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I just found out that I am in the top five of my graduating class. Ahhh! Actually, this isn't really unexpected, and I'm number four as I had anticipated. The "Ahhh!" is reserved for the fact that I now have to make a closing address to the graduates, and I have no idea what to say. And it's due tomorrow. And I can't go over thirty seconds. Traditionally speeches are two minutes long, but this year they're trying to shorten up the ceremony. Snip snip goes the speech made by fourth ranked! I wish they had just cut it all together rather than make it so short, because if I do actually think of something meaningful to say I'm going to have a hard time squishing it down.

I should call somebody else and ask what they are writing about... And then steal their idea, haha. No, not really. When they called about making a speech, they suggested just using an inspirational quote. Maybe I'll do that, if I can find something that isn't too corny or cliched. It's off to Google I go!
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Mostly I've just focused on the stressful part of getting ready for college, but a lot of it is actually quite amusing. A few weeks ago I go a rather large package from my school, with the words "Urgent!! Reply within the next 15 days!" emblazoned across the front of the envelope. Naturally, I assumed that it was a matter of some importance. I decided to open it up right then, and inside was a catalogue and ordering form for... drum roll please...

Bedsheets. Seriously. Extra long, perfect fit for college dorms!! Order soon!!! They were pretty cheap, though, so I went ahead and ordered one set (I am already stealing two from my sister). They just got here this afternoon.

Inside the package was another advertisement, this time for THEFT & FIRE ACCIDENTS -- Do Not Become A Victim -- Protect Yourself in 37 Seconds (I have no idea why they picked 37 seconds specifically). It has been an entertaining read so far. On the outside they have a testimonial about how a girl was robbed of her jewelery and money, and because of this insurance plan she soon received a check for $1,000. On the inside, however, it says that they only cover up to $400 worth of jewelry, and money of any kind is excluded from coverage. I wonder how that one works, then...? Also excluded from coverage: artificial teeth or limbs. Don't they know that in college those are items constantly at risk? To make things even worse, they don't cover losses due to mysterious disappearance or nuclear war. Darn. So much for this insurance plan!
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Ack end of year panic tests soon wah flail omg just be over!!!

Okay, woo, I just needed to get that out of my system. Technically, I've still got more than three weeks until graduation, but all of my AP tests are this coming week. After that everything is just gravy, but until then I am trying to alternate between studying and letting my brain rest (now would be one of those brain-resting moments).

I also finished watching The Pirate this morning. I once remarked to [ profile] irelandforever how Gene Kelly inspires me with awe rather than lust. ...I take it all back! Even hamming it up as a pirate impostor with ridiculous costumes and an even more ridiculous moustache, he had me glued to the TV. According to IMBd, there is a scene from the movie that was cut and completely destroyed because Mayer thought it inappropriate and too risque for decent moviegoers. I am SO ANGRY because now I am intrigued and I really want to see it! Maybe this is just me being a pervy Gene Kelly fancier, haha, but I think if they stuck with the pirate/ravishing/longing tone through the whole movie it would have been a lot better. The first hour of the movie is chock full of humour with an undercurrent of sexuality and tension, and then after that it kind of drops off into pure silliness and fluff. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. It's still on my TiVo, so I think I'm going to go watch the "Niña" scene over again and giggle and sigh dreamily through the whole thing (the cigarette kiss! How awesome was that?!).

EDIT: How lame am I? I had to upload a Gene Kelly icon just to use for this post. And, okay, I lied about never finding him sexy before The Pirate, because the phone scene from Anchors Aweigh in my icon is an awful lot of sexiness squeezed into an awfully short scene.
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Man, school was so awesome today! Today is Senior Skip Day, but being the gigantic loser that I am I decided to go ahead and go anyway. Also, Senior Skip Day isn't, y'know, official or anything, so even though everybody is expected to do it it still counts as skipping. My second period teacher is really uptight about people missing class, so I figured I had better go. At first I had planned on just leaving after that class, but then I thought that if anybody else was going to go to English (my only class with all seniors, so I anticipated it being rather empty) it wouldn't be too bad. I was pretty sure that somebody else had said that he was going, so last night I decided to call him and check.

