May. 18th, 2010

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It's 3:30AM and I just woke up with a roach on my chest. After freaking out and jumping out of bed and turning the lights on and trying to determine whether it was real or part of a dream, I managed to flush the (very much real) bedroom invader out and kill it. But let's guess how much I want to get back in that bed right now. D:

Also, did last night's Chuck just intentionally reference the Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie? Yes, I think it did. (Still, though, I think I might be breaking up with this show once this season is over -- and House, too. It's so gloomy... there's so much from both shows that I used to really cherish, and quite a bit that I enjoy even now, but. Ehhh. I don't know. Enough of it feels like a chore that I start to wonder why I bother. Well, that's probably more true for House than anything; I was really dragging my feet catching up with the past month of episodes, so I finally watched three of them over the weekend and... yeah... :/ And then I haven't watched the finale yet, but based on the reaction in my flist I pretty much have no desire to. I'm not 100% at that point with Chuck yet -- a lot of it is adorable and charming! But then a lot of it is me shaking my fists at the TV in impotent rage, so... I don't know! And yet I did buy a ton of $5 footlongs last season and now I feel weirdly responsible for it being on TV.)


I've made this week my unofficial Use Facebook Statuses to Reminisce About Lost Week, and. And. B'AWWWWW. Every time I go on YouTube to pull up clips I basically want to cry. This is giving the end of Harry Potter a run for its money (and remember the ten-gallon jugs of tears that were cried at the end of that, self? And the whole part where I had to make an emergency bathroom run for like twenty tissues at one point because I was literally starting to drown myself in my epic bawling as I lay in bed reading and crying? UUUGGGGHHHH WHY MUST ALL MY FICTION LEAVE ME IN RUIN AND PAIN. Hopefully at least it is satisfying and rewarding ruin, anyway).

Are any of you doing anything for the finale? I need some food ideas (other than 1) stick Dharma labels on a box; or 2) hot pockets; or 3) fried chicken; or 4) I... there was something else really obvious I had already thought of, but now I've already forgotten it.) I'm sure there are going to be some strawberries and fishcuits, but other than that IDK.
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The only thing I have to say about tonight's Lost is the same thing I have to say every time a certain character shows up in the sideways... spoilers, obviously. )


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