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Photo meme, day twenty-seven )

Attention BBC America: please do not sneak attack me with Robin Hood marathons, mmkay? ESPECIALLY WHEN IT'S THE FINALE OF DOOM. I can only switch off the TV so quickly.
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Despite the fact that my life would basically be over if I somehow tragically lost everything on my computer, I'm only just now backing stuff up on my external harddrive for the first time since... err... Christmas. And some folders have been neglected even longer than that WHAT DON'T JUDGE ME -- and, awww, so much fandom nostalgia! My Legend of the Seeker folder didn't even exist back then! And my Lost folder just doubled in size! Look at all this highly fabulous stuff that is now a part of my life! Highlights version:

Cut for a lot of rather large pictures, and maybe spoilers for things that have happened in TV world for the past six months (or earlier because I'm usually really slow at saving promos/stills/etc.) )

Wow, what a productive evening this has been... off to round it off with some Star Trek novels/cartoons.
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Now that it's June and all, I figure it is an appropriate time to finally finish up my long-abandoned TV of 2009 round-up post. (It's not so bad, is it? June? January? June? January? Whatever, they start with the same letter.) Time consuming though it may be to write up, and perhaps tedious though it may be to read, I do like to have it for personal reference (laaaaame, but true!). So I am just going to slam through these mofos and finish this TONIGHT, OR ELSE. I've got three hours to meet that goal, and clock starts... now! (This might mean that pictures will have to wait until later, though. Also, spoilers for the most recent episodes of: Robin Hood, Royal Pains, Spooks, Star Trek: The Animated Series, Stargate: Atlantis, Stargate: SG-1, and The Prisoner.)

TV of 2009, part the third and last. I PROMISE. )

HEY, GUESS WHAT, I FINISHED ON TIME! Hey, guess what else? My life is so sad and TV-centric that writing up a brief chronicle of my viewership turns into an all-consuming chore, ahahaha whhhhyyyyyyy. Okay, I'll probably update this with appropriate picspams in time (which coming from me probably means next January or something).
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When did I become such a facebook whore? I used to keep such a strict LJ = fandom / FB = real life divide that basically ensured that I never used FB because... well, we all know my fandom >>>> RL priorities; but somehow I migrated all of my TV talk over there and I'm not sure how it happened. WILL BE REMEDIED SOON. Also, this possibly makes me a total bitch, but am I the only one who gets so annoyed when people make completely boring facebook updates? "____ went to work all day, then the grocery store to pick up paper towels, and now I'm going to bed. Tomorrow I'll stop by the post office." UMMM SORRY, NOBODY CARES. (Haha, this is probably how 95% of the people I'm friends with who don't watch Lost have probably felt about me for the past week or two, but... whatever. I demand to be entertained. How dare my friends expect that I be interested in their lives. Psssht! ...Yeah, all right, this does make me a total bitch.)

[livejournal.com profile] lalumena gave me some interview questions that I have been stalling on answering because they are just so hard-hitting! I am anguishing over choosing the perfect response for them! Girl, journo has made you positively ruthless.

Meme! )
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Thoughts on Lost, Across the Sea )

Completely unrelated, but oh how I wish I had the money to throw on the new Daria DVDs.


My sporadic Who watching continues -- today I watched "The Shakespeare Code" (LOVE) and "Midnight" (...MIDDLING! Except for the COLIN FACTOR). That's the last of what I have on my iPod, though, so it is time to restock.
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I may have finally reached that age where birthdays are to be dreaded rather than celebrated; but thankfully the internet is an ageless wonder, an anomaly of time and space, and a perfect venue for a "Things That Make Me Happy!" post! AND YOU CAN PLAY ALONG! (Seriously, please do.)

I'll stick with you baby for a thousand years, nothing's gonna touch you in these golden yeeeeeeeaaaaaars!! )

I'd like to keep this open until I leave on Wednesday, so please! Spam away! Picspams, gifs, fanvids, basically anything in the history of ever that you feel like linking to or flailing over... all expressions of joy and happiness are welcome.
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-Kate/Sayid fans come out of the woodwork; BETHANY REJOICES.

