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Now that it's June and all, I figure it is an appropriate time to finally finish up my long-abandoned TV of 2009 round-up post. (It's not so bad, is it? June? January? June? January? Whatever, they start with the same letter.) Time consuming though it may be to write up, and perhaps tedious though it may be to read, I do like to have it for personal reference (laaaaame, but true!). So I am just going to slam through these mofos and finish this TONIGHT, OR ELSE. I've got three hours to meet that goal, and clock starts... now! (This might mean that pictures will have to wait until later, though. Also, spoilers for the most recent episodes of: Robin Hood, Royal Pains, Spooks, Star Trek: The Animated Series, Stargate: Atlantis, Stargate: SG-1, and The Prisoner.)

TV of 2009, part the third and last. I PROMISE. )

HEY, GUESS WHAT, I FINISHED ON TIME! Hey, guess what else? My life is so sad and TV-centric that writing up a brief chronicle of my viewership turns into an all-consuming chore, ahahaha whhhhyyyyyyy. Okay, I'll probably update this with appropriate picspams in time (which coming from me probably means next January or something).
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Swiped from [ profile] sistergrimm36:

Pick your five favorite TV shows (in no particular order) and answer the following questions.
Don't cheat!

(I HATE NARROWING DOWN FAVORITES. This is too hard. I decided to leave off Merlin and Star Trek because I included them in the last meme I did, but it still hurts. And Psych! I thought of it too late!)

1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
2. Lost
3. Chuck
4. Stargate (I was just going to do Atlantis, but I've been on an SG-1 kick lately so I'll go ahead and smoosh them together)
5. Robin Hood

The questions... Also, um spoilers for all of the shows listed. )
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- I've fallen off a bit from my MASSIVE STARGATE BRAIN TAKE-OVER (millions cheer!) (and yet I still can't seem to cycle out my Woolsey icon, because dammit he is just too beautiful), but [ profile] sgastoryfinders never fails to bring the lulz. Im looking for the fic where Rodney gets stuck under a pillar off world and tells Ronan to cut off his hand and then he grows an new one due to him handeling a device made by machello. Oh yyyeah.

- After I discovered this fantabulous Guy/Marian vid to "Anything for Love" (just... seriously... GAHHH. My endless love for that song combined with my endless love for Maz and Giz has rendered me speechless. IT IS SO PERFECT -- AND EEEE MY FAVORITE VERSE, THE BEST PART OF THE SONG, IS SO WELL TRANSLATED -- JUST SKIP TO 3:52 AND BE FILLED WITH WONDER), it also struck me that I am terribly fond of this Robin/Marian "It's All Coming Back to Me Now" vid... I've spoken before of my love for over-the-top Jim Steinman love ballads, so all that can now be concluded is that fandom also needs an elaborate "Total Eclipse of the Heart" vid (and, hey, look at 3.01! The writers clearly want one too!). I can't decide which ship would be best suited to the song, though (I want to say something OTHER than Robin/Marian or Guy/Marian, though, the poor girl needs a break already). Oh, and then when I was folding laundry today "Like a Prayer" came on and -- I'm sorry but it's TRUE -- it would make the most perfect Guy/Marian crackvid since ever. (ETA 2: Okay, I think now Guy = Madonna has become cemented in my mind because "Open Your Heart" came on when I was cleaning my room this morning and, what do you know, that's a totally perfect pine-y song for him as well. I DON'T QUITE KNOW WHY BUT THIS MUSICAL AFFINITY FILLS ME WITH GLEE.)

- Hey! I'm excited about a new movie! Public Enemies comes out this week, and I just might scrounge up the $6.50 to go see it. Plus, heads up, TCM's holding a gangster movie marathon on Wednesday.

- I finished Life on Mars last night. First of all, let me say just how weird it was to watch that finale back-to-back with the Robin Hood one. Talk about different production levels, sheesh. (Actually, though, I found them both sort of epic and satisfying in their own way, so. YEAH, I KNOW. I might finally have come to terms with some of my more gigantic Robin Hood issues; either that or my brain has decided that it isn't worth the effort of anguishing over them.) I can't get over how well put together every separate layer of mindfuck was in that episode, and I can't get over that it's, well, over! Man. I think I'm going to check out Ashes to Ashes because 1) GENE GENIE and 2) Keeley Hawes, oh good lord I crush on her so hard; but I feel like I need to take at least a few days off before starting on it to pay respect to my Sam/Gene love.

