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Somebody please stop me before I listen to this on loop for the 100th time over the past week:


I really actually loved every single finale, too (even the Seeker one, which I thought was overall kind of weak in terms of awesome-twisty-build-up/light-pay-off, but UGH I JUST LOVE THEM ALL SO MUCH, I DON'T EVEN CARE) but I just can't even deal. WITH ALL THESE FEEEEEELINGS.


(And now because I'm just that sort of person, I'm bringing up all of my interconnected woe with other finales and ROBIN HOOD and BUFFY and STAR TREK and and and whhhyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Basically I'm just going to be crying for the rest of my life.)

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Do they give awards for sheer amount of random stuff browsed online? Because I think I must be subconsciously trying to win one. Of course, this can only mean one thing: LINKSPAM.

- Epic GoFugYourself post is EPICCCCC. This video completes my life:

- Sepinwall and I do not always find ourselves in agreement, but SO MUCH TRUTH RIGHT HERE regarding 3.05: Spoilery for Chuck vs. the First Class )

- [ profile] foto_decadent is one of those places I check on once every year or something, because a lot of it is unremarkable but then there is always a smattering of AWESOME and I prefer to have it in concentrated form. THINGS OF WONDER:
-I've been searching for a new look for my hair, and I think this is totally it.
-Old but fabulous: Claudia Schiffer pin-ups.
-Sorry, I have no other words: LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVEEEEEE.
-Okay, I think a lot of this is too literal but, gosh, gorgeous vintage shoot.

- Why is etsy window shopping so addictive?:
-I'm so used to seeing poorly constructed macaroni-on-construction-paper level stuff on here that, HOLYYYY CRAP, THIS JUST BLEW MY MIND.
-This store sells basically the most superfluous accessories ever and yet now I crave an embroidered ribbon-and-lace collar. :/
-Chuck inspired gifts. Fabulous. I am seriously considering getting the hand grenade soap for my father's birthday.

- Trolling YouTube:
-I always manage to forget that there are a lot of people in RH fandom who are old school Xena fans, too. [ profile] aoxelfrieda's channel is like candy to me right now. XENA/ARES VS. XENA/AUTOLYCUS TO "TWO PRINCES", okay? It doesn't get much better than that.
-Fantastic Ashes to Ashes fan trailer


- Okay, yes, I totally teared up at the De birthday post.

- And because I watched NCIS in the midst of writing this post: ahaaaa, OH TONY. I know sometimes I hate you, but... sometimes? I really, really don't. Those times include when you spend a plane ride making Twilight references and doing William Shatner impressions in the toilet. ♥

ETA: Forgot to post about this, possibly because it does not actually involve a link -- but, no doubt to spite me for writing that last post where I said House's awesome was beginning to wind down, I really enjoyed this week's episode. "That is why Wilson will never mate me." A+++++ Also, House at the computer, going into "work" mode? Please tell me somebody has .gif-ed that already.
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I am never going to finish this recap, am I? I don't know why I'm so demotivated this time around; in years past, it has always been my favorite bit of my year in review. Possibly I am just getting bogged down... um, yes, you can probably see why I needed to implement that "no new shows" rule. So, anyway, TV I Have Seen! Spoilers for: House, Legend of the Seeker, Leverage, Life on Mars, Lost, Mad Men, Merlin, NCIS, Psych, Pushing Daisies.

