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Chronicle of USA shows, ooooi my life in summer TV...!

New White Collar: okay, okay, during hiatus I really distanced myself from fandom and was starting to get a little annoyed because I saw a few instances of "LOL HOT GUYS, WIMMENZ GTFO" and yyyyyeah I pretty much don't have any time for that -- BUT OH MY GOD I FORGOT JUST HOW ADORABLE AND SHIPPABLE THEY ARE. Peter angsting over whether Neal was going to choose him and "stop running"...! ...!! Ugh they are so disgustingly romantic, I can't stand it. (But then they actually TALK ABOUT THEIR FEELINGS and it's like a breath of fresh air, ahhhh thank yoooou.)

AND ALSO THE WIMMENZ. Okay, first of all, why was I not informed that CRUZ WAS NOT COMING BACK??!!???!!! I knew that we'd have Diana, but I thought it was a BOTH and not an EITHER/OR. Three words: FUCK. THAT. SHIT. I don't get it. They did nothing with her all season, and then fans didn't like her, and now I'm assuming that they got rid of her because her character was going nowhere? Guess what? YOU WRITE THE FUCKING SHOW. MAYBE YOU SHOULD, I DON'T KNOW, WRITE SOMETHING FOR HER, JFC. I mean, how much awesome stuff did Diana get to do in this one episode? Was that so hard, guys? Was it? No, I didn't think so. I don't want to be bitter because OMFG DIANAAAAAA, I DREAMED THAT SHE WOULD COME BACK AND THEN SHE DID -- but my inner Natalie Morales fangirl is feeling more than a little jilted, let me just say.

Is it just me, or did the scene with Elizabeth look like it was filmed oddly? Trying to work around her pregnancy, maybe? But it was... weird, and drew more attention to it. MAYBE THEY SHOULD JUST WRITE A PREGNANCY INTO THE SHOW, OMG. And whenever Elizabeth goes out for dinner with her mom, Peter & Neal & Moz are left in charge for the evening and it's Three Men and a Baby.

Whatever, this show is cute as hell, and UNNNNFFFFFFFFF BOMER I MISSED YOU IN MY LIFE.

New Covert Affairs. Also cute! Mostly! Still not sure how I feel about the premise beyond, "Mmhmm, mmhmm, another spy show, snoooooozehmmmm," but SERIOUSLY SERIOUSLY SERIOUSLY HOW CUTE IS ANNIE? SO. PAINFULLY. CUTE. I want to be her best friend -- and no, not just because I want to hang out in her kitchen and nurse my secret crush on her sister because SERIOUSLY SERIOUSLY SERIOUSLY HOW GORGEOUS IS ANNE DUDEK? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DON'T DIE/GET WRITTEN OFF LIKE YOU DO ON EVERY OTHER SHOW. *cliiiiiiiiiings*

So, yeah, I pretty much think this whole exotic fling/mysterious romance/spy lover is lame as fuuuuuuck, but I guess this is their "thing" to give it "zing" (much like the Kate plot in White Collar? Which I also came to loathe? Hopefully this one goes better, though?). Auggie is adorbs, I'm pretty much shipping him/Annie already, don't really care how predictable that is.


I actually loved Ethan, and I kind of hope he is a recurring thing. I mean, Annie needs a way to keep her Smithsonian cover, right? Riiiight? ...Okay, probably not. (ETA: And I was shipping Annie/FBI Guy a teensy bit, too? I don't know, she's just so shippable!)

(EEEE PSYCH TOMORROW EEEE!!! Also you guys know that casting spoiler Nestor Carbonell casting spoiler apparently has a recurring role this season? EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.)
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