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Despite the fact that my life would basically be over if I somehow tragically lost everything on my computer, I'm only just now backing stuff up on my external harddrive for the first time since... err... Christmas. And some folders have been neglected even longer than that WHAT DON'T JUDGE ME -- and, awww, so much fandom nostalgia! My Legend of the Seeker folder didn't even exist back then! And my Lost folder just doubled in size! Look at all this highly fabulous stuff that is now a part of my life! Highlights version:

Cut for a lot of rather large pictures, and maybe spoilers for things that have happened in TV world for the past six months (or earlier because I'm usually really slow at saving promos/stills/etc.) )

Wow, what a productive evening this has been... off to round it off with some Star Trek novels/cartoons.
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Somebody please stop me before I listen to this on loop for the 100th time over the past week:


I really actually loved every single finale, too (even the Seeker one, which I thought was overall kind of weak in terms of awesome-twisty-build-up/light-pay-off, but UGH I JUST LOVE THEM ALL SO MUCH, I DON'T EVEN CARE) but I just can't even deal. WITH ALL THESE FEEEEEELINGS.


(And now because I'm just that sort of person, I'm bringing up all of my interconnected woe with other finales and ROBIN HOOD and BUFFY and STAR TREK and and and whhhyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Basically I'm just going to be crying for the rest of my life.)

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I may have finally reached that age where birthdays are to be dreaded rather than celebrated; but thankfully the internet is an ageless wonder, an anomaly of time and space, and a perfect venue for a "Things That Make Me Happy!" post! AND YOU CAN PLAY ALONG! (Seriously, please do.)

I'll stick with you baby for a thousand years, nothing's gonna touch you in these golden yeeeeeeeaaaaaars!! )

I'd like to keep this open until I leave on Wednesday, so please! Spam away! Picspams, gifs, fanvids, basically anything in the history of ever that you feel like linking to or flailing over... all expressions of joy and happiness are welcome.
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Spent the day trying to teach myself some embroidery. So far I have learned that 1) I think I need glasses and 2) I'm not very good at embroidery. :/

I'm also catching up on all the greatness currently coalescing at [ profile] rh_drabblefest. God, I love this fandom.

In light of my current Life on Mars/Ashes to Ashes phase, I've had the soundtracks for both on constant rotation for the last week or so. You might think it'd be possible to outlisten "Vienna," buuut you would be wrong. At any rate, I feel suddenly moved to compose a semi-tribute to television series that make excellent use of music. (There are some mild spoilers behind the cut, but I've marked what episode each is from in case you're not caught up, and then clips with overly spoilery preview frames are linked instead of embedded.)

The music is weaving... Haunting notes, pizzicato strings... )

And now I have officially spent way too much time on this! This is by no means comprehensive (if so we'd probably be here all week), so please do feel free to contribute your own picks in the comments.
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Okay, did I say that I was going to wait a bit before starting on Ashes to Ashes? Yeah, well, I LIED. I watched the first episode last night and, oh man, here ensues the flail to end all flail.

Cut for spoilers and for the fact that you might be blinded by the sheer amounts of capslock glee )

ETA: Okay, after one evening I... may possibly already be through 1.05? I CAN'T HELP MYSELF. GENE/ALEX DFSKJ;ASFJ;LASDFJADF OH FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY JUST MAKE OUT ALREADY.

Double ETA: The one thing about A2A that I hands down prefer from LoM -- the opening credits/theme! Given the brilliant use of music on LoM I always thought the title theme was a bit, well, lame to be honest, but the one here is so beyond perfect. When marathoning a show, the quality of the opening credits quickly becomes apparent: when they're bad or just plain boring, you get sick of sitting through them over and over again every time a new episode starts; but when they're good you're filled with an excited thrill of anticipation that sets the tone for the hour of television you're about to witness. (And when I say "you" I actually mean "me" because I fear I'm probably the only person to get so invested in opening credits.)
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- I can't decide which one I love more, this Hornblower/Bush vid to "I Touch Myself" or this Sam/Gene vid that inspired it. Oh, internets, DON'T EVER CHANGE.

