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Was it just me, or was last night the greatest episode of House, M.D. in ages?

Last night I was going to write down all of the points I wanted to cover, but I went to bed before I remembered to and now I am sure I will forget some. I'll address the most important first, before they slip away.

Sweater vests. Dude. First Wilson last week, and now Chase this week? I think they love me. (No, this really wasn't all that important, but somebody had to say it! Wilson sweater vest = *fans self*)

I think it's impossible to say how much I loved all of the Wilson in this episode. I know there is a lot of wank going around about Wilson sleeping with Grace, but I think that is just part of what makes him such an interesting and compelling character. I'm not trying to say that it was the right thing to do, because obviously it was not. Even Wilson knows that -- see how much he is freaking out when House figures it out. However, I don't necessarily see it as Wilson taking advantage of a patient. I don't think it went down all, "Why hello, young lady, you appear to be dying of cancer! Are you looking for a big strong man to help you through the night?" I've only watched the episode once and I might have different feelings after watching it again, but I saw it more along of the lines of Wilson going there with only the intention to help Grace. From there I think it was quite easy for him to fall into his usual habit of jumping straight into bed, and only after they had sex did he think, "Fuck, this was my cancer patient." I think this provides a better motive for him moving in with her, because then he felt at least somewhat responsible for taking care of her. If he was just looking for somebody to take advantage of, he wouldn't have hung around for long.

This brings me to Wilson's apparent "I need you to need me" attitude. It's pretty easy to compare him to Cameron in that respect, but I think there is a subtle yet important difference between the two. Cameron is drawn to neediness because she wants to do something, to fix people, to make things better. Here I might even say she is more like House, who she constantly accuses of having to "solve the puzzle." Cameron really does the same thing herself. She sees a person like a charming fixer-upper; it's satisfying to make improvements, but once it's fully restored and there's nothing else for her to do, she looks for something else to fix. Wilson, on the other hand, searches out neediness simply because he needs to feel like there is somebody who really needs him around. To some extent I would say that he also tries to play the hero role by fixing people, but I don't think it's the most important part for him. With Grace, he would rather have her accept that she was dying than live on false hope that she could be healed; were Cameron in that situation, she would do anything but accept the inevitable (*points to "Autopsy"*). Wilson's response is rooted more in his own insecurity; as long as somebody just needs him around, he knows that he can provide that. Once their need ends, though, he's afraid that they'll leave. Deep down I think he just doesn't understand why somebody would stay simply because they wanted to be around him, not because they needed him for themselves. Apparently he has been right about this in the past, considering his recent marriage debacle, and the fact that as far as we've seen, House is the only real friend that Wilson has. Wilson doesn't think there are people who want him, so instead he contents himself with people who just need somebody.

ETA: I just watched the episode again, and I have slightly more organized thoughts about it this time around. I didn't quite mean that Wilson thinks people don't like him; obviously he is a very likable person, with oodles of charm and squishability. A lot of that is pretty superficial, though. People like Wilson and have a nice impression on him, but for the most part they don't hang around to find out more. This could be due to something on Wilson's part. As House says in this episode, Wilson is even more messed up than House is; in many ways I think that Wilson is pretty insecure about people finding that out. His face of friendliness is fine for the most part, but when it comes to having an actual relationship with people it isn't much to work on. He could have somebody be with him because they know everything about him, still like him, and still want to be with him, but he really isn't ready to risk that. It's easier for him to bond with somebody who just needs the surface comfort that he can offer, without having to delve into anything that he isn't comfortable with.

Man, I hope that made sense. I have really got to go do some homework, but I might come back and clean this up later, or maybe add some House/Wilson commentary.

EDIT: Okay, I just worked on this post some more, and I'm still not sure that it is any less confusing. If you want to talk about it, I'll be happy to discuss and hopefully make slightly more sense!

(And, hey, no laughing at my Current Music. I know that I should watch less AI, but I just can't help it! And now my punishment is to have this song stuck in my head all day...)


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