Me: Hellooo!
His mom: I'm in the middle of a call right now, so could he call you back in just a minute?
Me: Sure.
Me: *waits*
Me: *and waits*
Me: *and waits and waits and OMGWAITS!!1!*

And he never called back! I felt kind of dumb calling in the first place, so then I was all, "Ah, it was stupid to call, and everybody secretly hates me and is avoiding me, I just won't go to school at all or see anybody ever again because waaaaah life is terrible!" (Er, yeah, yesterday probably wasn't a great day for my self-esteem.) Then I went back to my original plan of leaving after half the day, but I saw him at school this morning and it turned out that he didn't call because he didn't have my number, so there would be somebody else in class, so I wouldn't have to be in there all by myself, so I could go ahead and stay. So I did.

Wow, that was a lot of explaining. On to the awesomeness!

Actually, no, it wasn't really that awesome. It was just nice because the loud and obnoxious element of most of my classes was not present today. I actually got a lot of work done (more than I would have done if I stayed at home, haha). I had to run in second period and it was the worst, but I've managed to repress a large portion of the badness so everything is okay (for now! But I have to do it again every day for the rest of the school year. Guhh).

English was probably the most fun because only three people came. If it had been last term, I would have said it was very representative of our class standing, but I've dropped to I know not what rank so it was more like valedictorian, salutatorian, and ??? Oh well, it was still fun. We talked about prom for a while (ahh, I guess I have to post about prom, don't I? Well, I've been writing this for ages, so I might do that later) and then just talked about random stuff. We decided that that is what every day should be like. We also decided to skip tomorrow as Non-Conformist Skip Day. Not that we're really going to, but it would be the epitome of cool, right?
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Last night I got stood up by my little brother, of all people! We made plans to go to the school talent show, and he backed out at the last minute, even though we already bought tickets. I ended up going all by my lonesome, but I met up with one of my friends there and found somebody to give my extra ticket to. The show itself was alternately painful and entertaining. Usually there is a fairly consistent level of mediocrity with only a few outstanding performers; this year the talent was extremely polarized. Some people were truly, truly horrible (I guess they didn't have a lot of girls sign up this year? There is no way that some of these people could have made it through auditions if they were very selective).

I've gone to this pageant for several years now and if there's one thing I've learned it's that dancers never win. It doesn't normally bother me because most of their dances are pretty boring and generic, but there were two insanely awesome dancers there last night. The girl who won was complete rot, and needless to say I was disappointed -- the winner should have been the girl who did a very impressive (and very sexy) dance to Michael Bublé's "Feeling Good" (she ended up coming in second).

Perhaps the biggest surprise of the evening was the fact that I actually got along with one of the girls in my class. Well, we've never been openly antagonistic, but that's because I usually leave the room before I get too sick of her. However, she hangs out with one of my other friends, so when I went over to see him during intermission I ended up talking to her, too. Fifteen minutes straight through, and I didn't feel like walking out once! It was an experience I can only describe as surreal. She even invited me out to dinner with them afterward, but I didn't feel like pushing my luck too far.
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I am so relieved! I've finally gotten everything taken care of for my application to Flagler. Now that I'm not stressing out about it so much, I feel a lot more confident. I still have to wait another three weeks to hear back from them, but I'm not agonizing over it nearly as much as I was before.

Of course, I still have to finish my application for UF (it's due the day after tomorrow, heh. Thank goodness for online applications!). I only have one essay left, but it is being a pain. I keep rambling off topic, and I still need at least another hundred words. I have nothing left to ramble about! And now I am distracted by all of my Gerry Butler videos...

Yes, I finally got my mom to watch The Phantom of the Opera last night. I don't think she liked it all that much. It wasn't a complete waste, though, because it reminded me of just how much I like it! It's been ages since I've watched it. I guess I just have a hard time watching it on DVD, because it was so much better in theatres. However, the DVD does have the extra song (whhhy did they cut it?) so I guess it's a fair trade.

I'm refilling my PotO folder because my computer has crashed at least once in the past year and I've lost a lot of stuff. Most of it is pretty easy to find, but the one thing I cannot seem to get anywhere is the clip of the cast on The View (the infamous cape swoosh interview). It used to be up at, but they've taken down all of their videos. If anybody knows where to find it, I will love them forever!
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I'm so easily distracted. I came on the computer ages ago to work on my history assignment. We have to write our own ending to Candide -- fanfiction for a grade! That should be easy, right? It was actually going quite well until I started picturing Cacambo as Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. (in my ending, he tricks Candide into thinking Cunegonde is ugly so that he can marry her himself. Pirates are also involved. Uhh... don't ask. The sad part is that mine will probably be the most normal out of anybody's in the class). Then I remembered that I wanted to add him to my TiVo wish list, so I went over to the living room to do that. While in the living room, I spotted my Sheik/Son of the Sheik DVD, and remembered that I wanted to cap The Sheik's Physique (Best. Feauturette. Ever. It's just a plotless excuse for Valentino to do a striptease and then prance around in a bathing suit. I am so not complaining). As soon as I finished capping it, I decided to make some icons. I couldn't come up with a caption, and then I thought, "Oh, I can just post it in my journal and ask for help!" As I went to open LiveJournal, I spotted my sad and neglected history paper on the task bar and remembered why I was on the computer in the first place. Oops.