- There is quite a good deal of win to be found over at [ profile] trek_crack, but the intro post especially is not to be missed. Unsurprisingly, the Spock/McCoy bits are my favourite (ohhh man, Bones' little 'yay medicine/boo engineering' shout bubble? LOVE).

-I've started watching The Prisoner (been meaning to for ages, and now it's all up on! How convenient!). After one episode I am confused as hell and will probably have nightmares for days, which means that I like it and plan to watch more.

- ETA: I almost forgot! If you haven't already joined in years past, you should all go check out the [ profile] lost_bookclub; how else are we to occupy the long, lonely Wednesday nights between now and February? Also, I'm leading the Philip K. Dick month so, y'know. Be there or be square and all that.

And now for the Robin Hood portion of our evening:

- ARMITAGE -- GOOD LORD -- THAT MAN SHOULD BE ILLEGAL. The show has been off for all of... three days, and already I miss having him in my weekly schedule.

- I think I may have unraveled a portion of my deep and abiding love for all things related to the Gisbornes (aside from the obvious bits where they are smouldering and lovely and act circles around the material they're given): namely, brother and sister both are so stuck in the 80s and totally should have ended the series by starting their own heavy metal/hair band.

Image cut, but only because I am a nice person )

Don't lie. You know you want it. I am actually contemplating a "Gizzy is Stuck in the 80s" playlist, but I don't know if I'll ever get around to it. Plus, man would it be hard to narrow that down. Maybe it'd be better to just hand out an instruction manual. 1. Put on Aerosmith/Van Halen/Def Leppard/Billy Idol/whatev. 2. Mope about until your simmering woobiness comes to a boil. 3. Angst to death.

- My great Robin Hood Rewatch continues! This is making up for the fact that I never posted about these episodes when I saw them for the first time:

1.06 - All of the "sparring" between Vaysey and the abbess is just an unparalleled delight to watch, hee! And once again with Gisborne being surprisingly religious -- I think this is swiftly becoming my new show-related obsession and some day I will have to do a proper write-up of my feelings on that. For now I find it interesting that on the one hand he can be so solemn and venerative in his attitude toward most church practices, and yet so completely derisive of Marian going to a convent. I suppose here it's more kneejerk anger, whereas in 2.08 it's more outright mocking (although I have to admit that I always join him on that when I watch the episode. Marian: "Okay, well, now that we're done having a jaw-droppingly hot make-out session, I think I'll just pop back into the convent." Guy: "Ummm, I don't think that's how nuns work. ...Have you been talking to Allan?"). Essentially, Guy is such an odd inconsistent bumbling idiot when it comes to omg pretty girl!!! Yeah, like that's news, but still. I know Armitage said of the first series that he wanted to make people's skin crawl during the Guy/Marian scenes, but mostly in this episode they just make me laugh at Guy's expense for being a GIANT AWKWARD CREEPER.

