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My new shirt just came out of the wash with a stain on it! AND I CAN'T GET IT TO COME OUT. UGGGHHHH. Sorry, but this is the exact opposite of how it's supposed to work, clothes should be cleaner AFTER visiting the washing machine, argh argh argh. Look, I know it's just a $6 t-shirt from the Gap but I LIKE IT AND IT'S THE PERFECT COLOR I HAVE BEEN SEARCHING FOR MY WHOLE LIFE, AND NOW THAT THEY CLOSED THE GAP AT MY MALL THE NEAREST ONE IS LIKE 40M AWAY AND I DON'T WANT TO DRIVE THAT FAR TO GET A NEW ONE. PLUS IT PROBABLY ISN'T $6 ANY MORE BECAUSE IT WAS A SALE.

:( :( :(

Rewatching Mad Men S3 in preparation for Sunday! Okay, okay, I know I said I would avoid fandom talk for this season -- and I have! No discussion threads for me! But that doesn't mean I can't post about it, right...? Anyway, it's the same thing I always do -- the show goes off and I get annoyed at the culture surrounding it and then start to think that I hate the show, too, and it's an overrated piece of media out to RUIN MY LIFE -- and then I watch it again and remember that, right, it's gorgeous and amazing. And quippy! Hahaha, I forgot how much I loved cranky bitchtastic early S3 Don, before I went back to wanting to cook him in coconut breading and feed him to the monkeys.

Don confronts Sally about his broken suitcase
Don: Figure out how much it is to get it repaired, and it'll come out of your allowance.
Sally: I don't get an allowance.
Don: Then don't break things!

And also:

Ken: [admiring his new watch] What time is it? What time isn't it?

Anyway, I'm halfway through "The Fog," and haven't yet started to fret about how much I hate everybody (except Paul. Fuck that guy).

Further chronicles of how much I need to do something with my hair: I was outside with my dogs the other afternoon, and when I came into the house for a drink I thought I heard something moving around the kitchen. There was this weird rustling noise, and as I walked around to investigate I realized that the noise was coming from behind me, and only happened every time I moved my head. Hmmm...! So, yeah, I had an eight-inch twig with like five leaves attached to it STUCK IN THE BACK OF MY HAIR and I didn't even feel or notice it. Who knows what else is going on back there??

It's weird to think of Comic-Con going on without Lost this year. I'm suddenly completely uninvested!

Okay, time for that fabric store run that I have been putting off all week...
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