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Sorry I haven't gotten around to replying to all of the posts/comments I've meant to! Hopefully I'll catch back up by tomorrow; but last night I went to a "fun trivia night" that turned out to be one of the most dull and drawn out evenings of my entire life ever (HYPERBOLE, YES, BUT STILL), and now tonight my sister has guilt-tripped me into checking out a karaoke bar with her and I probably should have left already, WHOOPS, but I'm trying to clear through at least one layer of internet duties before I leave. (Does it even need stating that internet >>>> social life?) I am spending the night up there (because, right, it makes perfect sense to make a hundred-mile round-trip drive for karaoke -- oh, sister of mine, I hope you are glad that I love you!) so I think I'm going to counter-guilt-trip her into watching some Who while I'm there so I can stay on top of my rewatch in time for Friday (IT'S ALREADY WEDNESDAY, HOW DID THAT HAPPEN??).

Okay, photo meme, day twelve )

And then this Doctor Who vid rec got buried in the comments of an earlier post, so I'm giving it the place of prominence it deserves: Spoilers through 5.12 )
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I should be asleep, like, yesterday (literally yesterday because it's now in the wee hours of tomorrow! Err, today, that is), but I just have certain feeeeeeelings that need to be aired, predominantly of the Doctor Who variety.

(But first, quick plug -- super awesome Legend of the Seeker Kahlan & Cara post! Oh how I miss them already! Okay, now back to Who!)


Here lies spoilery talk for series five thus far )
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I was going to ask whether anybody had unwanted specially marked boxes of Kellogg's cereal with codes for Toy Story 3 merch that they didn't plan to redeem, when... wow. I experienced one of those moments of total clarity: this is what my life is. Begging free cereal prizes of the internet.


(Seriously, though, if you aren't going to use your codes -- I totally will. I can only eat so much Frosted Miniwheats between now and the end of the month!)

Oh, Royal Pains -- you seduced me with the best-of marathon of S1, you seduced me with a kickass season opener, and now you're back to mediocre again this week. Why do you do these things to meeeee.

Okay, I just had yet another moment of clarity re: writing horrible things and then thinking, "Oh god, did I really write that, what sort of person am I D:" only it was SO HORRIBLE that I've just deleted it completely. Seriously. I need to reassess my life. I'm doing a lot of self-discovery in this post, but... it's all of the bad.

Further embarrassments (intentional ones, though): I was planning to do an Awkward Childhood Celebrity and/or Fictional Character Crushes picspam/discussion post (still kind of am! SO PREPARE YOURSELVES), but I am just getting totally completely hung up on Janeway/Chakotay. I KNOW, RIGHT, HOW DID THIS EVEN HAPPEN. It started with me, as usual, reflecting back on my huge crush on Chakotay and how totally hilarious/weird/no seriously what, 10-year-old-me, WHAT it all was -- but somehow it morphed into me going through screencaps, fixating on Janeway/Chakotay body language, basking in my insane love of Kate Mulgrew, and basically just reliving my prepubescent Star Trek ~romances~ again. Aside from the odd episode here and there, I haven't watched anything in ages and don't remember much of the show except that THEY ARE LOVELY AND BEAUTIFUL AND BADASS AND AMAZING AND SHOULD BE TOGETHER FOREVER. So, yeah, I love how this began as me going "lol whut WHY" and ended with me going "HOW COULD ANYONE LAUGH AT THEIR PERFECT LOVE, CHATE IS FATE, ETC."

PICSPAM FOR THE DOUBTERS. General Voyager spoilers, even though, again, I remember basically nothing of this show. )
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I may have finally reached that age where birthdays are to be dreaded rather than celebrated; but thankfully the internet is an ageless wonder, an anomaly of time and space, and a perfect venue for a "Things That Make Me Happy!" post! AND YOU CAN PLAY ALONG! (Seriously, please do.)

