Feb. 23rd, 2010

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Once more I prove myself to be one of those fans -- i.e., one of the cray-crays who actually doesn't loathe Jack -- because I totally dug this episode and, uh, spoilers for 6.05 The Lighthouse )

And other TV-ness... I actually have a handful of RH-related fandom projects I'm trying to wrap up before I leave next week, but I have a confession to make.

Dear Robin Hood,
I am totally cheating on you with Legend of the Seeker. Sorry you had to find out like this.
Love (because of course I still love, but these things do happen),

SEEEERIOUSLY, THOUGH, OMGOMGOMG, I WAS TOTALLY RIGHT AND THAT CLICKING MOMENT TOTALLY HAPPENED AND NOW I AM TOTALLY ABSORBED. The plot is actually interesting now! The fight scenes are EPIC AND BADASS (I mean, what, I just marvel at what their filming schedule must be like; champions, all of them)! The mythology is... still ridic, but in a fun/creepy/cool way! The bad guy finally has a personality and motivation! I finished up S1 last night, and, oh man, THE GAME-CHANGER IS ACTUALLY A GAME-CHANGER, AND NOT JUST A FAKE CLIFFY THAT LEADS TO A RESET. KJFLJS;FA;SF;ASDF;SDJKLDFAS IT PROBABLY SAYS SOMETHING ABOUT THE SORT OF PROGRAMMING I'VE BEEN WATCHING AS OF LATE THAT I AM UTTERLY SHOCKED AND CHARMED AND THRILLED BY THIS. I'm only three episodes into S2, but so far the zombie season is awesome and legitimately terrifying.

I feel like I should be quite ashamed, proclaiming my love... I haven't read any of the books, but I'm given to understand that they're quite terrible; and the gender issues only start with the fact that all of the female leads have enslaving vaginas; but, gosh, there are just so many other gratifying things with the characters and the storytelling and the continuity, by god that are getting me hyped up at the moment. There is much much more to be said on this topic buuuuut first I must catch up on as much as possible before bed, omgomg.


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