- Hey, Merlin's on! TTFN. ETA: Aaaand my dad's watching a History Channel special. Never mind. Ah, well, this frees me up for more time to troll the interwebs babbling about Robin Hood (because, yes, that is one thing that has been sadly lacking in my life as of late).
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I feel like I should be posting about Lost right now, but... just... owww. I don't know. It was really really amazingly good; I loved it; Emmys for everyone; oh and it RUINED MY LIFE AND BRUISED MY SOUL. AUUUUGH. Maybe I'll be up for talking about it when I can better reconcile my love and my pain, but for now I'll just brood.

So to distract myself with lamely happy-making stuff, please excuse me while I have a mini-Stargate ramble! First of all, AHAHAHAAAAAAA okay I would cut this for spoilers but somehow I sincerely doubt that anybody cares -- Lou Diamond Phillips has been cast on SGU???! GUYS. I DON'T CARE HOW AWFUL THIS SHOW IS. ACTUALLY I KIND OF PREFER THAT IT BE TERRIBLE. BUT. DUDE. I AM SO WATCHING IT. It also further increases my resolve that I move to Vancouver and horn in on this nonsense -- I was just discussing with one of my friends yesterday how, despite my dream to one day work on a TV show and be as awesome as all of my TV writing heroes, I would almost prefer to work on a shitty show because, well, if I was writing a good show, then I couldn't be watching it, you know? (For instance, much as I envy Darlton, I always feel kind of bad that they're the only people really who can't watch Lost and go, "Holy crap, I had no idea that was going to happen!!!!" How sad for them.)

And then while I was still cracking up over that, oh. [ profile] face_of_joe. Don't ever change.

Aaaaand! New Bob Picardo interview! Just when I thought it wasn't possible for me to love him any more... A few highlights:

'I believe we were detained at the airport for a time because apparently there's someone on the No-Fly list who has a similar name to me, minus one vowel. ... So I kept saying "Is the guy who's not supposed to be flying on the plane, was he on Star Trek too? Because if you want to confirm my identity you can turn on the Spike channel at two o'clock. It's a great way to know who I am!" But apparently Homeland Security either doesn't watch SCI FI or they just won't admit it.'

'Let's put it this way. My tie, incidentally which Bill Nye gave me, it says "Beneficial insects control pests and provide food for other critters such as songbirds." That's what it says inside my tie, which features beneficial insects. I propose to you that Richard Woolsey turned out to be a beneficial insect.' [Yeah. SERIOUSLY. How is he so awesome???]

'And I also thought it would be great fun to do a show with Joe [Flanigan] where he and I were kind of isolated together, and we make discoveries about each other that we don't -- professional colleagues that really don't know each other at all, personally, and have one of those things where you discover things that are unexpected about each other.' [I propose that this should be the first SGA movie. Oh golly.]

And and and slight spoilers about that one show that I also love that he's going to be on later this season... oh man... I might possibly explode from anticipation...! You have no idea how happy it makes me to be able to use my Woolsey tag again.
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Proof that I am possibly a hypochondriac: after viewing in close proximity to one another episodes of both Lost and M*A*S*H involving main characters requiring an appendectomy, I have been experiencing pain in that general region all day. Probably just cramps, but -- IT COULD BE MY APPENDIX AND MAYBE THE TV WAS TRYING TO SEND ME A MESSAGE!! Hey. It could happen.

It is interesting, though, to see how much overlap I notice between shows now that I watch waywayway too much TV. For instance! This week's episodes of both Lost and Leverage featured similar gags involving Hot Pockets (both of which made me cry to the television screen, "But that's what the protective cooking sleeve is for, hello!" Maybe they weren't cleared to show its miraculous patented technologies on screen). Then there was the earlier noted incident over the summer where both SGA and Psych had their teams get attacked by hostile monkey forces on the same night, no less. Oh, and both SGA and Legend of the Seeker aired an episode entitled "Identity" within the same week of each other in which a guest actor unwittingly swaps bodies with one of the leads.I seem to have wracked up an impressive ability to recognize the guest stars in basically everything, too. You'd think this might be an incentive to watch less TV, but if anything I'm more motivated to hone these skills and absorb more pointless knowledge. Also, speaking of (TOTALLY AWESOME) actor crossover -- more pimping for Leverage! Both Danny Strong AND Sam Anderson in the next episode! The showrunners must be soooo smug in their geek street cred, sheesh.

To revisit my topic that got cut off last time, more thoughts on the Lost S5 opener. Spoilers! )

Man, I've been using the same Lost icon for a really really really long time. </ random observation>
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Sometimes I feel like a terrible person for having Mallozzi's blog on my regular reading list... Yet what can I say? I will troll any and all show-related blogs because, oh yes, I am such a sucker for behind-the-scenes info. Anyway, I kind of figured I'd just drop off once SGA ended, but when it's a Sunday night and I'm bored and what can the internets offer to amuse me...? Well, long story short, Rob Cooper Q&A is up, and and and:

I was also greatly inspired by...There Will Be Blood during the time I was writing Vegas.