I'll stick with you baby for a thousand years, nothing's gonna touch you in these golden yeeeeeeeaaaaaars!! )

I'd like to keep this open until I leave on Wednesday, so please! Spam away! Picspams, gifs, fanvids, basically anything in the history of ever that you feel like linking to or flailing over... all expressions of joy and happiness are welcome.
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-Kate/Sayid fans come out of the woodwork; BETHANY REJOICES.

-Completely random vids of amazingness )

-I have also been wasting my life making pointless gifs. This just in: JONAS ARMSTRONG MAKES THE MOST ADORABLE DOOFY FACES EVER. )

OKAY OKAY I'M SEWING NOW. I... I... I really am. (Or maybe I'm going to go watch more Ivanhoe. Hmm. I was kind of slow to warm up to it, but now that I'm a bit over halfway through I'm like OMG OMG WHAT IS HAPPENING?? [I, uh, yeah -- I basically have zero foreknowledge of this text. I didn't even know Robs was actually in it, hahaha HOW UNCULTURED AM I.] Also, ugh, I'm kind of annoyed that the DVD box TOTALLY LIED to me. It says "Runtime: 150 Minutes." So yesterday I put in the first disc over breakfast, watched about 30-40 minutes, went about my day. Before going to bed I was like, hmm, I guess I can finish out the disc -- assuming it's half of the 150 minutes, then I should have less than an hour to watch, right? And yet it went on... and on... and onnnnnn... and ONNNNNNN...! I was determined to at least finish out the disc, but I finally gave up and walked into the kitchen to find that it was 1:30AM or something ridiculous. So, yeah, IMDb says? 270 MINUTES. GO FIGURE. I started on the second disc today so I'd guess that I'm about 65% of the way through.)
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Do they give awards for sheer amount of random stuff browsed online? Because I think I must be subconsciously trying to win one. Of course, this can only mean one thing: LINKSPAM.

- Epic GoFugYourself post is EPICCCCC. This video completes my life:

- Sepinwall and I do not always find ourselves in agreement, but SO MUCH TRUTH RIGHT HERE regarding 3.05: Spoilery for Chuck vs. the First Class )

- [ profile] foto_decadent is one of those places I check on once every year or something, because a lot of it is unremarkable but then there is always a smattering of AWESOME and I prefer to have it in concentrated form. THINGS OF WONDER:
-I've been searching for a new look for my hair, and I think this is totally it.
-Old but fabulous: Claudia Schiffer pin-ups.
-Sorry, I have no other words: LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVEEEEEE.
-Okay, I think a lot of this is too literal but, gosh, gorgeous vintage shoot.

- Why is etsy window shopping so addictive?:
-I'm so used to seeing poorly constructed macaroni-on-construction-paper level stuff on here that, HOLYYYY CRAP, THIS JUST BLEW MY MIND.
-This store sells basically the most superfluous accessories ever and yet now I crave an embroidered ribbon-and-lace collar. :/
-Chuck inspired gifts. Fabulous. I am seriously considering getting the hand grenade soap for my father's birthday.

- Trolling YouTube:
-I always manage to forget that there are a lot of people in RH fandom who are old school Xena fans, too. [ profile] aoxelfrieda's channel is like candy to me right now. XENA/ARES VS. XENA/AUTOLYCUS TO "TWO PRINCES", okay? It doesn't get much better than that.
-Fantastic Ashes to Ashes fan trailer


- Okay, yes, I totally teared up at the De birthday post.

- And because I watched NCIS in the midst of writing this post: ahaaaa, OH TONY. I know sometimes I hate you, but... sometimes? I really, really don't. Those times include when you spend a plane ride making Twilight references and doing William Shatner impressions in the toilet. ♥

ETA: Forgot to post about this, possibly because it does not actually involve a link -- but, no doubt to spite me for writing that last post where I said House's awesome was beginning to wind down, I really enjoyed this week's episode. "That is why Wilson will never mate me." A+++++ Also, House at the computer, going into "work" mode? Please tell me somebody has .gif-ed that already.
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Now that I am finally catching up on the internet at large from the past few weeks, it's time for some linkspam!

