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Swiped from [ profile] sistergrimm36:

Pick your five favorite TV shows (in no particular order) and answer the following questions.
Don't cheat!

(I HATE NARROWING DOWN FAVORITES. This is too hard. I decided to leave off Merlin and Star Trek because I included them in the last meme I did, but it still hurts. And Psych! I thought of it too late!)

1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
2. Lost
3. Chuck
4. Stargate (I was just going to do Atlantis, but I've been on an SG-1 kick lately so I'll go ahead and smoosh them together)
5. Robin Hood

The questions... Also, um spoilers for all of the shows listed. )
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Obligatory TV update post... Well, early I had smushed my Leverage and Royal Pains thoughts together, so guess what? I'm going to do it again! I am nothing if not a creature of habit.

And, okay, I'm going to start out by feeling guilty because... I think I'm dropping Leverage? I don't know, it's the kind of show that I want to like, and I like the people involved, and I think the show has such a nice feel -- and yet none of that shakes the fact that I come to the end of an episode and go, "Huh. Okay. So there was another episode of that. *switches off TV*" This seems to be a continuing pattern with me, of shows that I appreciate and support but just can't actually watch for whatever reason. Possibly my brain has now been conditioned to only enjoy cracky ridiculous nonsense. And, I mean, there were still bits of this week's show that I enjoyed -- mostly the Eliot/Hardison bickering (although was it just me or did that whole Star Trek thing not make any sense? So if the even ones are good, then why are they code word for situation bad? And, anyway, THE ODD ONES DO NOT SUCK, WHATEVER HARDISON STV IS TOTALLY AWESOME), and I did think the baddie of the week was interesting -- but, ehhh, I dunno. Ha, I love how I have to feel bad and rationalize it when I decide to watch less TV. Hey, self! This should be a good thing! Anyway.

Royal Pains! This is another one I kind of thought about dropping earlier but I'm glad I stuck with it because I think it's shaped up really well and now I truly, legitimately like it! A lot! I meant to post about it last week because OMFG DIVYA JUST TRY TO BE MORE AWESOME, WHY DON'T YOU except then she came out this week and was even more awesome, augh, my brain can't even process. It's like TPTB decided to respond directly to my NEEDS MOAR DIVYA injunction because the last two episodes have been great on that front. Conversely I have been kind of mehhh on the recent Hank/Jill developments but, man, Hank is so friggen delightful and adorable. I apologize for calling him, err, "boring as hell" or something similar after the first episode. I keep going back and forth on Jill, though, I dunno. After "Crazy Love" I was on a definite off-again stage because, durrr, okay now this is spoilery )

AND THEN PETER JACOBSON WAS IN AN EPISODE. OMG. OMG. TAAAAAUB. EXCEPT NOT. I'm still not exactly sure why I have such a honkin' huge crush on him but, well, there it is. And he was great. And again with Divya being awesome. Have I said that enough yet? I think I need to put together an addendum to my massive TV girlcrush list.

Other important news -- yes I am being lame and pimping my own pet project, but there are SERIOUS BUSINESS MATTERS going down over at [ profile] capslock_hood so you best pay attention and pitch in.

Okay, there was also some blah blah my life is dumb blahhh wangst that I was going to tack onto this but, whatever. I can sum it up by saying: blah blah emo blah, I think I'll go embroider something and eat a peanut butter sandwich.

Oh, and I've started catching up with SG-1 again! It's significantly more entertaining than I remembered (I think because then I was watching it against SGA and, just, nothing is more ridonkulous than that show; whereas now I'm watching it against anticipatory hatred of SGU and now I'm like teeeeeeam! Of people who are actually smart! I love you all!).
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It's times like these that I really hate only having six icon spaces because I wish I had about fifty Star Trek icons to express every facet of my pure and uncontrolled excitement over the movie. SERIOUSLY. SERIOUSLY. IF YOU ARE A TREK FAN, GO SEE IT. IF YOU ARE NOT A TREK FAN, GO SEE IT. IF YOU HAVE THE MONEY FOR A MOVIE TICKET, GO SEE IT. I don't know if I'd say that it was completely perfect or brain-breaking or what have you, but I really really really just enjoyed the heck out of it, and I feel compelled to share my glee far and wide.

Big big spoilers, and extensive overuse of the word awesome )
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I feel like I should be posting about Lost right now, but... just... owww. I don't know. It was really really amazingly good; I loved it; Emmys for everyone; oh and it RUINED MY LIFE AND BRUISED MY SOUL. AUUUUGH. Maybe I'll be up for talking about it when I can better reconcile my love and my pain, but for now I'll just brood.