Also, speaking of other shows with blogging-inclined executive producers -- thanks to [ profile] darkeyedwolf's oh-so-seductive pimp post, I have picked up yet another fandom! Leverage! Which you should all be watching! It's like Robin Hood crossed with Firefly crossed with awesome.
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In doing my Year in Fiction recap last time, I had the most fun -- and blew the most time! -- doing my TV post; and, as 2008 began drawing to a close, I sincerely looked forward to going through the same process again in putting together a TV of 2008 retrospective. Yet once work actually began... I. Wow. Holy balls, guys. I WATCH SO MUCH FRIGGEN TV. When exactly did that happen? Looking over my post from last year I felt a bit ridiculous about how many new fandoms I had picked up, but between now and then my list has just about tripled. Um. Err. Yeah. Oops? I apologize in advance for the rather epic nature of this post, then. Definitely not dial-up friendly. Spoilers for the most recent seasons of: American Idol, Big Wolf on Campus, Chuck, Crusoe, House M.D., Legend of the Seeker, Life on Mars, Lost, M*A*S*H, Mad Men, Merlin, The Middleman, Psych, Pushing Daisies, Stargate: Atlantis, Stargate: SG-1, Star Trek: DS9, Star Trek: TOS.

Television of 2008 )
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I have accomplished all of ONE of my goals for this vacation by finally beating Zelda! WOO AND HOO. AND ALSO OW HAND CRAMP OWWWW but wow so totally worth it. That was probably the first time I've really gotten into a video game since... uhhh... Yoshi's Island, when I was about eight (although, pssht, I am still the undisputed GRAND MASTER of that game -- except, oh, my sister recently got the DS version which is about a jillion times harder, holy crap. I sat down and played for about thirty minutes and kept getting 99%s on everything, argh!) so it was like an entirely new experience in getting involved in storylines and characters and exploring and puzzle solving and, seriously, SO. MUCH. FUN. (Except of course for every part that had to be completed with Epona. Sorry, but the horse friggen sucks and I was about to crush the remote with frustration during the mounted battle with Ganondorf, aaaaaarrrrgh! AHEM.) Of course my sense of accomplishment is inevitably coupled by sadness that it's all over -- but there are still plenty of things for me to go back and finish up (Cave of Ordeals! Totally kicked my ass around level forty or so the first time I played it! Poe Souls! I still need about fifteen more! Bugs! I'm missing the last six!). In conclusion, MIDNA IS THE COOLEST and I will most probably be replaying this game some time in the near future (either that or getting the virtual console version of Ocarina of Time because, yes, more video games are exactly what I need!).

In other news, Robert Picardo is awesome AND IS GOING TO BE IN THE ATLANTIS MOVIES YES YES YES. Let's not talk about the part where the show is over after tonight. SOB.

In other other news, Psych returns! I'm so excited! And, seriously, I love that NBC shows all have great official websites and, in my greatly researched opinion, Psych's is far and away the best of the bunch. Words cannot contain my anticipatory glee over all of the teases in the advent calendar (okay, trying to keep it spoiler free here, but -- LASSSSSITER!!!!!!!! ...Interpret that as you will), and then I went through this morning and did all of their new quizzes. My knowledge of Psych guest stars is embarrassingly extensive, apparently. Also, Carlton and I are totally Meant To Be (I didn't even cheat! Honestly, I thought I was going to get Gus).

To wrap up... I was just watching some DS9 last night while working out so... here! Have some Kira being gorgeous. Ohhh, would outer space even be half so fun without holosuites?
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VEGAS. FINALLY ARRIVED. HOLY CRAP. AWESOME OVERLOAD. COMPLETE SENTENCES. ARE IMPOSSIBLE. I would hate myself for willingly depriving myself of it for so long, but. Duuuuude. The payoff was so totally worth it. I almost don't even want to write up a reaction because I loved EVERY SINGLE FRIGGEN THING about this ep and, uh, wow, I almost don't really know any other way to expand on that. But, hey, I'm resourceful, I'm sure I'll manage somehow.

SGA 5.19 Vegas )
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My sister, home for the holidays, has recently taken up harassing me for episodes of SGA to catch up with. OH, BEING FORCED TO WATCH TV. MY LIFE IS SO HARD. So we're in the middle of season three right now, just got through the two-parter -- and, well. Just sayin'. BUT. Those episodes can totally be retconned to where John returns with the primary motivation of rescuing Woolsey, right? RIGHT. Of course I'm right. Awww, I love those two. HAVE I MENTIONED HOW MUCH I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO "VEGAS"? IS IT JANUARY 2ND YET???