I'm still trying to get through all of the greatness that came out of various Robin Hood-related gift exchanges. Not to toot my own organizational horn or anything, but the [ profile] capslock_hood Secret Santa turned out AWESOME, even if the comments completely ate my inbox. LINK IN CASE YOU MISSED THE GREATNESS. (And actually, oh, I just realized -- there's still one gift missing, but hopefully we'll have it up soon enough.) My own contribution of a shameless Guy/Robin vid:

Guy/Robin - Shackled to Each Other from ForYourEdification on Vimeo.

Then [ profile] an_lagat_glas wrote me some Mazabella (!!!! I KNOW!!) for [ profile] isabella_giz: the red queen and the white

[ profile] lalumena made made me a rockin' desktop for [ profile] robinxisabella.

And then I got two completely fabulous gifts for [ profile] gxm_secretsanta, which I guess you can't see if you aren't a member... but [ profile] hulamoth very kindly reposted her fic: (This is Not a) Dinner Date. AU Guy/Marian collegefic. YOU KNOW YOU WANT IT.

A few vid recs embedded behind the cut: )

Now that I have some free time to catch up on sewing projects, I'm going back to my old habit of browsing etsy for some handmade inspiration -- and, as usual, I have happened upon some true horrors. WHAT, PRAY TELL, IS THIS? NO, REALLY, WHAAAAAT??!!?! It's like that episode of Daria where Jane wants to become The Lady and The Tiger by bleaching streaks into her hair. Looking at embroidery pieces always depresses me, though, because on the one hand I deeply appreciate the sheer number of long tedious hours that go into making these things, but on the other hand... sorry. Why on Earth would somebody pay $40 for this? I really really love this store, though, and wish I had $30 to drop on a pincushion. LOOK AT HOW ADORABLE THIS ONE IS.

I also picked up my final paycheck from Retail Job today, and it was quite a bit more than I anticipated because I forgot that I was getting paid for two weeks instead of just one. Whee! Unexpected money! (Or, alternately -- whee! I have no handle on my personal finances and forget when my pay periods are!)


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Oh, and somehow in all that wailing I forgot that I haven't updated on anything fandom-y as of late.

Merlin )

Spooks )
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Dear anonymous person who donated a paid account to me,

You have made my day and then some! In gratitude, I am uploading tons of flashy ridiculous icons just for you.

The person whose eyeballs are about to fall out from being online for too long looking at said flashy ridiculous icons

Aww! Seriously! I've been in a ridiculously good mood all day because of this awesome and unexpected gift. What does one do with a paid account, even? I kind of want to try out a voicepost, but I'm afraid you all would defriend me once you realize just how frequently I employ the word like in everyday conversation.

Anyway, I've decided to express my warm fuzzies via a spam of things that make me happy. Image/.gif/youtube heavy, plus semi-spoilers through Merlin 2.02.

I'm just going to live alone and be one of those guys -- you know, the crazy guys -- with a big beard and no clothes who's naked and throws doody at people. )
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I just feel the need to post something that makes me happy at the moment, so. Here. Ignoring the fact that Robin Hood is like the Fandom that Would Not Die for me, and that this relies heavily on stab-my-heart-out-with-angst moments of series three drama... THIS VID MAKES ME SO HAPPY.

I wish YouTube had a FIFTY THOUSAND STARS option.
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- How was your morning? Mine involved maggots, possibly in punishment for oversleeping.

- [ profile] capslock_hood rewatch today! SO. EXCITED. I put my own Robin Hood rewatch on hold so I could jump on board with the capschat, so I think it's only going to overlap with what I've been watching by one episode (1.07, but I honestly do not mind watch that one as often as possible). Come join if you can!

- I love [ profile] bygonefashion.