TV of 2009 )

WELL WOULD YOU LOOK AT THAT, this post is done for now and it's not even 1:30AM yet. I had to cut myself off at Robin Hood or else... yeah. Hmm. Badness would ensue; I'll save that for a later date.
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New to me TV of 2009. Keep in mind that this is with a self-imposed moratorium on picking up any new TV shows during the fall season, so... this is significantly less unwieldy (significantly more... than it might otherwise have been. Spoilers for: American Idol, Ashes to Ashes, Big Wolf on Campus, Chuck, Crusoe, Dollhouse, Farscape

TV of 2009 )

Aaaand I decided to cut this off because I'm cold and hungry and lazy and will probably never ever never get through the whole thing if I decide to do it as one behemoth of a post (...I am only about a quarter of the way through my shows -- and then you know I'm going to blab like twice as long over Lost and twenty times as long over Robin Hood). So expect future installments soon, picking up with... House! Which I literally never write about any more! And yet somehow I still watch every episode because it is impossible for me to drop a fandom. (PLUS WHAT WHAT WHAT MONDAY'S EPISODE WHAAAAT.)
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Just got through with the Cranford Christmas special -- boy but that series does not cut back on the high mortality rates, does it? On the whole I don't think this was as well put together as the original but, still, high old lady hilarity all around and yay Tim Curry and yay Jodie Whittaker. Overall, though, I'm rather disappointed with Masterpiece Theatre's spring line up. Bahhhhh to Austen encore (well, I will admit that the Northanger Abbey movie was extremely adorable, but epic do not want to the new Emma mini. BECAUSE THAT'S JUST WHAT THE WORLD NEEDED, RIGHT?); Small Island sounds interesting, so I guess I will bide my time until April.

To continue my 2009 review, Books of 2009! )
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Now that I am finally catching up on the internet at large from the past few weeks, it's time for some linkspam!

I'm still trying to get through all of the greatness that came out of various Robin Hood-related gift exchanges. Not to toot my own organizational horn or anything, but the [ profile] capslock_hood Secret Santa turned out AWESOME, even if the comments completely ate my inbox. LINK IN CASE YOU MISSED THE GREATNESS. (And actually, oh, I just realized -- there's still one gift missing, but hopefully we'll have it up soon enough.) My own contribution of a shameless Guy/Robin vid:

Guy/Robin - Shackled to Each Other from ForYourEdification on Vimeo.

Then [ profile] an_lagat_glas wrote me some Mazabella (!!!! I KNOW!!) for [ profile] isabella_giz: the red queen and the white

[ profile] lalumena made made me a rockin' desktop for [ profile] robinxisabella.

And then I got two completely fabulous gifts for [ profile] gxm_secretsanta, which I guess you can't see if you aren't a member... but [ profile] hulamoth very kindly reposted her fic: (This is Not a) Dinner Date. AU Guy/Marian collegefic. YOU KNOW YOU WANT IT.

A few vid recs embedded behind the cut: )

Now that I have some free time to catch up on sewing projects, I'm going back to my old habit of browsing etsy for some handmade inspiration -- and, as usual, I have happened upon some true horrors. WHAT, PRAY TELL, IS THIS? NO, REALLY, WHAAAAAT??!!?! It's like that episode of Daria where Jane wants to become The Lady and The Tiger by bleaching streaks into her hair. Looking at embroidery pieces always depresses me, though, because on the one hand I deeply appreciate the sheer number of long tedious hours that go into making these things, but on the other hand... sorry. Why on Earth would somebody pay $40 for this? I really really love this store, though, and wish I had $30 to drop on a pincushion. LOOK AT HOW ADORABLE THIS ONE IS.

I also picked up my final paycheck from Retail Job today, and it was quite a bit more than I anticipated because I forgot that I was getting paid for two weeks instead of just one. Whee! Unexpected money! (Or, alternately -- whee! I have no handle on my personal finances and forget when my pay periods are!)


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Dear anonymous person who donated a paid account to me,

You have made my day and then some! In gratitude, I am uploading tons of flashy ridiculous icons just for you.

The person whose eyeballs are about to fall out from being online for too long looking at said flashy ridiculous icons

Aww! Seriously! I've been in a ridiculously good mood all day because of this awesome and unexpected gift. What does one do with a paid account, even? I kind of want to try out a voicepost, but I'm afraid you all would defriend me once you realize just how frequently I employ the word like in everyday conversation.