-Completely random vids of amazingness )

-I have also been wasting my life making pointless gifs. This just in: JONAS ARMSTRONG MAKES THE MOST ADORABLE DOOFY FACES EVER. )

OKAY OKAY I'M SEWING NOW. I... I... I really am. (Or maybe I'm going to go watch more Ivanhoe. Hmm. I was kind of slow to warm up to it, but now that I'm a bit over halfway through I'm like OMG OMG WHAT IS HAPPENING?? [I, uh, yeah -- I basically have zero foreknowledge of this text. I didn't even know Robs was actually in it, hahaha HOW UNCULTURED AM I.] Also, ugh, I'm kind of annoyed that the DVD box TOTALLY LIED to me. It says "Runtime: 150 Minutes." So yesterday I put in the first disc over breakfast, watched about 30-40 minutes, went about my day. Before going to bed I was like, hmm, I guess I can finish out the disc -- assuming it's half of the 150 minutes, then I should have less than an hour to watch, right? And yet it went on... and on... and onnnnnn... and ONNNNNNN...! I was determined to at least finish out the disc, but I finally gave up and walked into the kitchen to find that it was 1:30AM or something ridiculous. So, yeah, IMDb says? 270 MINUTES. GO FIGURE. I started on the second disc today so I'd guess that I'm about 65% of the way through.)
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Two memes in one, bam!

Give me a character from any fandom I know at least fairly well, and I will tell you:

B) The runner up
C) The anti-ship
D) My unpopular fannish opinion on said character
E) One person he/she never fell in love with, and why

and also

Reply to this post, and I'll tell you one reason why I like you. Then re-post this and spread the love.
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Once again, this list is a complete copy/paste job from facebook. How would I ever remember anything that happens in my life if the internet didn't keep track of it for me?

Films of 2009 )

Now all that is left is my TV of 2009 post... which, if previous years are anything to judge by, will probably take me like a week solid... um, the silver lining to my current unemployment, I guess?
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Now that I am finally catching up on the internet at large from the past few weeks, it's time for some linkspam!

I'm still trying to get through all of the greatness that came out of various Robin Hood-related gift exchanges. Not to toot my own organizational horn or anything, but the [livejournal.com profile] capslock_hood Secret Santa turned out AWESOME, even if the comments completely ate my inbox. LINK IN CASE YOU MISSED THE GREATNESS. (And actually, oh, I just realized -- there's still one gift missing, but hopefully we'll have it up soon enough.) My own contribution of a shameless Guy/Robin vid:

Guy/Robin - Shackled to Each Other from ForYourEdification on Vimeo.

Then [livejournal.com profile] an_lagat_glas wrote me some Mazabella (!!!! I KNOW!!) for [livejournal.com profile] isabella_giz: the red queen and the white

[livejournal.com profile] lalumena made made me a rockin' desktop for [livejournal.com profile] robinxisabella.

And then I got two completely fabulous gifts for [livejournal.com profile] gxm_secretsanta, which I guess you can't see if you aren't a member... but [livejournal.com profile] hulamoth very kindly reposted her fic: (This is Not a) Dinner Date. AU Guy/Marian collegefic. YOU KNOW YOU WANT IT.

A few vid recs embedded behind the cut: )

Now that I have some free time to catch up on sewing projects, I'm going back to my old habit of browsing etsy for some handmade inspiration -- and, as usual, I have happened upon some true horrors. WHAT, PRAY TELL, IS THIS? NO, REALLY, WHAAAAAT??!!?! It's like that episode of Daria where Jane wants to become The Lady and The Tiger by bleaching streaks into her hair. Looking at embroidery pieces always depresses me, though, because on the one hand I deeply appreciate the sheer number of long tedious hours that go into making these things, but on the other hand... sorry. Why on Earth would somebody pay $40 for this? I really really love this store, though, and wish I had $30 to drop on a pincushion. LOOK AT HOW ADORABLE THIS ONE IS.

I also picked up my final paycheck from Retail Job today, and it was quite a bit more than I anticipated because I forgot that I was getting paid for two weeks instead of just one. Whee! Unexpected money! (Or, alternately -- whee! I have no handle on my personal finances and forget when my pay periods are!)


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Merrrrlin, spoilers for 2.09 )

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Spent my morning getting caught up on the first half of Collision, and slight spoilers, I guess, but mostly just LUCY LUCY LUCY )

I adore this girl (and her bad hair) so hard.

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Bwahaha, somebody has finally made a [livejournal.com profile] spock_chapel comm. AWESOME. Now, quick, somebody cast Anne Dudek as Chapel in the next Abrams film.

Meme! That I have in fact done before! But, well, [livejournal.com profile] hulamoth gave me new prompts, and who am I to resist?

