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Despite the fact that my life would basically be over if I somehow tragically lost everything on my computer, I'm only just now backing stuff up on my external harddrive for the first time since... err... Christmas. And some folders have been neglected even longer than that WHAT DON'T JUDGE ME -- and, awww, so much fandom nostalgia! My Legend of the Seeker folder didn't even exist back then! And my Lost folder just doubled in size! Look at all this highly fabulous stuff that is now a part of my life! Highlights version:

Cut for a lot of rather large pictures, and maybe spoilers for things that have happened in TV world for the past six months (or earlier because I'm usually really slow at saving promos/stills/etc.) )

Wow, what a productive evening this has been... off to round it off with some Star Trek novels/cartoons.
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When did I become such a facebook whore? I used to keep such a strict LJ = fandom / FB = real life divide that basically ensured that I never used FB because... well, we all know my fandom >>>> RL priorities; but somehow I migrated all of my TV talk over there and I'm not sure how it happened. WILL BE REMEDIED SOON. Also, this possibly makes me a total bitch, but am I the only one who gets so annoyed when people make completely boring facebook updates? "____ went to work all day, then the grocery store to pick up paper towels, and now I'm going to bed. Tomorrow I'll stop by the post office." UMMM SORRY, NOBODY CARES. (Haha, this is probably how 95% of the people I'm friends with who don't watch Lost have probably felt about me for the past week or two, but... whatever. I demand to be entertained. How dare my friends expect that I be interested in their lives. Psssht! ...Yeah, all right, this does make me a total bitch.)

[ profile] lalumena gave me some interview questions that I have been stalling on answering because they are just so hard-hitting! I am anguishing over choosing the perfect response for them! Girl, journo has made you positively ruthless.

Meme! )
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Somebody please stop me before I listen to this on loop for the 100th time over the past week:


I really actually loved every single finale, too (even the Seeker one, which I thought was overall kind of weak in terms of awesome-twisty-build-up/light-pay-off, but UGH I JUST LOVE THEM ALL SO MUCH, I DON'T EVEN CARE) but I just can't even deal. WITH ALL THESE FEEEEEELINGS.


(And now because I'm just that sort of person, I'm bringing up all of my interconnected woe with other finales and ROBIN HOOD and BUFFY and STAR TREK and and and whhhyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Basically I'm just going to be crying for the rest of my life.)

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Spent the day trying to teach myself some embroidery. So far I have learned that 1) I think I need glasses and 2) I'm not very good at embroidery. :/

I'm also catching up on all the greatness currently coalescing at [ profile] rh_drabblefest. God, I love this fandom.

In light of my current Life on Mars/Ashes to Ashes phase, I've had the soundtracks for both on constant rotation for the last week or so. You might think it'd be possible to outlisten "Vienna," buuut you would be wrong. At any rate, I feel suddenly moved to compose a semi-tribute to television series that make excellent use of music. (There are some mild spoilers behind the cut, but I've marked what episode each is from in case you're not caught up, and then clips with overly spoilery preview frames are linked instead of embedded.)

The music is weaving... Haunting notes, pizzicato strings... )

And now I have officially spent way too much time on this! This is by no means comprehensive (if so we'd probably be here all week), so please do feel free to contribute your own picks in the comments.
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Comment to this entry and I'll pick three of your fandoms. You must then update your journal and answer the following questions:

[ profile] teh_maskmaid chose for me to post about Star Trek, Psych, and Merlin.

Fandom thoughts contained within! )
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In doing my Year in Fiction recap last time, I had the most fun -- and blew the most time! -- doing my TV post; and, as 2008 began drawing to a close, I sincerely looked forward to going through the same process again in putting together a TV of 2008 retrospective. Yet once work actually began... I. Wow. Holy balls, guys. I WATCH SO MUCH FRIGGEN TV. When exactly did that happen? Looking over my post from last year I felt a bit ridiculous about how many new fandoms I had picked up, but between now and then my list has just about tripled. Um. Err. Yeah. Oops? I apologize in advance for the rather epic nature of this post, then. Definitely not dial-up friendly. Spoilers for the most recent seasons of: American Idol, Big Wolf on Campus, Chuck, Crusoe, House M.D., Legend of the Seeker, Life on Mars, Lost, M*A*S*H, Mad Men, Merlin, The Middleman, Psych, Pushing Daisies, Stargate: Atlantis, Stargate: SG-1, Star Trek: DS9, Star Trek: TOS.

