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Oh, Merlin. I remember why I sometimes love you.

Goblin's Gold spoilers )
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I may have finally reached that age where birthdays are to be dreaded rather than celebrated; but thankfully the internet is an ageless wonder, an anomaly of time and space, and a perfect venue for a "Things That Make Me Happy!" post! AND YOU CAN PLAY ALONG! (Seriously, please do.)

I'll stick with you baby for a thousand years, nothing's gonna touch you in these golden yeeeeeeeaaaaaars!! )

I'd like to keep this open until I leave on Wednesday, so please! Spam away! Picspams, gifs, fanvids, basically anything in the history of ever that you feel like linking to or flailing over... all expressions of joy and happiness are welcome.
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Dear anonymous person who donated a paid account to me,

You have made my day and then some! In gratitude, I am uploading tons of flashy ridiculous icons just for you.

The person whose eyeballs are about to fall out from being online for too long looking at said flashy ridiculous icons

Aww! Seriously! I've been in a ridiculously good mood all day because of this awesome and unexpected gift. What does one do with a paid account, even? I kind of want to try out a voicepost, but I'm afraid you all would defriend me once you realize just how frequently I employ the word like in everyday conversation.

Anyway, I've decided to express my warm fuzzies via a spam of things that make me happy. Image/.gif/youtube heavy, plus semi-spoilers through Merlin 2.02.

I'm just going to live alone and be one of those guys -- you know, the crazy guys -- with a big beard and no clothes who's naked and throws doody at people. )
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I've decided to do an Epic Robin Hood Rewatch. ...This can only end in tears. Expect updates if I can make it through without wanting to end myself, however.

Also, I somehow still cannot manage to properly post about recent developments in the realm of all things Gisborne without it coming out as some variation of "Guy...! GUUUUUUY. *wibble* Guy!" and/or "OMFG ISABELLA. JUST... GUH." Ah, yes, nice to know that English degree paid off so brilliantly in building my writing skills.

Well, at least I have YouTube vids to do the heavy lifting for me, because apparently I can only express my feelings via weepy Guy!angst vids -- EXCEPT. THEN. I discovered this effulgent gem and oh Guy, you big dumb boob, I am not even going to apologize for cracking up at this. Even after watching it at least five times over the last 24 hours I am still crying with laughter. Seriously.

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I have been quite remiss in post about new episodes of Mad Men, and now the season is almost over! Finale next week! !!!

But, anyway, I was finally spurred into posting by one Pete Campbell. OMG. Whywhywhy does he entrance me so? "HELL'S BELLS TRUDY!!!!" If ever anything needed a .gif to bust out at all occasions, it is the defenestration of Trudy's roast fowl omg seriously epic. (I wonder if I will ever get tired of overusing that word... probably not! Besides, that scene deserves it. EP.IC.)

ETA: YouTube!


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