1.07 - Aaaand so Guy's wooing dumbness continues. "Curses! I need to get Marian another present but I didn't have time to go to the store. Well, this one looks nice; pity somebody else is already wearing it. ... Wait, who am I kidding, I'm mothereffing Guy of Gisborne and I'll take what I please and shoot sexy glances at passerbys as I do it." For the most part, though, this episode is far less about the awkward and far more about the epic angst and twisted attraction and betrayal potential and, oh dear, is this not what sold me on Guy/Marian from the start (because, yes, this was indeed the first episode of the show I ever saw)? Far more than my purely shallow thoughts along the lines of "oh dear they are so terribly attractive and to hell with the storyline let's just have the Richard & Lucy hour of hotness all the time," I was just so blown away by how well they feed off of each other as actors, how Marian's utter distaste for Guy begins to be eclipsed by her need to use him, how Guy's foundations are crumbled and rebuilt and crumbled again every time he encounters Marian anew. It's such a watershed moment for the two of them, when suddenly their relationship shifts from that of a relatively pedestrian match dictated by gender roles and societal conventions to that of a charged, inextricable political and ethical entanglement. The full gamut of emotions that the two of them run through in the proposal -- well, it's just as impressive to me now as it was during that fateful first viewing two years ago, when by the power of their sheer awesome they conspired to TRAP ME FOREVER AUGH (the "Feel it, it is real" line SLAYS ME EVERY TIME). And, shockingly enough, the bits of the episode that don't have to do with Guy/Marian are still interesting, too! Ah, yes, the good old days when the gang actually had relevant plots. The Allan/Djaq! And Will/Allan! And in fact just general Allan-ness of it all! Also, once more the Sheriff is so hugely badass here. How could I have missed the fact that he gives Guy an ass slap??! And then when he's busy goading Guy into taking his revenge on Marian -- yeesh. (Possible but doubtful significance to the fact that Vaysey refers to Marian as a "leper," given Guy's family history? I still sincerely doubt that the writers had any of that backstory in mind at this point in time, but at the very least it is one of those happy accidents of show canon.) I love how Keith Allen can be so alternately thrilling and chilling, especially during the hanging.

- In conclusion, can you tell that I'm still unemployed? Geez. Tomorrow I'm meeting up with one of the ladies I used to work for over the past few summers, so we'll see if anything comes of that (except of course all of that was "unpaid non-profit community enrichment" and now I NEED MONEY, PEOPLE).
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- I've fallen off a bit from my MASSIVE STARGATE BRAIN TAKE-OVER (millions cheer!) (and yet I still can't seem to cycle out my Woolsey icon, because dammit he is just too beautiful), but [ profile] sgastoryfinders never fails to bring the lulz. Im looking for the fic where Rodney gets stuck under a pillar off world and tells Ronan to cut off his hand and then he grows an new one due to him handeling a device made by machello. Oh yyyeah.

- After I discovered this fantabulous Guy/Marian vid to "Anything for Love" (just... seriously... GAHHH. My endless love for that song combined with my endless love for Maz and Giz has rendered me speechless. IT IS SO PERFECT -- AND EEEE MY FAVORITE VERSE, THE BEST PART OF THE SONG, IS SO WELL TRANSLATED -- JUST SKIP TO 3:52 AND BE FILLED WITH WONDER), it also struck me that I am terribly fond of this Robin/Marian "It's All Coming Back to Me Now" vid... I've spoken before of my love for over-the-top Jim Steinman love ballads, so all that can now be concluded is that fandom also needs an elaborate "Total Eclipse of the Heart" vid (and, hey, look at 3.01! The writers clearly want one too!). I can't decide which ship would be best suited to the song, though (I want to say something OTHER than Robin/Marian or Guy/Marian, though, the poor girl needs a break already). Oh, and then when I was folding laundry today "Like a Prayer" came on and -- I'm sorry but it's TRUE -- it would make the most perfect Guy/Marian crackvid since ever. (ETA 2: Okay, I think now Guy = Madonna has become cemented in my mind because "Open Your Heart" came on when I was cleaning my room this morning and, what do you know, that's a totally perfect pine-y song for him as well. I DON'T QUITE KNOW WHY BUT THIS MUSICAL AFFINITY FILLS ME WITH GLEE.)

- Hey! I'm excited about a new movie! Public Enemies comes out this week, and I just might scrounge up the $6.50 to go see it. Plus, heads up, TCM's holding a gangster movie marathon on Wednesday.

- I finished Life on Mars last night. First of all, let me say just how weird it was to watch that finale back-to-back with the Robin Hood one. Talk about different production levels, sheesh. (Actually, though, I found them both sort of epic and satisfying in their own way, so. YEAH, I KNOW. I might finally have come to terms with some of my more gigantic Robin Hood issues; either that or my brain has decided that it isn't worth the effort of anguishing over them.) I can't get over how well put together every separate layer of mindfuck was in that episode, and I can't get over that it's, well, over! Man. I think I'm going to check out Ashes to Ashes because 1) GENE GENIE and 2) Keeley Hawes, oh good lord I crush on her so hard; but I feel like I need to take at least a few days off before starting on it to pay respect to my Sam/Gene love.