And now back to the real reason for this post; I am godawful at coming up with captions, so I am completely open to suggestions for text to use on this icon, in which Rudy's modesty prevents us from seeing anything too naughty (damn him!):

I went ahead and capped the rest of the feature, too (it's only about two minutes) and I can upload them if anybody is interested.
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I finally finished my jacket for class. It is kind of snug and I messed up a bit on the button/button hole, but other than that I think it turned out quite well. Of course, considering the ridiculous amount of time that I put into it, I would have been disappointed if it had done anything else. I finished my Halloween costume, too, but that was a complete last minute deal. I was putting the finishing touches on it literally minutes before people came over.

The next thing I have to work on is a costume for the Pride and Prejudice tea party that we are having in my English class. It's in two weeks, but I don't have any school tomorrow so I will have an extra day to work on it. It doesn't have to be period or anything -- we get extra just for dressing nice -- so really I am just torturing myself with extra stuff for no reason. Not that it is torture or anything; I really like having something to work on! It just seems kind of silly that I will put all of this work into a costume for a book that I'm not even all that fond of. Of course, Regency = Napoleonic so I guess I could just reuse it for anything Hornblower/Aubrey and Maturin/etc. that I might plan on doing in the future. Now I'm getting too far ahead of myself. For now I will just focus on getting it done on time. If it looks nice, I'll probably share it with you guys. If not... uh... this converstaion never happened! *post self destructs*
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For our English project on The Canterbury Tales, my partner and I decided to act out our tale using Barbie dolls. This seemed like a quite a good idea until I discovered just how difficult it is to find male dolls. I started by asking some of my girlfriends. There were a couple who had female Barbies, but nobody had any Ken dolls. I didn't think that was too weird, at first -- we're seniors in high school, and I probably would have been more surprised if everybody still had all of their Barbies! I figured I could just swing by Goodwill or something and pick up a couple of guy dolls for a few dollars; I didn't want to waste the money on new, expensive ones. This afternoon I went to every single discount store in the entire city, and not a one had what I was looking for. In an act of desperation I decided to just go to Wal-Mart and buy some new Ken dolls, but even then it took me ages to find them. Stuffed behind a shelf full of Disney princesses were a handful of Prince Charmings, the only male dolls I had seen all day long.

I am completely baffled by how hard it was to get my hands on those dolls. I didn't realize that guys were in such low demand! Sure, when I was younger I had more Barbies than Kens, but I still had a lot of both. All I can say is that we had better make a good grade on that project. I wasted twenty dollars and three hours of my Friday off to find the dolls, not to mention the fact that I have spent ages working on their costumes and I've only gotten through about half of the characters.
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So I ended up going to school as Cameron today, and it was a lot of fun. A ton of people came as generic doctors and I was afraid that I was going to get lumped in with them as well. I tried my hardest to identify myself as being a specific character. I'm afraid a lot of people missed it, but there were some awesome people who came up to me and told me that they were House fans, too. Yay for those people! They made my day.

I promised my sister that I would send her pictures, so I do actually have pictures of myself this time. Me and my awesome clipboard, if you're interested (it says "I love House and so should you!" in case you can't read it. Because you know that's what Cameron really has written in her notes). If I look slightly out of it, I blame it on the fact that a) it was six o'clock in the morning and b) I'm just weird, anyway. You can't really see my hair barrettes, but they're there. I promise. Who would think of doing Cameron without them?
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Aww, I'm disappointed. Today I had the most awesome thing to wear to school for Western Day, but hardly anybody liked it. I got made fun of a lot more than I got complimented. Of course, this has merely confirmed my long-standing suspicion that people at my school are no fun, but I was still kind of bummed out that nobody liked my costume. We had A-Team after school and I hoped it would put me in a good mood, but it didn't. I used to really enjoy A-Team when I first joined two years ago; now it is more of a chore than anything else. I don't like the thought of quitting the team, but it just isn't fun any more.

