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Oh, God, I'm such a puddle of weepy nostalgia. Some of my fellow American cable watchers might perhaps have noticed the five jillion hour long Lord of the Rings marathon that was on TNT over the weekend...? Well, I managed to avoid most of it due to my much whined about paper, but as I was going to bed Sunday night, I decided to see if it was still on. It was just at the end of Return of the King (by which I mean to say there was still about an hour and half left, haha), and sat up until almost midnight watching the rest of it. And. Oh. Oh. Best/worst idea ever. The thing is, RotK is actually my least favourite of the films by a lot -- but it still seems to be the one I get the most emotional over, being, you know. The end. And all. It's actually been quite a while since I watched the films; I meant to over Christmas break, but I had loaned them to my little brother and he left them up at school. So it was a weird mix of, obviously, every line and shot totally ingrained in my brain from seeing it at least once a week when it first came out, but still little forgotten tidbits coming back up again to emotionally ruin me once more. Somehow I had managed to forget about the very very VERRRRY ending, with Frodo's voice-over and "You cannot always be torn in two" and HEY THANKS FOR TEARING ME IN TWO!! ...And that was Sunday night and now it's Tuesday night and I'm still sitting here listening to the soundtrack again and getting all sniffly and run-on-sentence-y about it.

...And I started typing up a short story about the soundtrack which turned into a long story about the movie in general so here goes. I'll always remember the exact date of the movie release for RotK as December 17 2003 because, aside from my general LotR nerdiness which should just be assumed anyway, it also happens to be the day of the 100th anniversary of flight. My dad is a huuuuuge aviation nerd, so he planned this whole family holiday vacation around going up to Kitty Hawk for the centennial celebrations -- and, of course, having my priorities straight as usual, I was distraught because, "but... but... I want to go to a movie!" As consolation, I was allowed to pick up the RotK soundtrack the day it came out, a week or two before we left. I listened to it about a dozen times on the drive up, already tearing up over it in the backseat of the car. Then of course once we actually saw the movie (because as it turns out, there was one theatre on the island, maybe four screens; my most wonderful daddy even went and bought me advanced tickets to the opening, although there were maybe a dozen other people who showed up, haha) it was pretty much me = the human hosepipe, but I think in a way I almost feel most connected to the music (although, again, not my favourite, because TTT is totally the BEST THING EVER in that department), because that was where I worked out a lot of my emotional build-up to the film. Even now, there are certain cues I simply cannot listen to without choking up -- pretty much all of "The End of All Things" and "The Return of the King," but most especially the first pan over Aragorn's coronation (2:14) and then hobbity significant glances scene at the Green Dragon (8:22). (And it is now way past Bethany's bedtime, so I think I'll have to cut short my nostalgia trip and look forward to happy dreams of Middle Earth.)
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Who was at Wal-Mart at six o'clock this morning to secure her copy of "The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King" Extended DVD Edition?

That would be me.

Who sat in the student parking lot lovingly unwrapping the set and thumbing through the insert?

That would be me.

Who sat through seven hours of class thinking, "I want to go home so I can watch my movie!"?

That would be me.

Who considered cutting A-Team practice in order to get a head start on watching the DVD?

That would be me.

(Except I didn't have to miss it because it was a short practice anyway, so I just sat through the whole thing.)

Who immediately popped the first disk into the player when they arrived home and started watching the Extended Edition?

That would be me.

Who has now watched the first half of the movie?

That would be me.

Who is planning on finishing the film tomorrow, and the rest of the extras within the next week?

That would be me.

Whee, I love my life!
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Once again, I really don't have much to post about... I have been making a lot of icons recently. They're just bases and if you want to use any of them feel free:

The fruits of my boredom )

EDIT: Some backgrounds (800x600) )
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My creative writing teacher had to make an unexpected trip to Orlando today, so without any time to plan for a sub she went ahead and let us watch a movie. Three cheers for watching LotR in school! I actually wasn't paying attention to the first fifteen minutes of it because I needed to finish some math (I hate having homework, blah). After that, though, I enjoyed the film more or less uninterrupted. There were a bunch of people who were being rather critical of the film: "That rock looks so FAKE!" "Those trolls make weird noises!" "What is that, his security blanket? [referring to the Lorien cloaks]" "Gandalf is lame!" Um, yeah. Thanks for sharing.

