7th already.

Things I am not grateful for:
-The aforementioned three papers to write, and one book and one play to read over break. Hm. Yeah. Let's guess exactly how much of that I've gotten around to. I should get started on it... but I think I'm going to continue my Amber/Taub smut and then go watch some more DS9. Yay for holidays, and a semi-legitimate excuse to be lazy!
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It seems that the amount of homework I have is inversely proportional to how much I want to do it. One pointless assignment that is due in a week? I'll get right on it! Two midterms to study for next Tuesday and work to finish for a group meeting tomorrow morning? Ehhh... I'd rather waste time on YouTube. Sometimes my mental patterns are beyond my comprehension.

Progress on my Benjamina costume is slightly depressing; both my budget and a complete lack of resources at school are hemming me in. I'm actually extremely pleased with how the dress turned out, especially considering that it was my first real foray into the frightening world of hand drafting a pattern. I also got the most fantastic feather boa on eBay. I stupidly forgot to make arm bands before I left for school, but my parents are visiting the weekend before Halloween so I was just planning to ask them to bring some of my extra fabric up with them then. Even without a sewing machine, I figured it would be a small enough project for hand sewing to not be a complete nightmare (seriously. Honestly. Howwww did people ever get anything done before they had sewing machines? I do enjoy hand sewing as a relaxing activity every now and then, but more than an hour and my fingers start to cramp). Now, though, I am getting ready to order the feathers that I want, and my total is nearing $30... for fluffly purple ostrich feathers, seriously... can I really justify putting ridiculous stuff like this on my dad's credit card? Hm, you could say that this is possibly a sign that I should just get a job already and then waste my own money on whatever ridiculous stuff I want; for now I think I will simply opt in favour of Benjamina's less elaborate floral hairpiece. I also found the most perfect coins ever to use for her doubloon necklace, only to have them be out of stock. Typical! I have a plain pearl necklace that I will probably end up wearing instead. So anyway, I think it will turn out very nicely for a Halloween costume, even if it won't live up to my hopes of a perfect reproduction. I do plan on eventually finishing all of the extra trimmings at some point in time, but I don't think it will happen by the end of the month.

Oh, and a link shamelessly swiped from [ profile] polingly: casting completed for the new Star Trek film. !!!!!
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Even though my school is ranked #12 on the Princeton Review's list of worst college food, I've quite enjoyed our meal selection over the past few terms with very few exceptions. This year it has been even better, because they recently hired a new pastry chef who is just... guhhhh... I think she is dedicated to making sure every new student puts on the freshman fifteen! I have to remember to limit myself to one tiny slice once a day at the most, but it's just so hard to resist. At dinner tonight I was due for a piece of chocolate cream pie, and man did it look good. The moment I got back to my seat, fork in hand, poised and ready to treat my taste buds, the flippin' fire alarm just HAS to go off and kick us all out! Whhhhy???! Man!! In hindsight I guess I should have just taken the pie with me, but my brain has been conditioned to resist any urges to remove the dishes from the dining hall, and it simply did not occur to me that there might be some moral leeway in this case. So my poor uneaten piece of pie was left behind... I waited in the lobby for about fifteen minutes before giving up and coming back to my room. My stomach is sad :(

ETA: Just so this post isn't all doom and gloom, I went by the library today to pick up the North and South DVD. Hmmm, I think we can all guess what I will be doing this weekend! Unfortunately, I also have a paper to write for Saturday, but Richard Armitage should provide a nice break for my studying.
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What an adventure -- I have just returned from my first fire drill of the term. And y'know, now that I am slightly more experienced at these things, I feel like they have a checklist for conditions that must be met before they decide to have a fire drill: it has to be at an inconveniently late hour; it has to be cold and/or wet outside; and I have to be in my pajamas (the more embarrassing and goofy, the better). Well, check, check, and check for tonight, buddy! It has been raining pretty much nonstop today, so rather than wait out on the puddle-ridden sidewalk, three of us walked down to the coffee shop across the street and chatted for a bit until they let us back in again. At least it was a fairly quick one this time around, and only lasted about fifteen minutes. Now back to sitting at my computer and pretending to study...
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In the past four hours or so since I sat down at my computer to do my homework, I have:

-watched an episode of Spaced on YouTube
-tried on my Benjamina costume to see if it shrunk at all in the wash
-spent an hour talking to my brother on the phone
-browsed through Star Trek galleries for slashly screencaps with which to make icons
-wished that Life on Mars was available on Region 1 DVD, or would be rerun on BBC America because I missed it the first time around
-watched another episode of Spaced
-played 33 games of FreeCell
-...added on only 49 words to my paper that is due tomorrow.