Television of 2008 )
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I have accomplished all of ONE of my goals for this vacation by finally beating Zelda! WOO AND HOO. AND ALSO OW HAND CRAMP OWWWW but wow so totally worth it. That was probably the first time I've really gotten into a video game since... uhhh... Yoshi's Island, when I was about eight (although, pssht, I am still the undisputed GRAND MASTER of that game -- except, oh, my sister recently got the DS version which is about a jillion times harder, holy crap. I sat down and played for about thirty minutes and kept getting 99%s on everything, argh!) so it was like an entirely new experience in getting involved in storylines and characters and exploring and puzzle solving and, seriously, SO. MUCH. FUN. (Except of course for every part that had to be completed with Epona. Sorry, but the horse friggen sucks and I was about to crush the remote with frustration during the mounted battle with Ganondorf, aaaaaarrrrgh! AHEM.) Of course my sense of accomplishment is inevitably coupled by sadness that it's all over -- but there are still plenty of things for me to go back and finish up (Cave of Ordeals! Totally kicked my ass around level forty or so the first time I played it! Poe Souls! I still need about fifteen more! Bugs! I'm missing the last six!). In conclusion, MIDNA IS THE COOLEST and I will most probably be replaying this game some time in the near future (either that or getting the virtual console version of Ocarina of Time because, yes, more video games are exactly what I need!).

In other news, Robert Picardo is awesome AND IS GOING TO BE IN THE ATLANTIS MOVIES YES YES YES. Let's not talk about the part where the show is over after tonight. SOB.

In other other news, Psych returns! I'm so excited! And, seriously, I love that NBC shows all have great official websites and, in my greatly researched opinion, Psych's is far and away the best of the bunch. Words cannot contain my anticipatory glee over all of the teases in the advent calendar (okay, trying to keep it spoiler free here, but -- LASSSSSITER!!!!!!!! ...Interpret that as you will), and then I went through this morning and did all of their new quizzes. My knowledge of Psych guest stars is embarrassingly extensive, apparently. Also, Carlton and I are totally Meant To Be (I didn't even cheat! Honestly, I thought I was going to get Gus).

To wrap up... I was just watching some DS9 last night while working out so... here! Have some Kira being gorgeous. Ohhh, would outer space even be half so fun without holosuites?
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Okay, I think my face might have broken off from the forty-two minutes straight of ear-to-ear grinning I just did over this week's Merlin.

Spoilers for 1.10: The Moment of Truth )
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Because I'm sure many of you are much more politically savvy than I: can anybody direct me to Obama's current official stance on NASA/Constellation? I know initially his only stated position was to remove Constellation funding for at least five years; but when he came down here to visit the Space Coast over the summer he responded to some concerns by expressing strong support for promoting leadership in space. At the time many people (myself included) speculated that his visit/speech signaled a significant shift in position, one which would soon be officially announced and expounded upon. I was just thinking about it last night while browsing through some NASA videos, though, and realized that... well, it's been a couple of months now, and I still haven't heard anything. I haaate when people say, "I'm not voting for Candidate X because I don't know where s/he stands on Issue Y!" becaue, seriously. The internet, people: it's a beautiful tool. Yet I can't seem to find any mention of NASA on Obama's website...? (Maybe this part is me being dumb because the site seems comprehensive enough, and yet I am just... probably missing something. ?? McCain's site has a separate "Space Program" tab but I don't think I've ever seen an equivalent on the official Obama site.) The only extended article uncovered by my Google-fu seems to be from an uber-conservative private news commentating website, so I'm guessing it isn't exactly an unbiased source of information. But if you know of any other news sources related to this topic, I'd be very appreciative. (ETA: Not sure if anybody else is interested in this or not... but this election tag on NASA Watch seems relatively up-to-date in gathering various news sources; obviously certain biases are evident in the comments, but there seems to be a fair balance of articles. So apparently the current statements circling are -- Obama: extra $2 bil in funding, focus on Earth-based aspects (climate studies etc.), no specific comments on next generation manned missions/Constellation/Mars/etc.; McCain: no real change from what has been featured on his official site, I think, just general support for VSE. Both seem to favour additional shuttle missions/extension on retirement.)

