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I was trying to think of good Halloween viewing to show my kids when I remembered that I have a catalogue of every. single. episode. of Big Wolf on Campus. HaaaaaaHAHAHAAAAAHAHAAAAA.


I want to entertain and enlighten them, not traumatize them.


(Honestly, it's such a failure every time I pick out a video clip because so much of it fails to translate, and usually only a tiny percentage of that is due to the language barrier. Pop culture is hard.)
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When did I become such a facebook whore? I used to keep such a strict LJ = fandom / FB = real life divide that basically ensured that I never used FB because... well, we all know my fandom >>>> RL priorities; but somehow I migrated all of my TV talk over there and I'm not sure how it happened. WILL BE REMEDIED SOON. Also, this possibly makes me a total bitch, but am I the only one who gets so annoyed when people make completely boring facebook updates? "____ went to work all day, then the grocery store to pick up paper towels, and now I'm going to bed. Tomorrow I'll stop by the post office." UMMM SORRY, NOBODY CARES. (Haha, this is probably how 95% of the people I'm friends with who don't watch Lost have probably felt about me for the past week or two, but... whatever. I demand to be entertained. How dare my friends expect that I be interested in their lives. Psssht! ...Yeah, all right, this does make me a total bitch.)

[ profile] lalumena gave me some interview questions that I have been stalling on answering because they are just so hard-hitting! I am anguishing over choosing the perfect response for them! Girl, journo has made you positively ruthless.

Meme! )
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New to me TV of 2009. Keep in mind that this is with a self-imposed moratorium on picking up any new TV shows during the fall season, so... this is significantly less unwieldy (significantly more... than it might otherwise have been. Spoilers for: American Idol, Ashes to Ashes, Big Wolf on Campus, Chuck, Crusoe, Dollhouse, Farscape

TV of 2009 )

Aaaand I decided to cut this off because I'm cold and hungry and lazy and will probably never ever never get through the whole thing if I decide to do it as one behemoth of a post (...I am only about a quarter of the way through my shows -- and then you know I'm going to blab like twice as long over Lost and twenty times as long over Robin Hood). So expect future installments soon, picking up with... House! Which I literally never write about any more! And yet somehow I still watch every episode because it is impossible for me to drop a fandom. (PLUS WHAT WHAT WHAT MONDAY'S EPISODE WHAAAAT.)
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After all of the massive blabbing I've been doing lately -- lookee here! Insubstantial post ahoy!

I've picked up watching Big Wolf on Campus again, and... just... I wish I could come up with more bigger better smarter deeper things to say about the show but all I can really muster is EEEEE followed by GLEEEEEEE followed by WE NEED THINGS LIKE THIS ON TV AGAIN. It's such a perfect mix of lowbrow flat-out dumb slapstick humor and nerdy pop culture references and pithy metaphorical commentary on adolescent relationships. Also, even though the show is basically just a giant mishmash ripoff of every scifi/horror/fantasy narrative ever, I think it's interesting to note certain storylines tackled by BWoC before some of my other shows did. Like the alien boyband episode! (Middleman, anyone?) Or the one where Merton's strategy game turns out to be real life! (Umm... SGA, yes?) And then I find all of the absurdist elements to be legitimately engaging on an artistic level... Actually, okay, I was kind of having this same thought while rhapsodizing about the Disney Hercules cartoon TV series to one of my friends (and, really, the two shows do have a lot in common! Herc/Icarus/Cassandra = Tommy/Merton/Lori Y/N? And they both rehash every mythic creature ever) -- one of my favorite qualities of programming aimed at kids is the unquestioned whimsy, that weirdly happy and satisfied feeling I get when something COMPLETELY EFFING BONKERS happens and everybody just rolls with it... Anyway, um, I'm not quite sure whether I was going anywhere in particular with that thought, just that sometimes I love to watch totally incomprehensible nonsense because... it's refreshing to my brain/soul/inner twelve year old?

Anyway, off to watch "Play It Again, Samurai"...
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In doing my Year in Fiction recap last time, I had the most fun -- and blew the most time! -- doing my TV post; and, as 2008 began drawing to a close, I sincerely looked forward to going through the same process again in putting together a TV of 2008 retrospective. Yet once work actually began... I. Wow. Holy balls, guys. I WATCH SO MUCH FRIGGEN TV. When exactly did that happen? Looking over my post from last year I felt a bit ridiculous about how many new fandoms I had picked up, but between now and then my list has just about tripled. Um. Err. Yeah. Oops? I apologize in advance for the rather epic nature of this post, then. Definitely not dial-up friendly. Spoilers for the most recent seasons of: American Idol, Big Wolf on Campus, Chuck, Crusoe, House M.D., Legend of the Seeker, Life on Mars, Lost, M*A*S*H, Mad Men, Merlin, The Middleman, Psych, Pushing Daisies, Stargate: Atlantis, Stargate: SG-1, Star Trek: DS9, Star Trek: TOS.

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As its the middle of the afternoon already, I think it's time for me to accept that I'm just not getting dressed at all today. It's been a long time since I pulled a twenty-four hour pajama stint, but man does it feel good sometimes. That's what Saturdays were made for!

They are also made for Atlantis post-episode squee! Spoilers for 5.12: The Outsiders )

Also, who watched Crusoe last night? Oh, gosh, as if I needed another TV show...! But so much pretty. And pirates. Yesyesyes.

Also also! I was just watching Big Wolf on Campus over lunch, and it was the episode where Merton disguises Tommy as a goth to get a date ("Everybody Fang Chung Tonight") and... and... wtf Asmodeus. "I need a real man who's in touch with his dark side!" ...I'm so in love.
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I don't believe in coincidences. And here's another addition to my long list of reasons why:

So I just finished marathoning SGA earlier this month, falling victim to its irresistible charms of slashy undertones and cracked out storylines. Then last week [ profile] goodnightsong reintroduced me to "Big Wolf on Campus," which, uhh, wow I sure don't remember it being that overtly gay when I used to watch it in middle school, but that's about 99% of the fun. It's delivered in conveniently bite-sized episodes nice for fitting in between homework sessions, and I snacked my way through the first season and just started on the second last night. And. Ha haaaa!!! Second season occasionally credited co-producers? Paul Mullie and Joseph Mallozzi. XD XD After nosing around a bit, it seems the show only gets one mention on Joe's blog in which he kinda disowns it: I moved into live-action with my writing partner Paul Mullie, working on a teen comedy called Student Bodies. After work on various shows, some good, some not so good, some not even not so good (Big Wolf on Campus, Lassie, Largo Winch, The Lost World) we were invited to pitch for Stargate SG-1. Pssht, Mallozzi -- I think you mean some of the not so anything-other-than-AWESOME! (You know he secretly loves it. I mean, how can you work on SGA and not have a fondness for a family horror drama stuffed to the brim with ridiculous pop culture references and badly written female characters and canon mpreg and need I go on??)


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