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Okay, the Sons of Anarchy post I MEANT to make last night... Herein lie spoilers for the first two seasons. )
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I was going to settle in this evening to finally rewatch "The End" in its entirety and see if I am capable of giving it a (relatively) objective viewing 2+ weeks out. Hmmm... guess what? NO, I AM NOT. Less than thirty minutes in and I was openly bawling, so... yeah. Not precisely what I intended to do! My mission will have to wait for another day, I suppose. (Really, though, let's be honest here. Am I ever going to be able to be "objective" about this show/episode? Probably not. And would I really want to be, anyway? Isn't the whole point of my relationship with Lost about my subjective viewership of the show, and how it personally affected me over the past six years? I'll be honest, haters fuel my insecurities, and since the finale aired I've kind of wondered... "Geez, okay, I didn't think it was the most perfect thing ever and there are some things I wish had turned out differently, but I didn't think it was that bad? Could it really have ruined the entire show? Is it a 100% cop-out? Did Darlton flat-out dupe and betray us?" Because, I mean, I kind of had all of those thoughts to a varying degree during my first viewing, but only in a halfway deal where I thought, "Okay, I'm not sure if this is what they should have done necessarily, but I understand what they're doing and love them for the overall effort." And I don't mean that in a condescending "A for effort!" way, either -- like, I do sincerely find it to be the bomb diggidiest of programs.)

UGH SO MANY FANDOM ISSUES THAT I WILL NEVER WORK OUT. In conclusion: haters make me sad. :( Not because I don't think that people have a right to dislike the show -- they totally, totally do! -- but just because it's sad to me that people seemingly had an entire six-year show ruined for them because of one episode. (ETA: Actually, that is basically what happened to me when I finally watched the Voyager finale like six years after it aired. But me and my awkward prepubescent nerd crushes will be saved for another post!) Well, I guess a lot of people dislike S6 as a whole; I haven't really rewatched enough of it to properly judge the overall flow/impact of this season, and there were certainly bits that could have been more cleverly/elegantly executed, or bits of brilliance that could have been allowed longer development (LOST, I WILL NEVER BE RECONCILED TO YOUR INSANELY HIGH BODY COUNT)... but... whatever. This post is going nowhere. Mainly I just want to 1) whine about my FEELINGS and then 2) counter that by revealing myself to be the most insensitive person ever because these two gifs bring me so much joy: S6 spoilers )

In an attempt to assuage my TV paaaain, I finally (finally! finally!!) started watching Sarah Connor Chronicles. So far I like it! I feel bad that I didn't make time to watch it when it was actually airing -- I'm only three episodes into it and yet there have already been so many guest stars that made me sit up and go, "Whaaaat!!?! I LOVE HIM/HER SFM!!" (and it's a given that I already have insane love for Summer Glau and Thomas Dekker, right? Right. Even if I do have to keep reminding myself that THOMAS DEKKER IS IN FACT OLDER THAN ME so why do I feel like a creeper?). I'm like six deep on the waiting list for the rest of the library DVDs, though, so. :/ We'll see how long it takes me to watch all of it. (That's good, though, yes? That people are actually watching it? Oh, and did I mention that my library system has ALL OF THE ROBIN HOOD DVDS, and that they are routinely checked out? I'm torn between wanting to stalk these people and say OH MY GOD, LET'S TALK ABOUT HOW MUCH I WANT TO BE MARIAN'S BFF AND BRAID HER HAIR, or wanting to stalk them and say OH HONEY NO, SAVE YOURSELF NOW, JUST PUT IT BACK AND CHECK OUT THE ONE WITH CARTOON FOXES.) It isn't the most, err... artfully put together show ever (although reviews seem to say that the first three eps are the clunkiest?); and I was also surprised to see that the music is Bear McCreary because, wow, even though I didn't follow BSG all the way to the end I always loved his work on there, and yet my first thought on finishing the SCC pilot was, "Okay, so how much did the music suck? *credits roll* BEAR MCCREARY, THAT WAS YOU? THE HELL??"; and I'm still trying to reconcile myself to the voiceovers. BUT. ON THE WHOLE. I am liking it! Related: quite interesting round-table on TV writers' rooms (related because it includes Zack Stentz; but mostly WHAT UP JAVI. Ugh, speaking of UNFORTUNATELY CANCELED BRILLIANCE, I was just watching "The Palindrome Reversal Palindrome" the other day and why why whhhhyyyy did you leave me??! Also, um, Brendan Hines on SCC? A+++)

I've still got a sizable chunk of Sons of Anarchy to catch up on, but I'll be honest -- I keep pushing it off intentionally! I'm so nervous! Because, yeah, I'm only watching for THESE HOT BITCHES ) ...and I don't know what I'll do when something horrible inevitably happens to drive them apart.

Do I ever have anything non-TV to post about? Hmm, probably not.


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