Thankfully, there is a new episode of House tonight and that will make up for everything and then some. I am so embarrassingly excited about this. If any of you are reading this and you aren't fans of the show, I strongly urge you to watch tonight. You won't regret it. Seriously. It's so awesome! Plus, I will have somebody to talk to about it instead of just rambling to myself. So for your own sake and the sake of my sanity, you should try to catch it tonight. Please?
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Since this is my final year, I've decided to do the lame high school thing and actually participate in spirit week this time around. It'll be my first and last time doing it, so I am going to go all out. I already have items in my own wardrobe suitable for pretty much every day, especially for western day. Seriously. I have the greatest costume for that. It's something of a surprise, though, so I won't say any more about it for now (but rest assure that it is awesome!). I'll be sure to post pictures in here.

The only thing I haven't completely resolved is career day. I've decided to be a beatnik poet (it's a career if I say it is!), but I am still missing the black beret. I did find a nice, cheap one online. I'm just worried that even though it says "Super-Fast Shipping!!" it won't be here in a week and a half. Do any of you know of a good place to buy one? If not I'll go ahead and order this one, but I would rather be sure of having one when I need it.
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I think I'm going to have to resign myself to the fact that I am actually having a Good School Year. How did that happen? Perhaps this is the real reason that the rest of high school was pretty terrible, so that I could actually enjoy my senior year. At any rate, this is an oddity that I can definitely get used to! Some of the good things that have happened in the past few days:

-I had my senior conference yesterday. Most of it was the same the same boring general information about state scholarships that we've been hearing since seventh grade, but I did find out my GPA and class rank. My GPA has been dropping since tenth grade because I keep taking more electives that are only a 4.0. I was therefore incredibly surprised to see that it had gone up from last year; I had forgotten that the math class I took over the summer was weighted. My class rank is still the same (no surprises there!), but I am rather pleased about my GPA.
-A-Team is going extremely well. Of course, in comparison to the craptastic team last year anything would probably be an improvement, but I think all of the weirdness has more or less settled itself. We've had a lot of good new people join, and I think they all fit in nicely with the already existing team. Our first competition is at BHS, which should be a lot of fun; last year everybody chickened out and they didn't go! I still need to convince some more IB people to join the BHS team, though.
-Today in English we were doing some group worksheets, and our teacher made us pair up boy-girl (I don't think I've talked about my English teacher here yet. He is completely awesome and the way that he words things is hilarious. He has been making fun of us because we have effectively segregated ourselves by gender; today he declared that he would do some "gender blending"). My partner was a guy I used to talk to a lot but haven't seen much of this year. However, we share a mutual love of Harry Potter so we finished our work as fast as possible and spend the last forty minutes of class sharing our thoughts about HBP. It is impossible to not enjoy an afternoon spent geeking out about Harry Potter.

I realize that this whole entry is about my actual life and is probably of little interest to anybody else, but I have just been in such a good mood lately that I felt the need to share it.
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I am still completely baffled by how pain free this school year has been so far. We had our first history test, which we were warned would be "the hardest test. Ever. Hard. Super hard. So hard you won't even know what to do with yourself. Don't be surprised if you look at it and CRY, hahaha!!" (yes, those were his exact words). I only missed two, so, uh, three cheers for me. They keep shoving more and more people into that class, though; usually there aren't any more than fifteen, but I think right now our class consists of twenty-six students. We still haven't sorted out what we are doing in fashion production, which is slightly annoying because there is a sale at Joanne's tomorrow and I was hoping to go ahead and get my fabric then.

Currently I only have one tiny dilemma, and it is unrelated to school. While perusing the entertainment section of the newspaper today, I discovered that Bruce Campbell will be at the Tampa Theatre this Thursday. Words cannot express how much I am dying to go. It's at least an hour's drive and it's also on a school night, so there is no chance of me actually getting to attend. I wish I'd never read about it so I wouldn't have anything to mope over...

