Jun. 23rd, 2010

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Sorry I haven't gotten around to replying to all of the posts/comments I've meant to! Hopefully I'll catch back up by tomorrow; but last night I went to a "fun trivia night" that turned out to be one of the most dull and drawn out evenings of my entire life ever (HYPERBOLE, YES, BUT STILL), and now tonight my sister has guilt-tripped me into checking out a karaoke bar with her and I probably should have left already, WHOOPS, but I'm trying to clear through at least one layer of internet duties before I leave. (Does it even need stating that internet >>>> social life?) I am spending the night up there (because, right, it makes perfect sense to make a hundred-mile round-trip drive for karaoke -- oh, sister of mine, I hope you are glad that I love you!) so I think I'm going to counter-guilt-trip her into watching some Who while I'm there so I can stay on top of my rewatch in time for Friday (IT'S ALREADY WEDNESDAY, HOW DID THAT HAPPEN??).

Okay, photo meme, day twelve )

And then this Doctor Who vid rec got buried in the comments of an earlier post, so I'm giving it the place of prominence it deserves: Spoilers through 5.12 )


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