- Hey, Merlin's on! TTFN. ETA: Aaaand my dad's watching a History Channel special. Never mind. Ah, well, this frees me up for more time to troll the interwebs babbling about Robin Hood (because, yes, that is one thing that has been sadly lacking in my life as of late).
I caved like a big darn caving thing and read the Robin Hood finale spoilers... Sigh. I've already run through quite a lot of emotions, and at this point I'm not really sure what to say except that I'm glad I decided to arm myself properly with this icon beforehand.

And as seemed to happen with the S2 finale, the respite at the end of a series and realization that there will be no new stories for a while sends my brain into high gear in supplying its own fannish exploits. I know I mentioned a desire to do Brit Brit's "Lace and Leather" as a Team Leather vid, but now I'm kind of in love with the idea of doing it as Robin/Isabella instead. My baddie tribute song of choice at the moment is "Hell's Bells"; okay, so I'm sure "Back in Black" has been done to death for these guys, but "Hell's Bells" would be so awesome and I'm already picturing all of the great execution cuts that can go with the opening knells and, geez, why does this show suck so hard at so many things and yet still have the best villains of all time? I think it would put my brain at ease if I could just acknowledge that everything about RH is terrible and get over it already, but I will forever be haunted by the parts of it that are in fact ridiculously awesome (i.e. everything that is not Team Hood).

But anyway, then I remember that all I have on my computer is WMM, and the vidding-motivated part of myself wants to die (oh how I would love to NEVER EVER AGAIN repeat the hair-pulling frustrations involved with doing Guy/Marian vids on that thing). Curse my software limitations!!
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Not having classes on Fridays? Both a bless and a curse. Blessing: HELLO, NO CLASS. Curse: I can't be arsed to get anything done. I even forgot to set an alarm for this morning and didn't get up until almost 8:00. At the very least I'll be trekking over to the library later today to pick up some movies on reserve (Forbidden Planet and The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, what up! I also have plans this weekend to rewatch Repo! The Genetic Opera with one of my friends and then watch the recent Byron TV movie with another. Don't worry, it's perfectly natural to be jealous of my clearly awesome taste in viewing materials).

I just rediscovered a rather embarrassingly large stash of American Idol miscellany on my computer, oh dear. Season six... those were the good days... *is in no way rocking out to Blake Lewis right now, of course not*

GUUUUYSSSS CHUCK IS BACK ON MONDAY!!!! FINALLY MORE CASEY! And, you know, Sarah and Chuck and Ellie and Awesome and Lester and Anna and Morgan and Big Mike and Jeff and awesome guest stars and EVERYBODY...! But mostly Casey. Lamely, though, I think I'll have to start watching it online (why why whhhhhhy did House have to move to Mondays?).

And to close, Lost! Spoilers for 5.03 Jughead )
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One of my unstated resolutions this year has been to post more about movies when I actually watch them, so. Monday. I watched Repo! The Genetic Opera. And I kind of totally loved it. Anyway... I was hesitant to post about this because... well... yeah. I mean. It's the kind of movie that makes me even love Paris Hilton in it (YEAH FOR REAL I KNOW). I know I should be ashamed but I just can't bring myself to do it! I won't consider this a rec post because, seriously, I think you probably know already whether you're the sort of person who would completely love or completely hate it, and I am all over the former category and need somewhere to flail about it -- anyone? Anyone?

Mostly, though, OMGWTFASH between this and Uther I am just overwhelmed by his epic DILF-ness. I feel like that episode of Buffy where the Scoobies happen upon a weekend-Giles singing at the café and Xander is like "OH GOD IT BURNS" and all the girls are like "OH GOD DO ME." For the most part the music wasn't even hugely blow-me-away and/or infest-me-with-ear-worms awesome, but but but "Legal Assassin" is kind of my favourite thing at the moment.

