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I got up at 6:45 to pre-register for classes online this morning, and it completely paid off. I got all of my first choice courses, with no reworking of my schedule required. Of course, I just checked about twenty minutes ago and all of the courses that I want except for one are still open, so I probably could have waited and been okay. Oh well, it is nice to have that off my mind.

Even though I got everything I wanted, my schedule is going to be a little lopsided next term. It seems like every class I need to take is Monday-Wednesday-Friday, and I really had to stretch my limits to find something on Tuesday-Thursday. This term I have a perfect balance of classes every day, but in the spring I will have only one TTh class with all the rest on MWF. Well, I guess that's just the way things work out...

Because it's impossible for me to go an entire post without saying something fangirly, I'll do some spoiler-free squeeing over Wilson in last night's House. He was so, so, so adorable and wonderful. Every week I think it there isn't any way that I could possibly love him more than I already do, and so far this season he has proved me wrong again and again. Oh, Wilson. Why must you be a fictional character?


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