Speaking of other shows recently on hiatus -- no Chuck until February! Or Pushing Daisies until... January or February, probably! Or Merlin until later than that! So a brief last-gasp-of-2008 babble about each:

2.12 Chuck vs. Santa Claus )

Pushing Daisies 2.10 The Norwegians )

Merlin 1.13 Le Morte d'Arthur )


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Hoooome for the holidays! HUZZAH. No more classes for another five weeks! DOUBLE HUZZAH. New SGA! HU-- well. Um. Thoughts!

Spoilers for SGA 5.18 Identity )
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Okay, is it just me or is Crusoe being preempted by some Christmas special?? WHAT GIVES, NBC? Y'all know how much holiday cheer I harbor in my heart, BUT NOT WHEN IT INTERFERES WITH MY WEEKLY PIRATICAL EXPLOITS. Sigh.

In other TV news, new SGA! Which, for whatever reason, I really wasn't that into this week, but I've been dutifully reacting to every single episode this season so it would feel amiss to start slacking now... Spoilers for SGA 5.17 Infection ) Maybe I'm just getting so impatient for "Vegas" that everything between is like... OMG hurry up and get over with...! Except not really because, well, yeah. :/ Why is everything getting canceled?? Oh, and now apparently NBC might not be picking up Merlin? Don't do this to me, TV!! I'm getting ready to watch the new episode right now, actually... this is going to be BIG TIME DRAMARAMA, isn't it? *is so totally going to cry, I CAN FEEL IT*
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Drive-by fic rec before I have to zip off to watch Legend of the Seeker (WHAT. DON'T JUDGE. Also, at least I'm actually going to catch it this week! It's the 7:00 timeslot that keeps throwing me off -- I turn on the TV at 8:00 and go DAMMIT!!!!! and have to catch up later *headdesk* But not so this week!)...

[ profile] busaikko: Mr Woolsey's Guide to Etiquette in the Pegasus Galaxy


Also, bad segue, but other Voyager alum related squee -- I was watching Hannah Montana last night and it guest starred Tim Russ. Yesss.
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Hmm, I feel like I might have mentioned this already... but why must they take this show away from me? Whhhhhy?

SGA 5.15: Remnants )
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Don't say 'ass' in front of the baby, John!

That's right -- new SGA! 5.14: The Prodigal )

...Also it's like 1:00 AM, I apologize for anything my brain has come with at this point. I have to stay up late to catch the encore presentation because it conflicts with Crusoe. WHICH YOU GUYS SHOULD ALL BE WATCHING. IT'S LIKE LOST WITH PIRATES. HOW COULD THAT BE BAD???!
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As its the middle of the afternoon already, I think it's time for me to accept that I'm just not getting dressed at all today. It's been a long time since I pulled a twenty-four hour pajama stint, but man does it feel good sometimes. That's what Saturdays were made for!

They are also made for Atlantis post-episode squee! Spoilers for 5.12: The Outsiders )

Also, who watched Crusoe last night? Oh, gosh, as if I needed another TV show...! But so much pretty. And pirates. Yesyesyes.

Also also! I was just watching Big Wolf on Campus over lunch, and it was the episode where Merton disguises Tommy as a goth to get a date ("Everybody Fang Chung Tonight") and... and... wtf Asmodeus. "I need a real man who's in touch with his dark side!" ...I'm so in love.
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From [ profile] dollsome:

1. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me."
2. I will respond by asking you 5 questions.
3. You should then update your LJ with the answers to the questions.
4. You should include this and an offer to interview someone else in the post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed you should ask them 5 questions.

My questions! )
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Okay. I lied. I didn't actually go straight to bed. My recent Chuck binge in combination with new SGA flipped me into a sudden bout of Firefly nostalgia -- and my sister has my DVDs, augh. So instead I'm trolling YouTube, and... guys. Firefly is one of those things I deeply love but don't ever talk about because I just have weird residual fandom issues, so I don't know if I've ever mentioned it -- but I love Jayne/Kaylee. Possibly to counteract all of my other disturbingly psychologically screwed het ships (seriously, what is it with me?); possibly just to perv over Adam Baldwin and Jewel Staite (and would you blame me?). Point is: THIS VIDEO OMG DIED OF CUTE --

(Also, wow, I always forget how young Jewel was on Firefly! I mean, not that she's old as Dr. Keller or anything, but Kaylee is so teeny! *squishes* ETA: Actually, Jewel on Firefly = my age now. Eek. Now I feel old.)


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