(This is one of those times when I remember why I have "testament to my bad taste in everything" as a tag.)
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Sorry, I'm being uncharacteristically spammy today (comes of homework avoidance, I think) -- but I just discovered Emmy Rossum's YouTube channel. Oh oh oh. EPIC LULZ ARE EPIC. Except in a way where I can't even pretend to make fun or to be enjoying it in some hip, ironic superior taste way. No. Sorry. Silly as it is, I get completely sucked into the whole cool pretty role model who is just like you! and totally wants to be your best friend and is low-key but gorgeously flawless -- and, essentially, some impossibly perfect robo-starlet but, honestly, I can't help buying into it. I don't care how corny it seems -- it's so genuine to me! She really is gorgeously flawless, and I really do want to be her best friend! And then there's that whole part where I've been helplessly girl!crushing on her for the better part of four years... Um. Basically: hello there dorkiest celebrity crush ever! But too bad, I love her. (And her Christmas tracks, which I finally got around to buying -- so good!) Haters to the side, please.

ETA: GIP! I think I'm designating this my pseudo-holiday icon, too.
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From [ profile] dollsome:

1. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me."
2. I will respond by asking you 5 questions.
3. You should then update your LJ with the answers to the questions.
4. You should include this and an offer to interview someone else in the post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed you should ask them 5 questions.

My questions! )
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Am I the only one who has absolutely zero memory of this version of the "I Want You Back" video? I'm familiar with the billowing tinfoil but, man, it pales in comparison. I guess they went back and reshot it when they started getting popular...? (Gee, I wonder why?) Well, at any rate, thank you dear sweet YouTube for schooling me in my NSYNC history because, ahahaha, it is wonderful. Actually, I can't decide if it's better or worse than the time the Backstreet Boys went to DS9...

Wow. I swear I will stop posting about boy bands. ...Eventually.

(But, seriously, this is all sparking so many fascinating questions I haven't contemplated since, say, I was first old enough to drive. For instance, do Lance and Joey ever get to sing??)

(Also, I sadly don't think I'm going to have time to do a proper Merlin flail this week because, ummm, it might be apparent that I keep getting distracted from homework, but I'll feel bad if I don't post so I'll just sum up my feelings by saying that I LOVE THIS SHOW SO MUCH. IT'S RIDICULOUS. AND YOU SHOULD ALL BE WATCHING IT.)
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You guys might want to step a few feet safely back to avoid catching my germs because I think I'm officially sick. Hacking cough? Check. Perpetual sniffles? Check. Zero desire to get out of bed and go to class? Well... that's probably business as usual. But I think I have finally succumbed to the recent chill hanging in the air. (Seriously, what is this nonsense? 60F? And it's barely October? I thought I stayed in-state for school to avoid this sort of thing. North Florida, you're fired!)

(At least it gives me a proper excuse to finally use this icon -- which I've been waiting to do since I made it over a year ago. VICTORY AT LAST! Going through a six-icon rotation unfortunately requires an occasionally stifling amount of pragmatism. But sometimes your soul just needs to cry out "ANTIBODIES!!", you know? More personal trivia: "The Immunity Syndrome" was actually the first TOS episode I sat down and watched straight through, start to finish, back during my freshman year; and it will thus always hold a very special place in my heart for sparking a glorious love affair. It's probably also responsible for ingraining in me from the get-go a preference for Spock/McCoy, ha.)

I don't know about you guys, but being sick often induces a certain amount of regression to childhood. I want snuggly nap time; I want my mommy to feed me hot soup; I want to stay home from school and curl up on the couch watching cartoons all day. This time around, though, it's manifested itself in an entirely different way: pop music! Those of you who watch [ profile] cap_it may have noticed a brief flurry of Britney Spears music video caps the other day. Instead of thinking, "Grooooan enough with the cap!spam, already!" my reaction was more along the lines of, "OH MY GOD REMEMBER HOW AWESOME THESE USED TO BE??!" followed by a hurried scramble to go rewatch them all on YouTube.