Oh, and [ profile] katwm80, I got your letter yesterday. This is going to turn into the bush incident. Maybe it already has... I still have to think about what to do next.
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Well, so far this has been a somewhat productive spring break. Monday morning I played RotK forever, finally beat one level (bringing my total up to four or five, gads), and proved once and for all that I absolutely suck at video games. In the afternoon I went to Aly's party, which was pretty fun. I felt kind of bad because, despite the fact that I knew just about everybody there, I really had a hard time remembering who everybody was (how embarrassing!). We watched "The Italian Job," which annoyed me with the over abundance of product placement. And, seriously. If it came down between Edward Norton and Mark Wahlberg, who are you going to choose?

Today I went shopping with my mom for something for Robert's wedding, and I bought a grand total of nothing. Well, I didn't get any clothes, anyway. I did exchange some of my birthday gifts and got a few DVDs: O Brother, Where Art Thou?, Sleep Hollow, and the X-Men boxed set. I was really hoping that I would be able to find a paperback copy of "Princess in Waiting" because lists today as its release date, but I didn't see any. Sadness.

I also cleaned up my room today (cleaning meaning: put away my clothes, dusted my dresser, vacuumed), because my uncle is coming for the wedding and is staying in my sister's room, so my sister has to stay in my room. I finally set up my Aragorn, too. I got some pictures of him dressed up as a hula dancer and as a Boy Scout. I will have to think of some more dumb things that I can do with him... I need to move him out of my room, too, because he is freaking me out every time I walk in there and see this big hulking somebody standing in the corner.
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Lisa and I went to see RotK today. It was highly enjoyable, as usual. This was her first time seeing it and I think she liked it. Afterwards we loitered around the mall for a bit, but there really wasn't much to buy. I got a card for [ profile] katwm80, but I think that was it.

Speaking of RotK, now that CoE has all of their screencaps up, if anybody wants some RotK icons (just bases), I have a ton on my computer right now. Mostly they are hobbits or Aragorn (don't think you have to ask why!). It is fine if you want to use them for something, or just keep them the way they are. I just feel bad having a lot of icons and not using them all...

My copy of "pandemoniumfromamerica" finally got here today. Joy. I haven't had a chance to listen to it yet. Well, I did listen to "Half Fling," just to see what everybody was talking about. Heh. I will finish listening to it tonight.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that I finally got to see the PoA trailer. Okay, well, I had seen it before, but only on TV. So much more impressive on the big screen...! Ah, Daniel Radcliffe in all of his way-too-young-for-me-to-be-attracted-to-him glory...

Which reminds me! Happy birthday to William Hurt, who is now way too old for me to be attracted to him. Too bad. I still am ::glomps::
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I find it incredibly amusing that my sister won "Wittiest Girl for Class of 2004" in this year's senior superlatives. I keep giving her a hard time about it, which might not be the nicest thing, but it sure is amusing. She says she is going to hit the next person who asks her to say something funny (it will probably be me...).

Other than picking on Nickie, today was pretty boring. The only class I could manage to sit through without conking out on the table was pottery (surprise!) because I really need to finish my project in there. I was kind of twerked off, though, because when I asked my teacher what I needed to do to it he told me to do exactly what I had spent all period doing (adding texture). Way to pay attention! I will hopefully finish it tomorrow.

Now that LotR is playing at Eagle Ridge again, I really REALLY want to go. However, the only showtimes are 1:40 and 8:00, so I won't be able to go until this weekend unless I can talk my dad into letting me check out during lunch or something. Does anybody want to watch it with me? Anyone? Anyone? Not that I have a problem going alone, just that I know there are so many silly people out there who still haven't seen it ::coughalyritalisacough::

EDIT: Who can resist yet another meme? )
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Well, yay! My CDs finally came in. I had asked for both Cibo Matto's "Viva! La Woman" and Rufus Wainwright's "Poses" for my birthday, but they were on back order and didn't get here until today. Ashley also gave me the "Daredevil" soundtrack as a late birthday present, so I have lots of nice new music to listen to. Before this, I think the last new CD I got was the RotK soundtrack (which I bought about a week after it came out).