- TV catch-up! Leverage just started back this season. Sometimes I feel like I'm watching this show for the wrong reasons -- I rarely connect with the victim plot of the week and tend to find them rather dull (I mean, I know the central conceit of the show is helping those who can't help themselves, but could we maybe have clients with even the teeniest amount of character agency?), and then I usually lose the con about halfway through -- but I just love the tone of the show and all of the hero characters so darn much. Like, honestly, I just want them to all sit around in that pub all day (random aside, but the Ashes to Ashes part of my brain is all like OMG IS IT SIGNIFICANT??? that Nate hangs out in a bar below street level and then lives in a rented room upstairs above it? How is this relevant to his psyche? Is he descending into his deepest primal urges every time he goes down and thinks about having a drink? Is the upstairs representative of his upper brain functions and the intricate planning of his cons and how he uses it to mask the ache of his recovering alcoholism? AM I POSSIBLY THINKING TOO MUCH ABOUT THIS??) and talk about, I don't know, the new episodes of Torchwood or the finer points of jumping out of a plane or something, and I would happily watch that for weeks on end. All of my favorite bits were just silly character moments -- Parker and the fingerquotes, Sophie's singing being not quite as good as her acting, the Eliot/Hardison exchange about Pakistan, Eliot busting through the wall with a chainsaw... oh, team! It's so nice to have everybody together again.

- I've also been keeping up with Royal Pains, which I don't actually think I've posted about since the first episode. Well. Hmmm. I think it underwent a growth period during the early episodes -- like Leverage, it does have a tendency to get rather heavy handed with it's moral righteousness (Royal Pains drinking game -- every time somebody complains vaguely about "the system," take a shot!) -- but it's matured quite nicely and I've been getting into the stories a lot more lately. I really enjoyed "No Man is an Island" (have I mentioned that the Evan/Hank dynamic is basically my favorite thing about the show? Because... it totally is), and then I thought this week's was good as well. Things that I find refreshing about the show:

1. I like that Hank is actually invested in his work now, instead of being the reluctant hero dragged around by Evan (see: the end of "No Man is an Island." GOOD CHOICE, HANK), and I like that it's progressed beyond the straightforward Robin Hood parallel -- i.e. he only treats rich people so he can take all their money and afford to treat those without resources. Rather, the show has established that he tries to find a way to help all of his patients, because there are problems in people's lives that aren't necessarily all about money, and if you think it's ridiculous to define people based purely on their income, then... maybe you shouldn't define people based purely on their income (which is more of what Jill tends to do)?

2. So relatedly, I like that there are a bunch of recurring characters and that we have a chance to see Hank develop a relationship with these people he's otherwise rather contemptuous of.

3. To go back to the Jill-Hank relationship, then -- well, hmmm. I'm still uncertain about her character. Aside from the fact that she is the least believable hospital administrator ever (like, okay, I know that TV needs hotter and younger professionals than exist in real life, but it borders on ridiculous; IMDb doesn't list an age for the actress, but she doesn't look more than 30), she's kind of, well... boring and one-sided? To return to the Robin Hood parallel (because, obviously, everything can be reduced to that) it seemed like the show was setting up Hank as Hood and then Jill as Marian, his sort of go-to girl on the inside... but now it feels like it's flipped, and suddenly Hank is the one who gets to live both sides of working high society but also helping the poor, and dealing with the emotional issues of each, while Jill is stuck in the Bobbin mentality of "all rich people suck, let's throw rocks at them. Also, being smug and morally superior is clearly the best way to get people to like me." Okay, this is probably sounding a lot meaner than I meant it to because I don't completely hate her character, but she still hasn't fully grown on me. I do really like how her relationship with Hank has been developing, though. While I'm not usually a fan of "OMG THESE TWO CHARACTERS JUST MET BUT THEY ARE TOTALLY PERFECT FOR EACH OTHER. Like, look, they have matching cars and they look into each other soooouls and don't you just want them to get married and have beautiful babies? LOVE. PURE TRUE HOLY LOVE and they're hooking up, like, now," I get equally tired of, "OMG THESE TWO CHARACTERS JUST MET BUT THEY ARE TOTALLY PERFECT FOR EACH OTHER but they can never be together due to lame reasons that we are fabricating for drama, so enjoy the UST for the next five seasons but don't bank on anything." So I like that their romance has been rather straightforward -- they like each other, they have a lot in common, they each find the other attractive, neither has any other romantic obligations -- so they get together, like two normal, grown adults who want to have a normal, grown adult relationship, instead of mooning around about each other wangsting over "does he like like me or just like me??"

