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It's official. I am just completely out of synch with the House fandom. The first time in a while that people seem united in the LOLarious slashiness of an episode is the first time this season that an episode was just meh-ish for me.

But, of course, just because I didn't love it overall doesn't mean there weren't many aspects of awesome.

-Taub. ILU. Sorry for hating on you a few weeks ago (but, really, when it's you versus Ridiculously Old Fraud, you just ain't gonna win!)
-I loved Wilson's super exclusive scoop on House for the documentary. I missed the very first part before he starts talking about House being a witch, but thank goodness for [ profile] house_wilson because it is pretty much the funniest thing ever.
-I was mostly disappointed by the lack of Taub/Amber, but. BUT!! There was a tiny moment, I swear. When they're doing the eye exam on PotW and Amber is very awkwardly trying to maneuver around his deformity, Taub swoops in to the rescue and it is very very sweet. AND!! He's like, "Let's just do it the old fashioned way," and squeezes her hand on the table. I promise I saw it. Unfortunately, no TiVo in the dorms, so I can't go back to confirm (and actually I'm kind of scared to watch it again because maybe I just imagined the whole thing -- but no! It did happen!).
-BLEW THE JANITOR AHAHAHAHA. Thank you RSL for spoiling this a few weeks ago otherwise I might have missed it (yeah, I seem to be missing a lot when I try to watch in my room with my super loud roommates grumblegrumble but that is a topic for another post).
ETA: Oh, and IMDb has just confirmed for me that the PotW was Zero from Holes, aka like the most adorable thing ever. So during the episode I had a hard time buying into his ahhh hideous deformity!! because I kept going, "Hey, wait, is that Hector Zeroni under that prosthetic makeup? OMG I just want to take you home and teach you to read and feed you chicken soup!"
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