To be uncharacteristically quasi-political for a moment (and honestly I hate even calling it that, because -- really? It is 2008, right? And yet we still get so politically volatile from both sides about supporting science?) in, of course, a characteristically me fashion: the continued expansion of space programs ftw, brought to you by a few of my favourite STILFs. I'll limit myself to Americans for reasons of, uhh, patriotism and stuff (really because otherwise this post would be overflowing with the entire cast of every Trek incarnation), but feel free to bring in some diversity and share your favourites in the comments. Fictional characters are accepted!

That would be: Space Travelers I'd Like to, errr, Fraternize with )
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Taking a break from homework to watch some Star Trek over lunch (mmm peanut butter sandwich and Oreos, how nutritious) -- and HEY NOW WHAT IS LIONEL LUTHOR DOING ON DEEP SPACE NINE? I can't believe I've managed to never see this episode before. :O *runs off to finish watching*
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Quick poll before I make my official comeback from back-to-school induced posting exile: which should Bethany watch live tonight, now that she's deprived of TiVo and has to actually CHOOSE?:

Stargate: Atlantis - Mallozzi does horror; potential for lame; but but but NICOLE DE BOER. OMG. And John in that turtleneck nnnnngg.

Psych - Two words: ROLLER. DERBY. Two more words: JULES + HOTPANTS.

...You see my dilemma. :/
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Epic Girl!crush Picspam of Doom that I started, like... a month ago... is finally finished! ...Sort of. Well. Finished in a me definition of the word, where I spent way too long working on it; started getting picky over everything; somehow picked up two new fandoms in the meantime; felt compelled to add more and more; felt guilty over stuff being left out; finally said ENOUGH ALREADY, SELF -- CLOSURE!! So I limited it to television girl!crushes. From shows currently airing -- or that would be airing if they weren't on hiatus. Or if they hadn't been off the air for years, and that I'm only now catching up with. Except for, well, the one that's already aired and I've already caught up with, finally, but am not ready to let go of. Ahhhh this is why I can never get anything done.

A few of the reasons why I love my TV... )
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I debated about posting this now because I haven't really finished up with Deep Space Nine -- I still have to go back and watch the first season, one of the unfortunate side effects of being bound to syndications schedules -- but after watching "What You Leave Behind" this morning I've been stuck in this feeling of ending and completion and over, regardless of whether I'm technically "done" catching up with every episode or not.

Thoughts on the finale, season seven, and I suppose the series in general )

...Sorry, I know those comments stopped making sense quite some time ago, so instead I'll move on to the other story I finished today -- North and South. Spoilers for both the book and the miniseries )
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If you're at all like me, I've sure you've found yourself wondering on those dark quiet nights as you lay back in bed in contemplation of the more perplexing questions of the universe: If the release of Star Trek XI was pushed back from Christmas to summer but its principle photography has already finished, then where are all the spoilers already, huh?