I finished "The Princess Diaries" this morning, and I did enjoy it quite a bit. Oddly enough, we started watching the movie in class today. I hadn't realized exactly how much stuff the changed from the book, but. Wow. I think I like Grandmere better in the book. I definitely like Michael better in the book, because he watches Xena and Buffy. My hero.

After I finished that I started on "The Knight of Maison-Rouge," which I like even more. Now I feel dumb for waiting so long to pick up a copy. Lorin is my new best friend.

I still want a copy of "pandemoniuminamerica." I asked my dad about it when the rest of the CDs came in today, and he was all confused even though that was the first one that I asked for and the number one thing on my list and the only think that I really really really wanted for my birthday. Whatever. I don't know if he is still going to get it for me or not... I would pay for it if I had a credit card, but, well, we all know about that. I want some LotR guy-ness, dang it! I was watching reruns of the Oscar red carpet on E! yesterday. They are the absolute cutest. Sean talking to Mackenzie made me go "Aw!" for about ten minutes straight. Also, that chin tickle thing that Dom did to Billy... Slightly odd... But still cute.
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Finally, watching E! New Live pays off! I got to see teh BILLEH last night and is it just me or does he get more adorable every time you see him? I was just about to give up my current Billy obsession and try to move on to something else (sad, I know). Then he has to be a dork and go on the show that has been my guilty pleasure for the last four years and look absolutely wonderful and poof is the sound my resolve makes the moment he starts to say something. Stupid Scots.

If it's almost my birthday, shouldn't I be more excited?

Why is Billy so cute? Stop it! Why do I now find Allie to be adorable as well? I wasn't that quick to jump on the "omg I love Allie so much" train just for the sake of not being one of those people who automatically hates celebrities' significant others. I just really hadn't seen enough of her to form an opinion, but the more I see of her the more I think that she and Billy are so cute that I want to puke. Why can't he have a tasteless golddigger for girlfriend who I can feel justified in hating? Bah, humbug.

I don't really feel rejuvenated, I just like this icon a lot.
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Bethany is not feeling very well right now. Blah. I never used to have problems with allergies, but now all of a sudden there is pollen flying around in the air and I am sick as a dog. I wanted to stay home from school today, but when I asked my mom if I could she said no. Of course, as soon as I was walking out the door she asked me why I was going to school if I was sick, to which I responded with an inner "AHHHHTHEWORLDHATESME!" I didn't feel quite so bad once I got to school, until my medicine started wearing off and then I felt like sleeping for about a week straight. I didn't have any homework, though, so when I came home I basically just crashed out in front of the computer and then read for a while.

Oh, and did I mention that I got a copy of "The Art of the Return of the King" when I was at the mall this weekend? I just finished it today, and it was very lovely indeed. Lord only knows how much I want Eowyn's coronation gown...! I should have put that on my birthday list. My parents would have had a couple of heart attacks apiece.
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I was slightly perturbed to discover that I had bought the full screen edition of FotR without realizing it, but it is nicer on the tiny TV I have out in the rec room. I've only watched one of the extra features (the Fox special) and I'm not sure if I am going to get around to watching the rest today. I forgot that we were going out to dinner tomorrow (it will be my dad's birthday) and I might not have time to finish my project (meaning I will have to do it tonight, wah).

Watching the movie last night brought back so many fond memories. I haven't watched that version in ages. The opening scene completely freaked me out, because I am so used to the extended "Concerning Hobbits" version. I do think I like the original title sequence better, though. And from the one extra feature I watched... They're so tiny! Ah! Dom with his David Schwimmer hair is so hilarious. And that much Sean Bean is enough to make me want to do very inappropriate things to him.

Oh, and "Fifty First Dates" is opening this Friday, isn't it? I think Nickie and I were going to go. This will be my first Sean-Astin-without-the-big-ears experience in quite some time, it should be exciting.
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I went to RotK last night, and although I usually have to say that second viewings are my favourite, I think that now the fifth time is going to give it a run for it's money. It was the first time I have been to the movies on a school night in ages, so that was nice. Since it was early on a Wednesday evening, there were only four people in the theatre (this is including me), and everybody else was sitting in the front, giving me the entire back to myself. This of course gave me the freedom to cry my eyes out through the entire film (I cried even more than the first time I saw it, impossible though it may seem). I am really going to have to start going to the movies more often during the school week, it is so much more novel than going on the weekend.

