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Okay, let's see how many different fandoms I can squeeze into one post. Ready, set, GO!

For starters, Damon Lindelof once again MAKES MY LIFE with his AI comments:
In past seasons, Lost executive producer Damon Lindelof says he had to stay mum about his American Idol obsession because the Fox juggernaut aired in the same time slot as his ABC drama. "This is the first year I'm out of the closet as an Idol fan," he tells PEOPLE. "Nobody can give me crap for cheering on Blake." Lindelof, who attended Tuesday night's show with wife Heidi, jokes that fans of Idol and Lost shouldn't fret that the shows' two-hour May 23 season finales overlap between 9 and 10 p.m. "I promise nothing good will happen the last 10 minutes of the nine o'clock hour so people can see who wins and then they can switch over to Lost and it will really get good."

Oh, Damon. It really isn't necessary to remind me all the time of just how much I love you.

And, you know, he really shouldn't feel bad for supporting Blake. I actually thought he was much better this week than the judges said. To be fair, I think that a good deal of the time his performances demand multiple listenings before I really like them (err... let's not get into just how many times I've already listened to both of his songs since yesterday...), which isn't really a luxury you have on a live television show. I'll refrain from making any predictions about who's leaving, though, because I really do like everybody who is still on. Heck, I really like everybody who made the top six. I think last night's show was definitely hurting from the loss of Chris and Phil.... Maybe it was just having two people go at once that made it seem so much more subdued without them.

And then House. Oh, House... Wilson has officially established himself as the single most perfect character to ever grace my television screen.


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