And. And. Ahahaaahaha oh goodness. I know I've revealed before my deep dark secret of how much I used to fangirl Britney back in the day; and, well, old loves never die, I suppose. I didn't know it was possible to derive such delight from three minute snippets of overused visual effects, group choreography, and disturbingly catchy songs. I'M SO IN LOVE.

Crazy! All of the enticing midriff close-ups, heeee! And Melissa Joan Hart! I have quite vivid memories of reenacting this song at my friend's twelfth birthday part.
Oops! ...I Did It Again! One word: EPIC.
Lucky! Her cellphone in the backstage interlude is probably my favourite part. Well, that and the glitter throwing. She's like a sparkling fairy of happiness! Too bad the video ends on a gloomy note -- but it's so appropriately old Hollywood. Gasp! Did I just accidentally discover thematic consistency in a Britney Spears music video concept? *head explodes*
Stronger! I... actually have no idea what is going on here.

I think the saddest part is that I distinctly remember watching every single one of these on "Making the Video."

Then through the addictive glory that is YouTube's "Related Videos" list, I ended up indulging in a bit of an NSYNC retrospective, too. I was never into them as much as I was with Britney, buuut that doesn't mean I enjoyed these any less. These guys have some of the most consistently cracked out video concepts ever, and it. is. glorious.
I Drive Myself Crazy! So many silky jammies, so little time. More cellphone LOLs. Also, man, this video takes quite a vindictive turn for a love song...
Bye Bye Bye! The sensation! Again with watching too much "Making the Video," but I remember all the hype about this and we were all totally excited for it to come out and went home after school and watched the woooorld premieeeere on MTV...! And then we were gossiping about it at swim practice afterward and one of the girls was so disappointed because her mom said she wasn't allowed to watch it -- too much pelvic thrusting! Ahahahaha. My sympathies, friend.
It's Gonna Be Me! This totally used to be my favourite. Why? I have no clue. For a while it replaced, "Guess what?" "Chicken butt!" though, with a rousing chorus of, "Guess what?" "IT'S GONNA BE ME!" on the school bus.
Pop! I wish there was a better quality version of this up... And, really, I think this might be one of the few where the song probably cracks me up even more than the video. That said, the "...I'm tired of singin'!" sequence is... oh God... hahaha brilliant.

Well, sick or not, it is probably time for me to get ready to go to class anyway, but if you feel like indulging in your own tragic bubblegum pop past feel free to share more in the comments.
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I was feeling quite self-satisfied last night when I managed to peel myself away from the computer at the not-totally-ridiculous hour of about a quarter to midnight and head to bed.

And then, of course, I couldn't fall asleep.

("Time to establish normal sleeping patterns before going back to school!" the sensible half of my brain says. "But... but... think of all the Stargate we could be watching!" counters the other half. ...You see my dilemma).

I turned to my old standard method; viz., popping on the headphones and cruising the frequencies for some music to help me sleep. Fact: the radio is about a thousand times more awesome in the middle of the night. Less morning chatter, more "When did my adult contemporary station suddenly turn into a jivin' disco party mix on Saturday nights? *scandalized* *but intrigued*" My ultimate late night radio guilty pleasure -- Delilah. Oh yes, I listen. And occasionally cry, even. "OH MY GOD CYNTHIA FROM TEXAS EVEN THOUGH HE'S A JERK I AM SO SO SORRY THAT YOUR EX-HUSBAND WENT TO JAIL BECAUSE YOU CLEARLY AREN'T OVER HIM BUT GIRL DON'T FORGET YOU ARE SMART AND BEAUTIFUL SO DON'T BE AFRAID TO LIVE YOUR LIIIIFE!!" Although often ridiculous, it is sometimes genuinely sweet; and it plays the perfect sort of late 80s/early 90s "smooth (AKA boring) hits" for me to fall asleep to.