Anyway, I've decided to express my warm fuzzies via a spam of things that make me happy. Image/.gif/youtube heavy, plus semi-spoilers through Merlin 2.02.

I'm just going to live alone and be one of those guys -- you know, the crazy guys -- with a big beard and no clothes who's naked and throws doody at people. )
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I was browsing fabrics the other day for a project I've been tossing around for a while, and I stumbled across this completely unrelated but completely awesome offering, and was reminded of how much I have been super secretly hankering to do an Ashes to Ashes costume. My thought process while looking at that swatch was almost identical to how I felt when watching the show: "Oh my GODDDD this is so insanely tacky and overboard, good lord. It's kind of entertaining, though, in a hilariously crack-y way. ... Actually, now that I've been staring at it for a while, I'm starting to appreciate some intricacies in the design. I mean, it's such a predictable binary relationship dynamic but then suddenly it all gets flipped around and signifies something different -- and yet the borders stay intact, and its only our understanding of them that changes. And the checkered motif is taken in its most basic appearance to signify order, predictability, and control but then it starts to melt away in places and suddenly it branches out to encompass all these different themes. Is it indeed a game board, something ostensibly for fun and diversion that somehow develops into a larger struggle over strategy, profiling one's opponent, formulating actions based on past encounters? Or is it the color-bled harlequin, like something out of a Picasso, both pitiable and sinister, hiding something from both the audience and from him/herself? OR IS IT ALL OF THEM? OR HAVE I SECRETLY DISCOVERED THE MEANING OF LIFE??? Or have I just been contemplating a ridiculous TV program/fabric swatch for far too long?"

Also, in case there was any remaining doubt that I severely overthink television programming, this Robin Hood discussion post the other day reminded me of this xkcd comic which in turn reminded me of my recent revelation that I am in fact immune to TV Tropes. It seems like every time it's linked anywhere there's a general chorus of "auuugh why'd you do that, now I'm going to waste hours poking around here" but somehow I have never once done that. (Disclaimer: I do realize that there are in fact billions of people who have never wasted a significant portion of time on TV Tropes. Considering, however, that I am a certifiable internet addict and have been known to pitter away entire evenings browsing the websites for American Girl TV movies... well, it's something of an anomaly.) I'm afraid the only conclusion I can reach is that TV Tropes is just too darn close to how my brain operates on an everyday basis for it to hold any real novelty/fascination for me. This discovery is equal parts AWESOME and TERRIFYING (okay, lies; it's about 10% the former and 90% the latter, but for the sake of preserving my delicate sense of self-worth let's pretend that it's 50/50). On the one hand, how cool and TV-hip does it make me to scroll through that Robin Hood page and realize that I recognize/have previously pondered basically every single reference/connection, up to and including the Zelda animated TV series? On the other hand -- how beyond lame and laden-with-pointless-knowledge does it make me to scroll through that Robin Hood page and realize that I recognize/have previously pondered basically every single reference/connection, up to and including the Zelda animated TV series? GUYS. SERIOUSLY. WHY DOES THAT ZELDA CARTOON EVEN EXIST AS A MENTAL REFERENCE FOR ME, IT'S BASICALLY THE WORST THING IN THE HISTORY OF EVER. And yet it is an ever-present fixture in my brain! Siiigh. Well, at least I've discovered a hidden benefit to devoting countless hours to TV -- at least it spared me wasting an afternoon on TV Tropes, right? (And incidentally, the scrollover text on that xkcd comic mentions Cracked which, in fact, I AM NOT IMMUNE TO, and so of course the moment I finished celebrating that MY BRAIN DEFEATED TV TROPES I went and wasted hours reading lists of New Personality Disorders Caused by the Internet or Most Badass Things Ever Done By a Jungle Cat.)
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- How was your morning? Mine involved maggots, possibly in punishment for oversleeping.

