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Do you ever have those moments when you're watching something and you have to pause it because it is just too cute -- TOO. IMPOSSIBLY. CUTE!!! -- for you to digest all at once? This is me with Sungkyunkwan Scandal right now, episode seventeen.



Why is this show almost over though, augh, noooo. D:

Seriously, though, I am on my hands and knees here, flist, YOU SHOULD BE WATCHING. I NEED SOMEONE TO FLAIL WITH. Do I need to convince you with eyecandy? I'll do it! I swear!

Joseon F4 )

Seriously, you have no idea how excited I am right now to be watching a drama that is actually adorable and gorgeous and funny but, most importantly, SMART AND WELL-WRITTEN. In a fit of nostalgia (what, yes, I can have nostalgia after two months), I was rewatching some BBF the other day and was just like... ... WHAT IS THIS STUPID SHOW. WHY. WHY IS IT SO STUPID. (And I still love it and it still made me cry. And it was only like the second episode, where hardly anything tearworthy happens. JUST SEEING JI HOO'S FACE MAKES ME CRYYYYYY, AUGHHHHH.)

...Anyway. Ugh, seriously, last week was like hell week at school so I am fully content with doing absolutely nothing productive at all today in compensation. Well, we have exams today so I am trying to bring in some activities for the kids to do if they finish early. For younger students I'm just going to give them coloring sheets, but for the older kids I thought I would bring in some logic puzzles. I've been looking them up this morning, though, and OH MAN I LOVE LOGIC PUZZLES SO MUCH, THEY'RE SUPER ADDICTIVE, I WASTED LIKE AN HOUR PLAYING WITH THEM MYSELF. I hope my students actually like them and aren't just like, "...What. No," because I'm totally excited about this, hahaha.


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