Last night I happened to be in the middle of listening to Genesis' "In Too Deep" when I gave myself a sudden case of the giggles because, well -- for some reason I've always connected this song with House/Wilson, and that is... so very, very lame. On so many levels. Once I started thinking about it, I realized that I actually have a tendency to do that with a lot of lame songs. You know, songs that are waaaay too embarrassing to ever include on any sort of fanmix, and yet that you can't help intimately associating with a particular show/ship/character/etc. A few of mine:

House/Wilson: ...I have no idea how/when/why I subconsciously appointed Genesis with providing the soundtrack for these two, but there you have it. "In Too Deep" (AHAHAHAHAAAA THE VIDEO MAKES IT ABOUT 125,947 TIMES BETTER *WIPES EYES*) as previously mentioned.

I know you're going, but I can't believe
It's the way that you're leaving,
It's like we never knew each other at all
It may be my fault,
I gave you too many reasons for being alone
When I didn't want to
I thought you'd always be there

Perfect for upcoming S5 post-Amber angst Y/Y?? And then "That's All" (IF POSSIBLE EVEN BETTER THAN THE LAST VID) offers a nice Wilson perspective (fits BEST ca. S2, I think):

Turning me on, turning me off,
Making me feel like I want too much
Living with you's just putting me through it all of the time
Truth is, I love you
More than I wanted to
There's no point in trying to pretend
There's been no one who
Makes me feel like you do

Star Trek: TOS: If I had the proper clips from the show, I would vid this one in a heartbeat. I mean, I can visualize it perfectly as an OT3 vid, and it's what plays in my head every time I listen to Michael Bublé's rendition of "I'm Your Man".

If you want a partner, take my hand
Or if you want to strike me down in anger
Here I stand
I'm your man
If you want a boxer
I will step into the ring for you
And if you want a doctor
I'll examine every inch of you

(Most ridiculous lyric ever? "Howl at your beauty like a dog in heat"? WHO WRITES THIS STUFF? And yet... I love it shamelessly.)

Robin Hood: I'm pretty sure I've already shared this one, but it's so perfect that it bears repeating. Robin/Marian (!! I KNOW!) to the Beach Boys' "Wouldn't It Be Nice":

Wouldnt it be nice to live together
In the kind of world where we belong
Maybe if we think and wish and hope and pray it might come true
Baby then there wouldn't be a single thing we couldn't do
We could be married
And then we'd be happy

Coincidentally, I love it for all of the reasons I ultimately don't ship Robin/Marian: it's youthful and sweet and over-idealized and way unrealistic for their situation. But, still, d'awww... it would be nice.

And, err, I think I already shared my embarrassing Guy/Marian pick.

SGA: Okay, the other thing that convinced me that this "ridiculous fandom songs" thing was a decided trend and not just a freak occurrence -- I also listened to my Emmy Rossum CD a bit last night, and "The Great Divide" (with a bonus PotO vid, as if we somehow needed to up the dork factor on this) has inexplicably become a central SGA song for me. I picture it, like... you know, mid-disaster McKay? Worn paper thin and hating the world but somehow using this moment to remember what he's fighting for and who he's fighting beside.

Help me calm this hurricane
Before this moment slips aways
Are you listening?
Don't turn away when I say
I need you

I think what makes me happiest about this is my complete and utter assurance that Rodney would, like, actively loathe it. *cackles*

Finally, this is suuuuch a silly John song: Adam and the Ants "Los Rancheros":