- [ profile] capslock_hood rewatch today! SO. EXCITED. I put my own Robin Hood rewatch on hold so I could jump on board with the capschat, so I think it's only going to overlap with what I've been watching by one episode (1.07, but I honestly do not mind watch that one as often as possible). Come join if you can!

- I love [ profile] bygonefashion.

- TV catch-up! Leverage just started back this season. Sometimes I feel like I'm watching this show for the wrong reasons -- I rarely connect with the victim plot of the week and tend to find them rather dull (I mean, I know the central conceit of the show is helping those who can't help themselves, but could we maybe have clients with even the teeniest amount of character agency?), and then I usually lose the con about halfway through -- but I just love the tone of the show and all of the hero characters so darn much. Like, honestly, I just want them to all sit around in that pub all day (random aside, but the Ashes to Ashes part of my brain is all like OMG IS IT SIGNIFICANT??? that Nate hangs out in a bar below street level and then lives in a rented room upstairs above it? How is this relevant to his psyche? Is he descending into his deepest primal urges every time he goes down and thinks about having a drink? Is the upstairs representative of his upper brain functions and the intricate planning of his cons and how he uses it to mask the ache of his recovering alcoholism? AM I POSSIBLY THINKING TOO MUCH ABOUT THIS??) and talk about, I don't know, the new episodes of Torchwood or the finer points of jumping out of a plane or something, and I would happily watch that for weeks on end. All of my favorite bits were just silly character moments -- Parker and the fingerquotes, Sophie's singing being not quite as good as her acting, the Eliot/Hardison exchange about Pakistan, Eliot busting through the wall with a chainsaw... oh, team! It's so nice to have everybody together again.

- I've also been keeping up with Royal Pains, which I don't actually think I've posted about since the first episode. Well. Hmmm. I think it underwent a growth period during the early episodes -- like Leverage, it does have a tendency to get rather heavy handed with it's moral righteousness (Royal Pains drinking game -- every time somebody complains vaguely about "the system," take a shot!) -- but it's matured quite nicely and I've been getting into the stories a lot more lately. I really enjoyed "No Man is an Island" (have I mentioned that the Evan/Hank dynamic is basically my favorite thing about the show? Because... it totally is), and then I thought this week's was good as well. Things that I find refreshing about the show:

1. I like that Hank is actually invested in his work now, instead of being the reluctant hero dragged around by Evan (see: the end of "No Man is an Island." GOOD CHOICE, HANK), and I like that it's progressed beyond the straightforward Robin Hood parallel -- i.e. he only treats rich people so he can take all their money and afford to treat those without resources. Rather, the show has established that he tries to find a way to help all of his patients, because there are problems in people's lives that aren't necessarily all about money, and if you think it's ridiculous to define people based purely on their income, then... maybe you shouldn't define people based purely on their income (which is more of what Jill tends to do)?

2. So relatedly, I like that there are a bunch of recurring characters and that we have a chance to see Hank develop a relationship with these people he's otherwise rather contemptuous of.

3. To go back to the Jill-Hank relationship, then -- well, hmmm. I'm still uncertain about her character. Aside from the fact that she is the least believable hospital administrator ever (like, okay, I know that TV needs hotter and younger professionals than exist in real life, but it borders on ridiculous; IMDb doesn't list an age for the actress, but she doesn't look more than 30), she's kind of, well... boring and one-sided? To return to the Robin Hood parallel (because, obviously, everything can be reduced to that) it seemed like the show was setting up Hank as Hood and then Jill as Marian, his sort of go-to girl on the inside... but now it feels like it's flipped, and suddenly Hank is the one who gets to live both sides of working high society but also helping the poor, and dealing with the emotional issues of each, while Jill is stuck in the Bobbin mentality of "all rich people suck, let's throw rocks at them. Also, being smug and morally superior is clearly the best way to get people to like me." Okay, this is probably sounding a lot meaner than I meant it to because I don't completely hate her character, but she still hasn't fully grown on me. I do really like how her relationship with Hank has been developing, though. While I'm not usually a fan of "OMG THESE TWO CHARACTERS JUST MET BUT THEY ARE TOTALLY PERFECT FOR EACH OTHER. Like, look, they have matching cars and they look into each other soooouls and don't you just want them to get married and have beautiful babies? LOVE. PURE TRUE HOLY LOVE and they're hooking up, like, now," I get equally tired of, "OMG THESE TWO CHARACTERS JUST MET BUT THEY ARE TOTALLY PERFECT FOR EACH OTHER but they can never be together due to lame reasons that we are fabricating for drama, so enjoy the UST for the next five seasons but don't bank on anything." So I like that their romance has been rather straightforward -- they like each other, they have a lot in common, they each find the other attractive, neither has any other romantic obligations -- so they get together, like two normal, grown adults who want to have a normal, grown adult relationship, instead of mooning around about each other wangsting over "does he like like me or just like me??"