4. Not a praise, more of a nitpick -- dude. NEEDS MOAR DIVYA. She is so underused and, incidentally, so much more interesting than Jill (OMG the Robin Hood comparisons continue -- okay, so, Divya is like Djaq, right? Because she's snarky and good with medicine and just awesome in general. So then Evan is Allan, the loudmouth grifter... and now I can totally justify why I ship the two of them... Okay, I should stop before this parallel runs any deeper. Also, there is no Sheriff or Guy equivalent, which makes me sad).

Anyway, moving on to the last and most important point...

- HARRY POTTER. I actually made up a list of things I've been meaning to post about and accidentally put Harry Potter on it twice, ha. YES IT IS THAT IMPORTANT. Thoughts about the Half-Blood Prince film )

Oh, but quick vid flail -- so I've been going through all of my old Harry Potter links and such, and, okay, I'm willing to bet that you've already all seen it because 1) it's almost two years old and 2) IT'S KIND OF THE MOST AMAZING VID EVER, but even if it isn't new to you it certainly demands to be re-experienced: the first four Potter films to Snakes on a Plane. UGHHH HARRY POTTER WHY SO EPIC?
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Spent the day trying to teach myself some embroidery. So far I have learned that 1) I think I need glasses and 2) I'm not very good at embroidery. :/

I'm also catching up on all the greatness currently coalescing at [ profile] rh_drabblefest. God, I love this fandom.

In light of my current Life on Mars/Ashes to Ashes phase, I've had the soundtracks for both on constant rotation for the last week or so. You might think it'd be possible to outlisten "Vienna," buuut you would be wrong. At any rate, I feel suddenly moved to compose a semi-tribute to television series that make excellent use of music. (There are some mild spoilers behind the cut, but I've marked what episode each is from in case you're not caught up, and then clips with overly spoilery preview frames are linked instead of embedded.)

The music is weaving... Haunting notes, pizzicato strings... )

And now I have officially spent way too much time on this! This is by no means comprehensive (if so we'd probably be here all week), so please do feel free to contribute your own picks in the comments.
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- I can't decide which one I love more, this Hornblower/Bush vid to "I Touch Myself" or this Sam/Gene vid that inspired it. Oh, internets, DON'T EVER CHANGE.

- There is quite a good deal of win to be found over at [ profile] trek_crack, but the intro post especially is not to be missed. Unsurprisingly, the Spock/McCoy bits are my favourite (ohhh man, Bones' little 'yay medicine/boo engineering' shout bubble? LOVE).

-I've started watching The Prisoner (been meaning to for ages, and now it's all up on! How convenient!). After one episode I am confused as hell and will probably have nightmares for days, which means that I like it and plan to watch more.

- ETA: I almost forgot! If you haven't already joined in years past, you should all go check out the [ profile] lost_bookclub; how else are we to occupy the long, lonely Wednesday nights between now and February? Also, I'm leading the Philip K. Dick month so, y'know. Be there or be square and all that.

And now for the Robin Hood portion of our evening:

- ARMITAGE -- GOOD LORD -- THAT MAN SHOULD BE ILLEGAL. The show has been off for all of... three days, and already I miss having him in my weekly schedule.