So to distract myself with lamely happy-making stuff, please excuse me while I have a mini-Stargate ramble! First of all, AHAHAHAAAAAAA okay I would cut this for spoilers but somehow I sincerely doubt that anybody cares -- Lou Diamond Phillips has been cast on SGU???! GUYS. I DON'T CARE HOW AWFUL THIS SHOW IS. ACTUALLY I KIND OF PREFER THAT IT BE TERRIBLE. BUT. DUDE. I AM SO WATCHING IT. It also further increases my resolve that I move to Vancouver and horn in on this nonsense -- I was just discussing with one of my friends yesterday how, despite my dream to one day work on a TV show and be as awesome as all of my TV writing heroes, I would almost prefer to work on a shitty show because, well, if I was writing a good show, then I couldn't be watching it, you know? (For instance, much as I envy Darlton, I always feel kind of bad that they're the only people really who can't watch Lost and go, "Holy crap, I had no idea that was going to happen!!!!" How sad for them.)

And then while I was still cracking up over that, oh. [ profile] face_of_joe. Don't ever change.

Aaaaand! New Bob Picardo interview! Just when I thought it wasn't possible for me to love him any more... A few highlights:

'I believe we were detained at the airport for a time because apparently there's someone on the No-Fly list who has a similar name to me, minus one vowel. ... So I kept saying "Is the guy who's not supposed to be flying on the plane, was he on Star Trek too? Because if you want to confirm my identity you can turn on the Spike channel at two o'clock. It's a great way to know who I am!" But apparently Homeland Security either doesn't watch SCI FI or they just won't admit it.'

'Let's put it this way. My tie, incidentally which Bill Nye gave me, it says "Beneficial insects control pests and provide food for other critters such as songbirds." That's what it says inside my tie, which features beneficial insects. I propose to you that Richard Woolsey turned out to be a beneficial insect.' [Yeah. SERIOUSLY. How is he so awesome???]

'And I also thought it would be great fun to do a show with Joe [Flanigan] where he and I were kind of isolated together, and we make discoveries about each other that we don't -- professional colleagues that really don't know each other at all, personally, and have one of those things where you discover things that are unexpected about each other.' [I propose that this should be the first SGA movie. Oh golly.]

And and and slight spoilers about that one show that I also love that he's going to be on later this season... oh man... I might possibly explode from anticipation...! You have no idea how happy it makes me to be able to use my Woolsey tag again.
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In doing my Year in Fiction recap last time, I had the most fun -- and blew the most time! -- doing my TV post; and, as 2008 began drawing to a close, I sincerely looked forward to going through the same process again in putting together a TV of 2008 retrospective. Yet once work actually began... I. Wow. Holy balls, guys. I WATCH SO MUCH FRIGGEN TV. When exactly did that happen? Looking over my post from last year I felt a bit ridiculous about how many new fandoms I had picked up, but between now and then my list has just about tripled. Um. Err. Yeah. Oops? I apologize in advance for the rather epic nature of this post, then. Definitely not dial-up friendly. Spoilers for the most recent seasons of: American Idol, Big Wolf on Campus, Chuck, Crusoe, House M.D., Legend of the Seeker, Life on Mars, Lost, M*A*S*H, Mad Men, Merlin, The Middleman, Psych, Pushing Daisies, Stargate: Atlantis, Stargate: SG-1, Star Trek: DS9, Star Trek: TOS.

Television of 2008 )
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My sister, home for the holidays, has recently taken up harassing me for episodes of SGA to catch up with. OH, BEING FORCED TO WATCH TV. MY LIFE IS SO HARD. So we're in the middle of season three right now, just got through the two-parter -- and, well. Just sayin'. BUT. Those episodes can totally be retconned to where John returns with the primary motivation of rescuing Woolsey, right? RIGHT. Of course I'm right. Awww, I love those two. HAVE I MENTIONED HOW MUCH I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO "VEGAS"? IS IT JANUARY 2ND YET???

Speaking of other shows recently on hiatus -- no Chuck until February! Or Pushing Daisies until... January or February, probably! Or Merlin until later than that! So a brief last-gasp-of-2008 babble about each:

2.12 Chuck vs. Santa Claus )

Pushing Daisies 2.10 The Norwegians )

Merlin 1.13 Le Morte d'Arthur )