I started on Master and Commander this morning. So much love! I think I may have found something to partially fill my Hornblower void. Not that I would really compare the two, as they are entirely different. Actually, I would be quite amused to read a Hornblower/Aubrey and Maturin story. I imagine Hornblower would be rather impressed by Maturin until forced to sit in on a musical evening, at which point in time his brain would promptly explode. Aubrey would probably fancy that he made quite a good impression on Hornblower, while Hornblower would secretly think that Aubrey was something of an ass (and even more secretly, he would enjoy it). Aubrey would be somebody that Bush could open up to, because Lord knows the poor man is too scared to talk to Hornblower about anything; I see Aubrey as being much more approachable, not as somebody who cuts every conversation short with a "Ha--hm." I think Bush would be both intimidated and intrigued by Maturin. And I really need to stop putting so much thought into this. My brain is a very crowded and confusing place; you are the lucky ones that I get to unload it to!
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For the first day of school, today really wasn't all that bad. The weirdest part about it was probably the fact that it didn't feel weird at all; usually going back to school feels uncomfortable and unnatural and all I want to do is go home and eat ice cream in front of the TV. However, today felt eerily normal.

It was still a long day though, and I'm tired. I had to go to my math class this afternoon after I got home from LRHS, but I'm a horrible person so after the test I just left (I'm not really a bad person, I asked my teacher last week if it was okay if I left early). So I missed about three hours of class... Actually, I suppose the class is still in session right now, because it usually goes until 9:30.

We had to play Two Truths and a Lie today in English, which is one of my least favourite games ever because I am such a bad liar. However, I knew our teacher was going to make us do that, so I had already put a lot of thought into it (yes, I am the biggest loser ever) and had a rather good one that actually stumped some people. My two truths and one lie:

-I've never watched Casablanca.
-I've never watched The Sound of Music.
-I've never watched Titanic.

Hopefully you are all aware of my love for Humphrey Bogart, but unfortunately most of my classmates know very little about me and my taste in films. I say unfortunately, although I suppose it is rather fortunate that they weren't able to guess it right off. Most people flat out do not believe that I've never seen Titanic. They are just, "What? No. Everybody's seen Titanic. Even you. What do you mean you haven't? You have. YES YOU HAVE!! Every. Body. Has!" I probably never will, either, because now it's one of those things where I just want to still be able to say that I've never seen it. Plus, I'm afraid that if I watch it I just might like it, even after all my years of shamelessly mocking Titanic fangirls.
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After going by school this morning for orientation, it feels almost like summer vacation never even happened. The couple of months that passed between now and the last time I was there just went poof! and we are back at square one. This is vaguely depressing, as I had hoped that my break would have been a memorable one; it is the last one that I will be able to spend as a grade school student and active moocher. Next summer will probably involve getting a job and moving out of the house and other real world scary stuff. An opportunity wasted!

For all my whining, this school year actually shouldn't be too bad. My schedule is a nice balance of academic classes and electives. I have AP classes first and fourth, and then second and third period are both devoted to courses that aren't exactly vigorous in the work required, but that I consider worthwhile nonetheless. I am taking another fashion production class (and I found out that one of my sewing buddies will be in my period as well, so I won't have to sew in a back corner all by my lonesome). I also have signed up to be a teacher's assistant (re: period spent making copies for five minutes and then free for an hour). Next term my electives are a second web design course and PE. I have put off the latter for the past three years in hopes that I would some way be able to squirm out of taking it, but no such luck. I have prayed desperately for asthma or a broken ankle or other physical impairment of a similar nature; alas, I have been blessed with good health and must suffer accordingly.

My other classes are two year long AP courses, European history and English literature. Everybody I bumped into this morning seemed surprised that I was not taking a heavier course load; most of my classmates have signed up for a lot more academic classes. It seems that I've done the reverse of most people I know; instead of meandering around the first few years and trying to make up for it all at the end, I rushed to get everything out of the way early on and am now able to experiment with classes outside of what it reqired. I think I've managed a schedule that works very well for my needs; in terms of graduation requirements I really don't have anything left that I need to take save PE, so the rest are just subjects I can play around with now that I have the time to do so. Hopefully these will help my make decisions regarding my college, major, career, etc. etc.; all stuff I hoped to get out of the way over the summer but am still puzzling over!
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I had my first test in class last night. It was pretty easy; the vast majority of the questions were taken straight off of the review sheet, so I even still remembered a lot of the answers. I think (hope!) I made a 100% on it. I have a bunch of homework I still need to do, but as tonight will be tragically House-free, I'll have time to finish it later.

It is too bad that House won't be on tonight, but this incredibly awesome post more than makes up for it. Honestly, it made my morning. If any of you are fans, I promise you will be amused. Actually, you'd probably find it funny even if you aren't a fan (but how would that be possible, when House is just too cool to not watch?).