- I think I may have unraveled a portion of my deep and abiding love for all things related to the Gisbornes (aside from the obvious bits where they are smouldering and lovely and act circles around the material they're given): namely, brother and sister both are so stuck in the 80s and totally should have ended the series by starting their own heavy metal/hair band.

Image cut, but only because I am a nice person )

Don't lie. You know you want it. I am actually contemplating a "Gizzy is Stuck in the 80s" playlist, but I don't know if I'll ever get around to it. Plus, man would it be hard to narrow that down. Maybe it'd be better to just hand out an instruction manual. 1. Put on Aerosmith/Van Halen/Def Leppard/Billy Idol/whatev. 2. Mope about until your simmering woobiness comes to a boil. 3. Angst to death.

- My great Robin Hood Rewatch continues! This is making up for the fact that I never posted about these episodes when I saw them for the first time:

1.06 - All of the "sparring" between Vaysey and the abbess is just an unparalleled delight to watch, hee! And once again with Gisborne being surprisingly religious -- I think this is swiftly becoming my new show-related obsession and some day I will have to do a proper write-up of my feelings on that. For now I find it interesting that on the one hand he can be so solemn and venerative in his attitude toward most church practices, and yet so completely derisive of Marian going to a convent. I suppose here it's more kneejerk anger, whereas in 2.08 it's more outright mocking (although I have to admit that I always join him on that when I watch the episode. Marian: "Okay, well, now that we're done having a jaw-droppingly hot make-out session, I think I'll just pop back into the convent." Guy: "Ummm, I don't think that's how nuns work. ...Have you been talking to Allan?"). Essentially, Guy is such an odd inconsistent bumbling idiot when it comes to omg pretty girl!!! Yeah, like that's news, but still. I know Armitage said of the first series that he wanted to make people's skin crawl during the Guy/Marian scenes, but mostly in this episode they just make me laugh at Guy's expense for being a GIANT AWKWARD CREEPER.

1.07 - Aaaand so Guy's wooing dumbness continues. "Curses! I need to get Marian another present but I didn't have time to go to the store. Well, this one looks nice; pity somebody else is already wearing it. ... Wait, who am I kidding, I'm mothereffing Guy of Gisborne and I'll take what I please and shoot sexy glances at passerbys as I do it." For the most part, though, this episode is far less about the awkward and far more about the epic angst and twisted attraction and betrayal potential and, oh dear, is this not what sold me on Guy/Marian from the start (because, yes, this was indeed the first episode of the show I ever saw)? Far more than my purely shallow thoughts along the lines of "oh dear they are so terribly attractive and to hell with the storyline let's just have the Richard & Lucy hour of hotness all the time," I was just so blown away by how well they feed off of each other as actors, how Marian's utter distaste for Guy begins to be eclipsed by her need to use him, how Guy's foundations are crumbled and rebuilt and crumbled again every time he encounters Marian anew. It's such a watershed moment for the two of them, when suddenly their relationship shifts from that of a relatively pedestrian match dictated by gender roles and societal conventions to that of a charged, inextricable political and ethical entanglement. The full gamut of emotions that the two of them run through in the proposal -- well, it's just as impressive to me now as it was during that fateful first viewing two years ago, when by the power of their sheer awesome they conspired to TRAP ME FOREVER AUGH (the "Feel it, it is real" line SLAYS ME EVERY TIME). And, shockingly enough, the bits of the episode that don't have to do with Guy/Marian are still interesting, too! Ah, yes, the good old days when the gang actually had relevant plots. The Allan/Djaq! And Will/Allan! And in fact just general Allan-ness of it all! Also, once more the Sheriff is so hugely badass here. How could I have missed the fact that he gives Guy an ass slap??! And then when he's busy goading Guy into taking his revenge on Marian -- yeesh. (Possible but doubtful significance to the fact that Vaysey refers to Marian as a "leper," given Guy's family history? I still sincerely doubt that the writers had any of that backstory in mind at this point in time, but at the very least it is one of those happy accidents of show canon.) I love how Keith Allen can be so alternately thrilling and chilling, especially during the hanging.