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Because I'm sure many of you are much more politically savvy than I: can anybody direct me to Obama's current official stance on NASA/Constellation? I know initially his only stated position was to remove Constellation funding for at least five years; but when he came down here to visit the Space Coast over the summer he responded to some concerns by expressing strong support for promoting leadership in space. At the time many people (myself included) speculated that his visit/speech signaled a significant shift in position, one which would soon be officially announced and expounded upon. I was just thinking about it last night while browsing through some NASA videos, though, and realized that... well, it's been a couple of months now, and I still haven't heard anything. I haaate when people say, "I'm not voting for Candidate X because I don't know where s/he stands on Issue Y!" becaue, seriously. The internet, people: it's a beautiful tool. Yet I can't seem to find any mention of NASA on Obama's website...? (Maybe this part is me being dumb because the site seems comprehensive enough, and yet I am just... probably missing something. ?? McCain's site has a separate "Space Program" tab but I don't think I've ever seen an equivalent on the official Obama site.) The only extended article uncovered by my Google-fu seems to be from an uber-conservative private news commentating website, so I'm guessing it isn't exactly an unbiased source of information. But if you know of any other news sources related to this topic, I'd be very appreciative. (ETA: Not sure if anybody else is interested in this or not... but this election tag on NASA Watch seems relatively up-to-date in gathering various news sources; obviously certain biases are evident in the comments, but there seems to be a fair balance of articles. So apparently the current statements circling are -- Obama: extra $2 bil in funding, focus on Earth-based aspects (climate studies etc.), no specific comments on next generation manned missions/Constellation/Mars/etc.; McCain: no real change from what has been featured on his official site, I think, just general support for VSE. Both seem to favour additional shuttle missions/extension on retirement.)

To be uncharacteristically quasi-political for a moment (and honestly I hate even calling it that, because -- really? It is 2008, right? And yet we still get so politically volatile from both sides about supporting science?) in, of course, a characteristically me fashion: the continued expansion of space programs ftw, brought to you by a few of my favourite STILFs. I'll limit myself to Americans for reasons of, uhh, patriotism and stuff (really because otherwise this post would be overflowing with the entire cast of every Trek incarnation), but feel free to bring in some diversity and share your favourites in the comments. Fictional characters are accepted!

That would be: Space Travelers I'd Like to, errr, Fraternize with )
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This is probably the only time you will ever hear me say this, so treasure the moment while you can: BUT OH GOD I AM SO FREAKING SICK OF BEING ON MY COMPUTER. I've spent pretty much all day reinstalling/transferring everything back onto it... uuuuuggghhhhh so boring, suuuuuuuch a paaaaaaaain, and I'm stiiiiill not dooooooone but I give up for now. *collapses* At least my computer isn't about to die every time I go on the internet, though? So I guess that's an improvement.

Do you ever get the idea that people on the internet are reading your mind? Like, you come up with a clever idea only to realize that somebody else out there has already come up with the exact same thing? Because, dude, I literally just expounded to my sister on the revelation comparing the Trek and Stargate franchises and then, bam! Somebody else has already cleverly written it up. INTERNET YOU ARE TOO FAST FOR ME.

Okay I still meant to post about Psych, but, seriously. So. Sick. Of this goddamn computer. BYE FOR NOW. *flees to watch Middleman*
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Time to play catch-up with new TV!

SGA 5.05 Ghost in the Machine )

Psych 3.05 Disco Didn't Die. It Was Murdered! )

In a further act of SGA/Psych synchronicity, I am SO SO SO BEYOND WORDS ZOMG excited for next week's episodes of each -- SGA because this is the episode that I think half of fandom has been waiting for with bouncy, squee-filled impatience; and Psych because, aaaaahhhhh, THERE WILL BE BLOOD!!! I see on the official site that the title has changed from "There Will Be Murder" to "There Might Be Blood," but whatever yaaaaaaaaayayayay. I hope the title doesn't end up being the only reference to the film, or I will be mightily disappointed. Oh, and more exciting stuff on the Psych site: new Lassiter blog of HILARITY. Man-Scully, indeed (and, oh, you KNOW that Shawn is Mulder!).

Oh! TV news from TV I don't actually watch, but is tangentially related to both of the aforementioned programs! My mom was watching the most recent episode of Burn Notice this afternoon. I walked into the living room and plopped onto the couch next to her, and, and... "Uh, have I been watching too much Stargate lately? Or is that MICHAEL SHANKS?" Answer: YES! That is to say, BOTH!! Apparently he has a guest spot in four episodes this season, starting with the one that just aired? I... may or may not have to watch the next few episodes of Burn Notice. *innocent whistle of a person who is NOT going to start watching another TV show. Really. Pinky-promise*
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Epic Girl!crush Picspam of Doom that I started, like... a month ago... is finally finished! ...Sort of. Well. Finished in a me definition of the word, where I spent way too long working on it; started getting picky over everything; somehow picked up two new fandoms in the meantime; felt compelled to add more and more; felt guilty over stuff being left out; finally said ENOUGH ALREADY, SELF -- CLOSURE!! So I limited it to television girl!crushes. From shows currently airing -- or that would be airing if they weren't on hiatus. Or if they hadn't been off the air for years, and that I'm only now catching up with. Except for, well, the one that's already aired and I've already caught up with, finally, but am not ready to let go of. Ahhhh this is why I can never get anything done.