Okay, so it's not so much spoilers as a really really great tease of the film, but eeeeee movie news posted to AICN earlier this week if you haven't seen it yet. !!! HOW AM I SO EXCITED FOR A MOVIE THAT COMES OUT IN LIKE A YEAR? AND THAT I'VE ALREADY BEEN EXCITED ABOUT FOR THE PAST YEAR BEFORE THEY MOVED THE RELEASE? I have a feeling that finally watching it next summer is going to be one of the most surreal cinematic experiences of my life; but a lot of my nervousness keeps getting channeled into a steady mantra of yay yay yay. And as long as I'm catching up on Trek-related tidbits, d'aww here's a sweet McCoy article from last month (except of course it leaves us with more pressing questions -- namely, what is Karl Urban's other favourite Trek episode? No, seriously? Why mention it if you're not going to then include the proper information?? Dear intarwebs, please supply a miraculous answer because I Need To Know). I've been catching up on DS9, too, and while I'm a bit meep don't be over! now that I'm on the seventh season, I'm still really really loving it and I kind of want Vic to be my best friend and Ezri is the worst counselor ever but still totally cute and I think I ship Quark/Dax because I'm bad and wrong and wrong and bad and I just watched "The Emperor's New Cloak" this morning and Miles and Julian are ragamuffin floppy-haired mirror universe rebel boyfriends and all is right with the world. :D
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OMG, first post about Battlestar Galactica in a thousand years! But it's a quickie.

Mildest of spoilers for 4.08 - Faith )
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Yeah, so, my last entry was full of lies lies lies because I caved and finished up all of SGA and bwaaaaah what am I to do until new episodes start again?? Oh, yes, that's right -- spoilers! Although I've at least had enough restraint to stay away from specific plot-related stuff, I couldn't help looking over some casting spoilers. And!

SGA Season Five casting squee )

...And now that I'm all done (all! done! *sobbbb*) I will attempt to go back and post properly about the episodes, but I find myself wishing that I'd taken better notes or something at the start because pretty much all I have are a few scribbled, "Heee! Best quote ever!" and "Awww adorable team-y scene!" for a lot of them. Also, I'm moving into my summer apartment tomorrow/starting classes on Monday, so it looks like I'll have to go back into Real Life Boring Stuff mode for a while. :/
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Still watching SGA, but I just HAD to pause the episode and come on here and flail: I'm on "Underground," AND HEY LOOK GUYS ITS COLM MEANEY!!! The fandom collisions continue... kind of like when I watched the DS9 episode, errr... whateveritsnamewas... and our Other-ly friend Goodwin popped up (whatevertheactorsnameis)!!

ETA: Despite the Trek references, it seems as if nobody on this show has ever heard of the prime directive....

ETA 2: "You know, if people could just learn to keep their secret underground hatches locked--" And now we're back to Lost again! XD XD (And maybe I should stop posting and start watching because I'm only 13 minutes into it.)
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Once again posting from the depths of my self-imposed LJ exile... because I think I have reached the point of diminishing returns with my essay writing for this evening... I've managed upwards of 1,000 words this afternoon, but, errr, only about 200 of those within the last two hours or so, because I keep getting insanely distracted by Star Trek! YouTube video watching; icon making; kinky alien smut fic reading -- oh, the shame of it all. My longing for DS9 even tricked me into watching the new episode of Battlestar Galactica last night, but it just wasn't the same. Thus the excessive YouTubing of the past few hours. At least I have some good finds to share:

-From "Trials and Tribble-ations", Julian, after traveling to the past, is convinced that his great-grandmother is in love with him -- and, in usual manwhore fashion, rather than getting squicked, decides that having sex with her is compulsory because his future existence might depend on it. Aaaand... O'Brien just stands there being his generally awesome self.
-More B/O'B costuming fun with the Battle of Britain
-Quark and Rom take a wrong turn while wandering around the station. My sister and I watched "The Magnificent Ferengi" when I was home over break, and we both died of lulz at this. XD XD XD
-A really awesome trailer for "Sacrifice of Angels" that just makes me want to watch the episode again and again and again.
-And finally, taking a break from all the DS9 for some TNG: Data does "White and Nerdy". And... no words are needed. This is pretty much the greatest thing ever. (ETA: There's also a slightly less awesome Spock version.)

...Okay. Back to exile. *scuttles away until tomorrow afternoon, when this paper will finally be FINISHED and TURNED IN and OUT OF MY LIFE. FOREVER*


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