- In conclusion, can you tell that I'm still unemployed? Geez. Tomorrow I'm meeting up with one of the ladies I used to work for over the past few summers, so we'll see if anything comes of that (except of course all of that was "unpaid non-profit community enrichment" and now I NEED MONEY, PEOPLE).
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- I've fallen off a bit from my MASSIVE STARGATE BRAIN TAKE-OVER (millions cheer!) (and yet I still can't seem to cycle out my Woolsey icon, because dammit he is just too beautiful), but [ profile] sgastoryfinders never fails to bring the lulz. Im looking for the fic where Rodney gets stuck under a pillar off world and tells Ronan to cut off his hand and then he grows an new one due to him handeling a device made by machello. Oh yyyeah.

- After I discovered this fantabulous Guy/Marian vid to "Anything for Love" (just... seriously... GAHHH. My endless love for that song combined with my endless love for Maz and Giz has rendered me speechless. IT IS SO PERFECT -- AND EEEE MY FAVORITE VERSE, THE BEST PART OF THE SONG, IS SO WELL TRANSLATED -- JUST SKIP TO 3:52 AND BE FILLED WITH WONDER), it also struck me that I am terribly fond of this Robin/Marian "It's All Coming Back to Me Now" vid... I've spoken before of my love for over-the-top Jim Steinman love ballads, so all that can now be concluded is that fandom also needs an elaborate "Total Eclipse of the Heart" vid (and, hey, look at 3.01! The writers clearly want one too!). I can't decide which ship would be best suited to the song, though (I want to say something OTHER than Robin/Marian or Guy/Marian, though, the poor girl needs a break already). Oh, and then when I was folding laundry today "Like a Prayer" came on and -- I'm sorry but it's TRUE -- it would make the most perfect Guy/Marian crackvid since ever. (ETA 2: Okay, I think now Guy = Madonna has become cemented in my mind because "Open Your Heart" came on when I was cleaning my room this morning and, what do you know, that's a totally perfect pine-y song for him as well. I DON'T QUITE KNOW WHY BUT THIS MUSICAL AFFINITY FILLS ME WITH GLEE.)

- Hey! I'm excited about a new movie! Public Enemies comes out this week, and I just might scrounge up the $6.50 to go see it. Plus, heads up, TCM's holding a gangster movie marathon on Wednesday.

- I finished Life on Mars last night. First of all, let me say just how weird it was to watch that finale back-to-back with the Robin Hood one. Talk about different production levels, sheesh. (Actually, though, I found them both sort of epic and satisfying in their own way, so. YEAH, I KNOW. I might finally have come to terms with some of my more gigantic Robin Hood issues; either that or my brain has decided that it isn't worth the effort of anguishing over them.) I can't get over how well put together every separate layer of mindfuck was in that episode, and I can't get over that it's, well, over! Man. I think I'm going to check out Ashes to Ashes because 1) GENE GENIE and 2) Keeley Hawes, oh good lord I crush on her so hard; but I feel like I need to take at least a few days off before starting on it to pay respect to my Sam/Gene love.

- Hey, Merlin's on! TTFN. ETA: Aaaand my dad's watching a History Channel special. Never mind. Ah, well, this frees me up for more time to troll the interwebs babbling about Robin Hood (because, yes, that is one thing that has been sadly lacking in my life as of late).
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I've decided to do an Epic Robin Hood Rewatch. ...This can only end in tears. Expect updates if I can make it through without wanting to end myself, however.

Also, I somehow still cannot manage to properly post about recent developments in the realm of all things Gisborne without it coming out as some variation of "Guy...! GUUUUUUY. *wibble* Guy!" and/or "OMFG ISABELLA. JUST... GUH." Ah, yes, nice to know that English degree paid off so brilliantly in building my writing skills.