Unrelated, but... It's going to be my birthday soon! Buy me stuff!

Oh, and I have finished my mood theme icons, I just need to upload them now.
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I watched the extended edition of TTT last night, and I finished the first half of the cast commentaries, but I'll wait until everybody else has seen it to post my opinion, so I will have somebody to discuss it with. I'll just end this with "leeeembas"!

Oh, and I am thinking that I want to change my icons again to something with a little more LotR flavour. Anyone want to help me choose?
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Sweet Mary, mother of God! You would not believe what I just bought today. I was out at Sam's with my mom, and while she was looking at socks I was browsing through the video games for RotK for PS2. While I didn't find that, I did find... Oh... my... They had the EE TTT DVD! Insanity abound! I talked my mom into buying a copy, so I am now the proud owner of even more lovely LotR DVDs. Wow. I haven't watched them yet, but! Yay! I am in an amazingly good mood right now, as I'm sure you could imagine.
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Wow, I haven't updated in a while. I think I'm sinking into LJ apathy... And we can't let that happen! However, so little has been going on lately that I feel bad about posting about nothing. My life right now is mostly school, school, and maybe some school mixed in there. Joy.

I have an essay test in psychology tomorrow, and I have aboslutely no idea how I am going to write it. Basically, this was our preparation: Our teacher says, "Oh, you have an essay test tomorrow!" Okay, three cheers. So I'm thinking I probably won't do so well... Then again, this has been a very good week for me as far as test taking has gone, so I hope that the trend will continue.

I had a serious LotR moment in history class today. We were talking about... um... something... Oh, okay, European dark ages, and our teacher says something to the effect of, "After the fall of Rome, the peoples of Europe were scattered and leaderless." This of course triggered the whole scene: "There is no strength left in men. They are scattered, divided, leaderless." "There is one who could unite them, one who could reclaim the throne of Gondor." "He turned from that path a long time ago. He has chosen exile..." So that is shoved in my notes somewhere, along with a little ring of Barahir doodle.

Okay! Now that you all know what a huge geek I am... I know that the "I wanna a code pleeeeease" plea is really the last thing that people want to read. But. Lara has expressed an interest in one, and, if anybody has any they can spare, I would be most grateful for a LJ code to pass along to her.
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Well, the dentist sure sucked (surprised? Anyone? Anyone?). However, my mom decided to go by the meet afterwards, so I had some alone time with my movie. Yay. I only got about thirty minutes into the actual film, but I watched the EE DVD/RotK previews and, like everybody else, was brought to tears. It still boggles my mind that there are people out there who don't enjoy these films. How unfortunate. It's strange to think that two years ago I had absolutely no clue about any of this stuff. I feel like such a cheap fan, comparing myself to people who have been reading the books since they were about ten. However, I am very glad that I did become a fan, even if I was a little late jumping on the bandwagon.
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I am going to explode from fangirly happiness. I have just had a serious overload on beautiful new LotR goodness. There is no way I'm going to be able to watch the DVD without passing out every thirty seconds from sheer joy.
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As fangirls everywhere silently implode...

So it's like Viggo pulling his sword, then there's me going [he bats his eyes]. It was so funny! [laughter] It was this whole homoerotic thing and Ian's going [he pantomimes argh]!
-Orlando Bloom

The rest of the interview is really quite good as well, I just found this part to be incredibly amusing (I want a copy!).
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I want to see The Two Towers trailer...! Of course, I would have run straight to the theatre and watched it as soon as I heard that they were playing it, but, alas, it is not longer playing ::sniffle:: They'll have it at the Mugs & Movies in about a month, but I don't know if they'll update the trailers. I saw a tiny (two-second) clip of it during a commercial for The Fellowship; they were advertising the trailer. Now...I want to see! I want to see! It is awful that I am getting excited about TTT, and FOTR just came out. Christmas...what an awful long wait...


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