I am all kinds of excited about HBP. I contemplated canceling my pre-order and going to a midnight party instead, but I think I'll stick with Amazon. My mail usually gets here pretty early, so it's not like I will have to wait that much longer. Eee, four more days...!
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My summer class is starting next week, so yesterday I tried to pick up my book while I was at the Winter Haven PCC. Unfortunately, the person in charge of that wasn't in so this morning I went ahead and got it at the Lakeland PCC. In some ways I guess that was better because it gave me a chance to look around the campus (Lakeland is where I will be taking the class; Winter Haven is just where I volunteer). Getting the book was kind of a pain; when I went to register they said all I would need would be my schedule, but when I went to the bookstore they said I needed a voucher as well. I had to go back to registration and see and adviser, but she was really nice about it which partially makes up for the fact that, heeey, why didn't you just give me the voucher last time? Oh well. At least I saved holy heeby jeebies one hundred and three dollars on my book (!!!). It's brand new, too; I figured they gave dual enrollment students used books, but I guess not. This is kind of frustrating because I have to turn it back in at the end of term and if there is anything wrong with it it will be completely my fault. Usually I am careful with books, but now I will have to be extra careful.

Lately I have been kind of nervous about taking Calculus, just because I've gone so long without any maths whatsoever and this is also an accelerated class. However, I started flipping through the book when I got home and I think I feel slightly better about it. For starters, the introductory quote is "Football is like calculus. Someone has to show you how to do it, but once you've got er' figgered, why, she's easy." I won't even comment on the fact that it should be "'er" and not "er'". Also, the first chapter explains that "the ordered pair (2,5) is not the same as the ordered pair (5,2)." Thank God for review chapters. However, there are only seven chapters and it is a six week course, so it's likely that the instructor will skim or even skip the first chapter. *clings to super duper easy review chapter* Don't go! I need you to stay around and make me feel smart!
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School is finally over! It seems rather odd to think about. I am sure that on Monday morning I'm still going to wake up at five, get dressed, and go out to my car before I remember, "Oh, it's summer vacation..." I need some closure, people! This year just went by too fast to feel like it is already done with.

Graduation went pretty well last night, I think. I got there nice and early, so there was a lot of standing around and waiting. It was extremely hot and those gowns do not breathe at all. Also, my gown was about six sizes to large and I felt kind of dumb wearing it. People kept asking, "Why do you have a white gown?" because graduates wear silver and marshals wear white. Marching out was somewhat painful because we were walking on gravel and it kept rolling into my shoes. There were also bugs everywhere so standing straight and not fidgeting wasn't too much fun. The worst part was probably handing out diplomas, because out job is pretty much to just stand there for about an hour. I was wearing comfortable shoes, and my feet were still killing me about halfway through. Then when we were marching out my spot was right in front of third base, which is where my mom and my sister were sitting. I kept looking for them in their seats, but I could not find them so instead I watched the graduates. As it turns out, they had moved from their seat eight rows up and were instead standing right at the edge of the stadium. Oops. Apparently they were about ten feet in front of me and I still didn't see them.

Everything was going very smoothly until the ceremony was over and people were about to leave. It had been raining on and off during graduation, and I guess there was some lightning because right as we were finishing up the stadium lights went out, throwing several thousand people into total darkness. I caught up with my dad fairly quickly because he was on the field in the ceremony and I was rather visible in my bright white gown. Leaving, though, was chaotic because along with the stadium lights some traffic lights had gone out as well. We drove halfway around Winter Haven just to avoid the mess.

Now school is officially over and it feels extremely weird and I must find something to do with myself. For now, my only plan is to have some breakfast, although I think I already ate all of the cottage cheese (I really need to buy more!).
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I really mean to post more often, but things have been kind of busy lately. Only one more day of school left! Of course I am not actually graduating, but I'm going to be a marshal so I have been going to practice for the past few days (and getting out of class!) and I'll have to be at graduation tomorrow night.

I only have one final left to take, and that is for English. It should be pretty easy, but I'm going to go ahead and study some tonight. After that, I will be done. It is all rather exciting; or, it would be, if I had anything special planned for the summer. As it is, I think I will be helping out at Kids at College in June and then taking calculus in July. Yeah. Not too much fun. I think I have to do some college searching this summer as well, which should be even less fun. I should be able to make time to go out and do something more entertaining, though, so hopefully this summer won't be too much of a drag.


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