Well, at least I have YouTube vids to do the heavy lifting for me, because apparently I can only express my feelings via weepy Guy!angst vids -- EXCEPT. THEN. I discovered this effulgent gem and oh Guy, you big dumb boob, I am not even going to apologize for cracking up at this. Even after watching it at least five times over the last 24 hours I am still crying with laughter. Seriously.

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I know I've said this a thousand times, but this time I really, really mean it... show. Oh, show. I have no idea what to do with the insane amounts of combined love and hate I have for this show. (Yes, that does mean that I spent a shamefully large percentage of my evening bawling over Robin Hood. Thankfully I keep my desk equipped with a box of tissues for that very purpose.) I think I've exhausted my RH-related wordsplurge for the day, but, oh, how many many new things I have to rant and rave over.

ALSO. I can't believe I managed to leave this out of my last post!: [ profile] heathra's gorgeous and heartbreaking and oddly quite therapeutic Guy/Marian vid that mixes their best scenes together with some clips from the new series as well as voice-overs from the new audiobook (which I still have not yet managed to listen to, despite the thrilling combination of SEXY RARMITAGE VOICE and BEST PLOT DEVICE THAT I LONGED FOR DURING THE ENTIRE HIATUS, OH IF ONLY IT HAD BEEN AN ACTUAL EPISODE) -- so, yes, it's spoilery for the beginning of series three, but, oh, even if you dropped off watching the show, if you are any sort of Guy/Marian fan you really need to watch it.

*cries* *forever* *DAMMIT!!*
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In doing my Year in Fiction recap last time, I had the most fun -- and blew the most time! -- doing my TV post; and, as 2008 began drawing to a close, I sincerely looked forward to going through the same process again in putting together a TV of 2008 retrospective. Yet once work actually began... I. Wow. Holy balls, guys. I WATCH SO MUCH FRIGGEN TV. When exactly did that happen? Looking over my post from last year I felt a bit ridiculous about how many new fandoms I had picked up, but between now and then my list has just about tripled. Um. Err. Yeah. Oops? I apologize in advance for the rather epic nature of this post, then. Definitely not dial-up friendly. Spoilers for the most recent seasons of: American Idol, Big Wolf on Campus, Chuck, Crusoe, House M.D., Legend of the Seeker, Life on Mars, Lost, M*A*S*H, Mad Men, Merlin, The Middleman, Psych, Pushing Daisies, Stargate: Atlantis, Stargate: SG-1, Star Trek: DS9, Star Trek: TOS.

Television of 2008 )
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My sister, home for the holidays, has recently taken up harassing me for episodes of SGA to catch up with. OH, BEING FORCED TO WATCH TV. MY LIFE IS SO HARD. So we're in the middle of season three right now, just got through the two-parter -- and, well. Just sayin'. BUT. Those episodes can totally be retconned to where John returns with the primary motivation of rescuing Woolsey, right? RIGHT. Of course I'm right. Awww, I love those two. HAVE I MENTIONED HOW MUCH I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO "VEGAS"? IS IT JANUARY 2ND YET???

Speaking of other shows recently on hiatus -- no Chuck until February! Or Pushing Daisies until... January or February, probably! Or Merlin until later than that! So a brief last-gasp-of-2008 babble about each:

2.12 Chuck vs. Santa Claus )

Pushing Daisies 2.10 The Norwegians )

Merlin 1.13 Le Morte d'Arthur )


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Still being eaten alive by finals and am off to sleep for approximately ten thousand years (i.e. between now and my next test on Wednesday afternoon. Except that, uhhh... some studying should probably occur in the intervening time... sigh. :/ Anyway). BUT. Well. I'm not quite up for a full-blown Chuck episode squee (even though, hello, great episode!), but I just feel compelled to do my weekly JOHN CASEY IS SO FRIGGEN ATTRACTIVE post. Because... wow. I don't even know. IT DEMANDS REPETITION. Here, watch this, it'll make you feel better.


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