A few of the reasons why I love my TV... )
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Generally speaking, I enjoy having my computer area in the more remote reaches of our home. A garage in its early days before being converted to a rec room back in, err, the 70s or so, this room is where I spend about 90% of my waking hours when I'm at home. In addition to playing host to my desk, it also has the laundry area, the only chore in which I take true delight (I actually had a lengthy conversation with my boss over lunch yesterday about the therapeutic qualities of folding bedsheets); the exercise equipment, which I not-so-secretly haaaate and resent but still try to utilize on a regular basis; the second TiVo, which I usually dominate as to not get reprimanded for recording oodles of ridiculous programming on the living room television. Because it's on the other side of the house from everyone else, I don't have to worry about waking anybody up when I stay up late watching TV/movies. I've managed to create quite a comfortable little niche for myself. Until... NOW! (Oh, come on, you knew this story couldn't have a happy ending!)

I came home from work yesterday to discover that the ancient relic of an air conditioner out here (separate from the rest of the house back from its garage period) has ceased to function. In the middle of summer. In the middle of Florida. In the middle of Swampy Sticky Humidity Land. Joy.

I mean, okay. I know life without air conditioning is possible. Theoretically, anyway. Maybe. So I've heard. Sigh.

I feel like this is some sort of karmic payback for my antisocial tendencies or something. "Oh ho, Bethany! So you think you can avoid all human contact? Even from your own family in your own home? I will soon have you crawling back for the sweet, sweet release of cool, refreshing air flow."

However, I am not so easily had. To compensate, I've got an area fan running full blast about a foot from my face (already have both ceiling fans on). It's been working pretty well, as long as I don't move to far away from my computer (which, ha, who am I kidding -- why would I ever be tempted to do that?); except because it's positioned around the side of my desk right next to the CPU, every time I walk back into the room I just hear this loud, whirring WHOOOOSHING sound coming from my computer and have a split second panic where I think my computer fan is going to explode before I remember that, oh yeah. It's coming from the fan that I want to be running on high.

Fandom stuff that I've been valiantly keeping up with despite the heat:
-New Middleman! My usual viewing buddy, my sister, is on vacation for the next few weeks, so I instead wrangled my mom and brother into watching with me. And, well, word to the wise: never watch TV with my family.
Mom: Ooh, look, it's Chrissy!
Brother: Who?
Me: You know... spawn of the Seavers!
Brother: Uhhh??
Me and Mom: *harmonizing* Show me that smile again [ooooh show me that smiiiile!!]... Don't waste another MIIIINUTE on your cryin'!
Also, gosh, I can't even measure how many warm fuzzies I got from this episode. Guuuys they make me so happy that it almost makes me sad (don't get canceled, show!). Also? Best line ever? "Muscle memory, BITCH!" (Mom: Is this show on ABC Family??! Me: Ohhh yeah. Can ya dig it?)
-SG-1! Which... I have somehow started watching. Er. Yeah, I know. I think I blame the fact that there's no new SGA this week, coupled with the S1 marathon of SG-1 on SciFi tomorrow. What better time to catch up, I ask myself? Really, though, I feel like this is the sort of show that I'd rather watch in random, out-of-order spurts because I think if I sat down and tried to watch it all straight through from start to finish I'd get too bogged down by 214 episodes sweet Mary mother of God. Plus, even from my smattering of episodes viewed over the past few months, I already lovelovelove Jonas Quinn and have adopted him as my Official Gay Boyfriend and I don't think I could sit through five whole seasons waiting for him to show up. That said, I feel like I need at least some foundation of show mythology so I can vaguely puzzle out what's happening in any given episode I happen to flip through. I've already gotten pretty good at properly placing them in the show's chronology based on opening credits, Amanda Tapping's hair, etc., but I still do a lot of bzzuhwuhhuh? over Goa'uld/Ori/Anubis/whaaat I have no idea. So backstory first, Jonas Quinn later!

ETA: Oh, and the beautiful irony about being stuck in the sweltering heat? I think I'm starting to get a cold. *cough cough*
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I was all set for a nice long reaction post about the exploration of pairing and team dynamics and complementary versus corresponding relationships in this week's SGA, but my brain is faltering in these early morning hours; so snooze now, meta later. However, it would be impossible for me to go to bed without commenting on the most important part of "Broken Ties"; namely, that I SERIOUSLY LOVE WOOLSEY SO HARD. AS IN, LIKE, AM ACTIVELY IN LOVE WITH HIM. I just want to take him home and keep him forever because he is so damn precious. ROBERT PICARDO WHY ARE YOU SO AWESOME??

(Oh, and also? Psych + Pretty in Pink? Y'all know I was pretty much in heaven with that, right?)


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