Dammit. Welcome back to college! Now it's time to take a break and read my cheesy Star Trek novel.
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As expected, classes have started and I have subsequently dropped off the face of LJ. I'm still here, I swear! And really, school is a pretty lame excuse for not posting in the past few weeks; I didn't end up getting into the Ancient Greece and Rome class that I wanted, so I'm only taking 13 credit hours this semester. Ridiculous amounts of free time, here I come! I've already read three books for myself in the past week and a half, which is more than I managed to read in the last month at home. Pretty counter-intuitive, considering the fact that I'm taking a lot more English classes than I did last semester, when I never seemed to find any time to read anything outside of class. I finally stole the second Sherlock Holmes volume from my sister, so I just read The Hound of the Baskervilles over the weekend. My sister calls me a fake Holmes fan because I didn't really start reading it until after House, but WHATEVER! Just because I snicker at all the HoYay and imagine House and Wilson roleplaying as Holmes and Watson doesn't mean I'm not fully appreciating the stories as the author originally intended.

I've also been trying to catch back up with [ profile] lost_bookclub with both The Third Policeman and Watchmen. Even though I keep falling behind and missing out on all of the discussion, I've really enjoyed participating so far. It's certainly helped me step out of my comfort zone, genre-wise, and read a lot of stuff that I might not ordinarily go for.

I think the next time I stop by the library, I'm going to check out some cheesy Trek novels (Doctor's Orders? YES!! I hope they have it -- the online catalogue says that they do, but the last time I went it wasn't on the shelf). Gosh, my Star Trek deprivation has been the worst part of being at school by far. I'll probably stay up until 1:00 tomorrow night to catch the remastered episode on the CW, the only channel I get in my room that ever shows Star Trek. Oh, how I miss TVLand...
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Man, it's a good thing I still have two weeks before I have to go back to class, because my current level of readiness for school is hovering somewhere around EPIC FAIL. I'm absolute balls at back-to-school shopping, even though I've reached the point where I really do need new clothes; and yet I still can't seem to find anything I like.

And I have noticed a disturbing imbalance in my shoe collection. Contrary to popular conceptions of women, I've never really been that into shoes, so I mostly just stick to the essentials: a pair of sneakers, two pairs of heels (one black, one brown), and a pair of white sandals. Oh, yeah. AND A JILLION PAIRS OF FLIP FLOPS. Why is that the only thing I can buy?! In the past year I've bought four new pairs of shoes, all flip flops. Compare this to my sneakers, which are about two and a half years old (although actually just this weekend my mother forced a new pair on me that she just bought, so I guess I can finally throw out my old ones), my black heels which I've had since tenth grade, my brown ones since eleventh... I look at them and think, "MAN! I need new shoes," but at the same time I absolutely hate wearing shoes, so it makes it hard for me to justify spending a lot of money on them. This makes flip flops absolutely perfect for me -- they're pretty much the bare minimum requirement for footwear, they're cheap and comfortable, and you can slip them off the moment you sit down. Ahh, wonderful! But still... sometimes I feel like I should dress like a grown-up every once in a while.

Clothing aside, I also have some priority issues in getting myself ready to move. This year I am taking my truck up to school with me, but instead of preparing to load it with all my stuff, all I've done is try to find some good radio stations around my school so I can reprogram my preset selections. Oh, and I've been working on the ultimate playlist for some good driving music to listen to in the car. Important, yes, but it would be nice if I could motivate myself to, y'know, actually start cleaning my room or packing my stuff.
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Isn't it funny how, when it comes to school, finishing off a book in one sitting seems like a chore, but when doing it on your own time, you're done before you know it? This week we've been reading Frankenstein in English Lit. I had paced myself very nicely to get the book done in comfortable installments, until our teacher bumped our deadline up to Wednesday, giving me a day to get through the last hundred pages or so.

... And then of course the deadline was promptly moved back to Friday, after I'd already finished reading it. Go figure. Well, since I'd already finished my reading for class, I finally had a chance to return to my Jeeves and Wooster. So I took yesterday to finish the last hundred pages or so of Joy in the Morning, but that was actually good fun. The only downside is that now I am completely out of new Wodehouse. Conveniently enough, my birthday is only a few weeks away; I think I already have an idea of what I'm adding to my wishlist!
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Once I again, I have been so awful about posting! This time, though, I have an actual excuse. It's the first week of classes, so of course everything is terribly hectic. I also discovered quite quickly that I made some poor choices in what were intended to be my "fun" classes, and I've spent the past few days trying to rectify those errors. I think by Monday I will have everything sorted out, though. All I can say now is -- THANK GOODNESS. I have been stressing over this beyond belief, but hopefully I can start out next week fresh, optimistic, and bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. *crosses fingers*


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