4. Not a praise, more of a nitpick -- dude. NEEDS MOAR DIVYA. She is so underused and, incidentally, so much more interesting than Jill (OMG the Robin Hood comparisons continue -- okay, so, Divya is like Djaq, right? Because she's snarky and good with medicine and just awesome in general. So then Evan is Allan, the loudmouth grifter... and now I can totally justify why I ship the two of them... Okay, I should stop before this parallel runs any deeper. Also, there is no Sheriff or Guy equivalent, which makes me sad).

Anyway, moving on to the last and most important point...

- HARRY POTTER. I actually made up a list of things I've been meaning to post about and accidentally put Harry Potter on it twice, ha. YES IT IS THAT IMPORTANT. Thoughts about the Half-Blood Prince film )

Oh, but quick vid flail -- so I've been going through all of my old Harry Potter links and such, and, okay, I'm willing to bet that you've already all seen it because 1) it's almost two years old and 2) IT'S KIND OF THE MOST AMAZING VID EVER, but even if it isn't new to you it certainly demands to be re-experienced: the first four Potter films to Snakes on a Plane. UGHHH HARRY POTTER WHY SO EPIC?
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Spent the day trying to teach myself some embroidery. So far I have learned that 1) I think I need glasses and 2) I'm not very good at embroidery. :/

I'm also catching up on all the greatness currently coalescing at [ profile] rh_drabblefest. God, I love this fandom.

In light of my current Life on Mars/Ashes to Ashes phase, I've had the soundtracks for both on constant rotation for the last week or so. You might think it'd be possible to outlisten "Vienna," buuut you would be wrong. At any rate, I feel suddenly moved to compose a semi-tribute to television series that make excellent use of music. (There are some mild spoilers behind the cut, but I've marked what episode each is from in case you're not caught up, and then clips with overly spoilery preview frames are linked instead of embedded.)

The music is weaving... Haunting notes, pizzicato strings... )

And now I have officially spent way too much time on this! This is by no means comprehensive (if so we'd probably be here all week), so please do feel free to contribute your own picks in the comments.
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(Ah well, at least now I can troll for fic without having to worry about spoilers.)

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Fandom whore? Moi? Never. (The reason I've suddenly replaced that-show-I-posted-about-non-stop-for-weeks-on-end with that-new-show-I-plan-to-post-about-non-stop is that I'm still not quite ready to address the former's cancelation. I know I shouldn't be particularly surprised or upset by this, but... still. That doesn't mean it can't hurt something fierce. I was just getting over the sucker punch of the finale, yeah? Bad timing for my fragile emotional state! I cope via avoidance -- thus, epic Gene Genie indulgence, ohhh yes.)

Spoilers through 2.02, because, yes, I watched like five hours of Ashes to Ashes yesterday )
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Okay, did I say that I was going to wait a bit before starting on Ashes to Ashes? Yeah, well, I LIED. I watched the first episode last night and, oh man, here ensues the flail to end all flail.