Comment to this entry and I'll pick three of your fandoms. You must then update your journal and answer the following questions:

Robin Hood, Terry Pratchett, Horatio Hornblower )
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Brief things worth noting:


- I volunteer in the membership department for a local tourist-y place, usually doing computer filing and such, and I always manage to find some nerdy joy in a name/address/etc. Today I worked on a file for one Mr. Robert Hood, and last week I handled a change of address form for a couple who were moving from Locksley Lane to Sherwood Lane (I actually had to get slightly stalkery over this one to find out where the streets were, because maybe we have a secret Robin Hood themed community nearby that I have never heard of...??!? But in fact the streets are in two different parts of the county about a thirty minute drive away from each other. Haaaa.)

- ...Okay, that's really all I have to write about. Oh my God my life is so pointless. Off to watch more episodes of The Prisoner so my brain can explode at least once before going to bed...
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Drive-by post before I have to get ready for work -- so, remember how I did some massive gushing over the BBC America Robin Hood page? Well! WELL. I'M ABOUT TO DO IT AGAIN.

First of all -- GO LOOK AT THEIR WALLPAPERS. Yes, that's right, there's a Guy/Marian wallpaper. And not a Robin/Marian one. LOLOLOLOLOL.

Second of all -- the Hunks of Sherwood forest is still awesome. This month: Sir Guy of Gisborne hasn't taken the death of Marian very well; after all, it's his fault isn't it? Can his humanity be saved or has he lost the ability to love anyone ever again? LOLOLOLOLOL.

Third of all -- check out the games! There's one where you get to be a sort of Nottingham stock broker and play the market to earn enough money to pay your taxes. I lost. The Black Knights burned down my house. Also, the Nightwatchman stole half of my money, that bastard (who does he think he is, Robin Hood?).

Fourth of all -- apparently the character playlists aren't gone, after all? ??!???! I was doing the "outlaw or villain" quiz, got Marian as my result (which, by the way, I wasn't even aiming for, but heccccck yes), and, after a particularly thrilling character blurb (Lady Marian: If only the world were black-and-white; you'd love to embrace the outlaw spirit, but you can't just up and leave civilization. You have obligations, and you have people you hold dear that you cannot abandon. What's your solution? You work inside the system to make change, playing innocent while secretly undermining those in power.), there are two links -- one to a character banner, and one to THE CHARACTER PLAYLIST WHAAAAAT. Well. I'm not sure if it actually works or not -- it redirects to iTunes, which I don't have installed, so I couldn't see it. But it's definitely worth further investigation for those of you who do have iTunes on your computers.


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Somehow I have been neglecting all of my airing shows in favor of posting about canceled Medieval nonsense and on-a-fifty-million-month-hiatus shows with smoke monsters. Things I Have Been Meaning to Post About (plus spoiler space in case you are caught up on some but not on others)...

House! )Merlin! )NCIS! )

And, okay, apparently it is impossible for me to go very long without mentioning Robin Hood. But! For US viewers! "Do You Love Me" is airing this Saturday on BBCA, and I am urging you all to watch it. Could you say no to this face? Or more importantly, would you want to?

Oh, and I also meant to say that I continue to catch up with The Prisoner. I had kind of planned to finish it before the remake began airing, but I'm not quite sure if I'll make that deadline. The last episode I watched was "The Schizoid Man" and owwwwww my brain owwww. But in a good way.
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Dear anonymous person who donated a paid account to me,

You have made my day and then some! In gratitude, I am uploading tons of flashy ridiculous icons just for you.

The person whose eyeballs are about to fall out from being online for too long looking at said flashy ridiculous icons

Aww! Seriously! I've been in a ridiculously good mood all day because of this awesome and unexpected gift. What does one do with a paid account, even? I kind of want to try out a voicepost, but I'm afraid you all would defriend me once you realize just how frequently I employ the word like in everyday conversation.

Anyway, I've decided to express my warm fuzzies via a spam of things that make me happy. Image/.gif/youtube heavy, plus semi-spoilers through Merlin 2.02.

I'm just going to live alone and be one of those guys -- you know, the crazy guys -- with a big beard and no clothes who's naked and throws doody at people. )
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I just feel the need to post something that makes me happy at the moment, so. Here. Ignoring the fact that Robin Hood is like the Fandom that Would Not Die for me, and that this relies heavily on stab-my-heart-out-with-angst moments of series three drama... THIS VID MAKES ME SO HAPPY.