Cut for spoilers and for the fact that you might be blinded by the sheer amounts of capslock glee )

ETA: Okay, after one evening I... may possibly already be through 1.05? I CAN'T HELP MYSELF. GENE/ALEX DFSKJ;ASFJ;LASDFJADF OH FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY JUST MAKE OUT ALREADY.

Double ETA: The one thing about A2A that I hands down prefer from LoM -- the opening credits/theme! Given the brilliant use of music on LoM I always thought the title theme was a bit, well, lame to be honest, but the one here is so beyond perfect. When marathoning a show, the quality of the opening credits quickly becomes apparent: when they're bad or just plain boring, you get sick of sitting through them over and over again every time a new episode starts; but when they're good you're filled with an excited thrill of anticipation that sets the tone for the hour of television you're about to witness. (And when I say "you" I actually mean "me" because I fear I'm probably the only person to get so invested in opening credits.)
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- I've fallen off a bit from my MASSIVE STARGATE BRAIN TAKE-OVER (millions cheer!) (and yet I still can't seem to cycle out my Woolsey icon, because dammit he is just too beautiful), but [ profile] sgastoryfinders never fails to bring the lulz. Im looking for the fic where Rodney gets stuck under a pillar off world and tells Ronan to cut off his hand and then he grows an new one due to him handeling a device made by machello. Oh yyyeah.

- After I discovered this fantabulous Guy/Marian vid to "Anything for Love" (just... seriously... GAHHH. My endless love for that song combined with my endless love for Maz and Giz has rendered me speechless. IT IS SO PERFECT -- AND EEEE MY FAVORITE VERSE, THE BEST PART OF THE SONG, IS SO WELL TRANSLATED -- JUST SKIP TO 3:52 AND BE FILLED WITH WONDER), it also struck me that I am terribly fond of this Robin/Marian "It's All Coming Back to Me Now" vid... I've spoken before of my love for over-the-top Jim Steinman love ballads, so all that can now be concluded is that fandom also needs an elaborate "Total Eclipse of the Heart" vid (and, hey, look at 3.01! The writers clearly want one too!). I can't decide which ship would be best suited to the song, though (I want to say something OTHER than Robin/Marian or Guy/Marian, though, the poor girl needs a break already). Oh, and then when I was folding laundry today "Like a Prayer" came on and -- I'm sorry but it's TRUE -- it would make the most perfect Guy/Marian crackvid since ever. (ETA 2: Okay, I think now Guy = Madonna has become cemented in my mind because "Open Your Heart" came on when I was cleaning my room this morning and, what do you know, that's a totally perfect pine-y song for him as well. I DON'T QUITE KNOW WHY BUT THIS MUSICAL AFFINITY FILLS ME WITH GLEE.)

- Hey! I'm excited about a new movie! Public Enemies comes out this week, and I just might scrounge up the $6.50 to go see it. Plus, heads up, TCM's holding a gangster movie marathon on Wednesday.

- I finished Life on Mars last night. First of all, let me say just how weird it was to watch that finale back-to-back with the Robin Hood one. Talk about different production levels, sheesh. (Actually, though, I found them both sort of epic and satisfying in their own way, so. YEAH, I KNOW. I might finally have come to terms with some of my more gigantic Robin Hood issues; either that or my brain has decided that it isn't worth the effort of anguishing over them.) I can't get over how well put together every separate layer of mindfuck was in that episode, and I can't get over that it's, well, over! Man. I think I'm going to check out Ashes to Ashes because 1) GENE GENIE and 2) Keeley Hawes, oh good lord I crush on her so hard; but I feel like I need to take at least a few days off before starting on it to pay respect to my Sam/Gene love.

- Hey, Merlin's on! TTFN. ETA: Aaaand my dad's watching a History Channel special. Never mind. Ah, well, this frees me up for more time to troll the interwebs babbling about Robin Hood (because, yes, that is one thing that has been sadly lacking in my life as of late).


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