I wish YouTube had a FIFTY THOUSAND STARS option.
I have no idea how I did not know of this sooner, but as some kindly soul at [livejournal.com profile] robinhoodbbc just brought to my attention -- Robin Hood series three finally airs in America starting this weekend! !!!! Why am I excited about this? I've already seen it all -- repeatedly -- and angsted about it all -- repeatedly. I also know there's about a 0% chance that I'm going to convince any of my American friends to finally watch it, but, you know what? Who cares. It just excites me in general to know that it will be on MY television.

And it also excites me to revisit the BBC America Robin Hood page! From the people who brought us the character playlists (including "Question of Lust" for Guy and "Shadows of the Night" for Marian, SERIOUSLY PERSON WHO MADE THIS I AM KIND OF IN LOVE WITH YOU) and Vaysey's blog (featuring gems like: "Robin Hood emerged from his hibernation - and he starts shooting people left and right. I was shocked. Robin Hood does not kill! I was so shocked, in fact, that I dropped my tooth.") (and, okay, I would say that I'm disappointed that both features have now been removed from the site, except... well... continue on, gentle reader) come new exciting extras like Hunks of Sherwood Forest (how much am I cracking up that Tuck is on there? THIIIIIS MUCH) and and and THE BEST PART EVER -- !!!!! -- JUST CHECK OUT THE VIDEO PAGE. I mean, is that one giant love-letter to Guy/Marian or IS THAT ONE GIANT LOVE-LETTER TO GUY/MARIAN? There are all of, like, two clips that actually feature Robin, and basically every single Guy/Maz Best Scene Ever is included. The "Marry me... and live!" scene has been titled "CHOOSE LIFE!" When Guy (sort of) helps Marian escape in 2.06 -- "A God Amongst Men." (Okay, I know that is part of the Sheriff's quote, but I am choosing to also attribute the choice of title to the fact that Guy is legitimately romantic in the first half of the clip.) I AM NOT EVEN EXAGGERATING WHEN I SAY THAT THIS HAS MADE MY ENTIRE DAY. And then the Armitage interview bits are, as always, amaaaaaazing and yet ruinous to my heart. Most of them are ones I've seen before, but I think some are new to me -- the one where he talks about 2.10, for instance, and how Guy asking Marian to marry him was for once not about having her as a possession but about saving her as a person who he loves -- fsdkjdejl;sadf;ljdfsalkjfal;jf;das I WILL NEVER BE OVER THEM, I WILL LOVE THEM FOREVER, OMG OMG.
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Okay, these are probably new to nobody but me, but -- I was just browsing through the image galleries at Lucy Griffiths Online because, I don't know, I like to torture myself with the fact that SHE NEEDS TO BE IN MORE THINGS and WHY DOES SHE HAVE SUCH DODGY HAIR NOW and UHHHH OH MY GOD WHAT? IS THAT LAV-LAV? and other such nonsense. Um, but anyway, I digress from the true subject of this post -- the quotes page! How have I never heard some of these before?:

[About starting Robin Hood] "Everyone was completely new to me. They all knew that it was in their best interests to be friendly, but I just think these people are pretty damn funky!" Best cast description ever Y/Y?

"Marian is not exactly a weak character; she's physically quite able, as well as verbal, and she actually goes around doing her own fighting and protects other people. She's a strong woman and, although she loves Robin Hood desperately, you get the feeling that she could live without him because she's strong enough on her own." OH. OH. JUST... ♥ ♥ ♥

"I just absolutely love working with Richard [Armitage]. He’s probably the best scene partner I've ever had… He allows me to say what I think about my performance and his performance without getting angry about it, and the other way around. I often will ask him if there’s something he can suggest to help me out, or if he can give me a reason. If I’m finding something difficult, I can ask him why he thinks that might be. We have a very good friendship as well. We laugh a lot together." If they never ever manage to ever do another project together, it will be such a tragedy.

And in related news of lovely ladies who wow me with their awesome interviews, it seems every time there is a new article about Katie McGrath I just fall in love anew: 1 2 I had no idea she used to be a wardrobe assistant! That's awesome! Or that she was set on doing journalism but then changed her mind after, uhh, actually doing it. That I can certainly sympathize with. I don't really know why, but I am so utterly charmed by her career path, haha. ALSO ALSO ALSO I cannot waaaaait for "To Kill the King" to air on NBC on Sunday. I might cry slightly less this time because I'll get my family to watch it with me but, man, she is such a friggen powerhouse in that episode.

Ooh, and somebody at [livejournal.com profile] isabella_giz introduced me to this blog which has some gorgeous scans of Lara Pulver that, again, are completely new to me. How have I been missing out on all this stuff for so long?


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