Soon my worries
Will be gone
There's a bullet with my name on it

To make me feel less epically lame, I now invite you all to share your own goofy inner soundtracks (fandom or otherwise).
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Oh, God, I'm such a puddle of weepy nostalgia. Some of my fellow American cable watchers might perhaps have noticed the five jillion hour long Lord of the Rings marathon that was on TNT over the weekend...? Well, I managed to avoid most of it due to my much whined about paper, but as I was going to bed Sunday night, I decided to see if it was still on. It was just at the end of Return of the King (by which I mean to say there was still about an hour and half left, haha), and sat up until almost midnight watching the rest of it. And. Oh. Oh. Best/worst idea ever. The thing is, RotK is actually my least favourite of the films by a lot -- but it still seems to be the one I get the most emotional over, being, you know. The end. And all. It's actually been quite a while since I watched the films; I meant to over Christmas break, but I had loaned them to my little brother and he left them up at school. So it was a weird mix of, obviously, every line and shot totally ingrained in my brain from seeing it at least once a week when it first came out, but still little forgotten tidbits coming back up again to emotionally ruin me once more. Somehow I had managed to forget about the very very VERRRRY ending, with Frodo's voice-over and "You cannot always be torn in two" and HEY THANKS FOR TEARING ME IN TWO!! ...And that was Sunday night and now it's Tuesday night and I'm still sitting here listening to the soundtrack again and getting all sniffly and run-on-sentence-y about it.

...And I started typing up a short story about the soundtrack which turned into a long story about the movie in general so here goes. I'll always remember the exact date of the movie release for RotK as December 17 2003 because, aside from my general LotR nerdiness which should just be assumed anyway, it also happens to be the day of the 100th anniversary of flight. My dad is a huuuuuge aviation nerd, so he planned this whole family holiday vacation around going up to Kitty Hawk for the centennial celebrations -- and, of course, having my priorities straight as usual, I was distraught because, "but... but... I want to go to a movie!" As consolation, I was allowed to pick up the RotK soundtrack the day it came out, a week or two before we left. I listened to it about a dozen times on the drive up, already tearing up over it in the backseat of the car. Then of course once we actually saw the movie (because as it turns out, there was one theatre on the island, maybe four screens; my most wonderful daddy even went and bought me advanced tickets to the opening, although there were maybe a dozen other people who showed up, haha) it was pretty much me = the human hosepipe, but I think in a way I almost feel most connected to the music (although, again, not my favourite, because TTT is totally the BEST THING EVER in that department), because that was where I worked out a lot of my emotional build-up to the film. Even now, there are certain cues I simply cannot listen to without choking up -- pretty much all of "The End of All Things" and "The Return of the King," but most especially the first pan over Aragorn's coronation (2:14) and then hobbity significant glances scene at the Green Dragon (8:22). (And it is now way past Bethany's bedtime, so I think I'll have to cut short my nostalgia trip and look forward to happy dreams of Middle Earth.)
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Meme that I got from [ profile] dollsome like a million years ago and has just been sitting in my drafts waiting to be posted: ten things I love! Today's programming brought to you by the letter R (and please comment if you'd like a letter of your own).

Cut for pictures and YouTube vids of a biggish nature )

...Okay, I think I've discovered why it takes so long for me to finish any memes, because a simple, "Make a list of ten things!" turned into a 1000+ word ramble. Of course!
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In case you couldn't tell from the fact that I've only managed to post once so far this month, I am in the throes of finals. I just went to my last class of the term earlier today, and I only have two days of exams next week, and then omg I am done and it is Christmas break for five weeks yessss. That's a pretty intense motivator right there, and a lovely payoff for getting all my work done.

But even though it will be nice once I'm done, for now all I have to say is: URRRGHHH. I've met my quota for the amount of homework I wanted to get done before Jeopardy!, so I don't feel too guilty about taking a break to catch up on some fandom babble.

First of all (because I'm listening to it right now) Blake Lewis's album finally came out this week. And it's actually GOOD! For once you might actually feel unashamed to show your true colours as an American Idol fan. It's all the best of 80s cheesy synth, angsty Maroon 5-ish ballads (which sound distinctly less whiny when sung by Blake), and awesome Cake collaborations. Despite the obvious influences on the album, I certainly wouldn't describe it as derivative--just think of how he made all of those covers on AI his own, and multiply it tenfold because here it's actually his own music. Compared to his pre-AI work, I'd say it's maybe a little more mainstream, in the sense that the songs are a lot tighter and catchier. But there's such a huge variety of sounds on just this one CD that he clearly hasn't boxed himself into one category.

So anyway, y'all should totally go buy a copy -- $10 on Amazon, and as one of those CDs that you can play from start to finish without getting bored, it's totally worth the investment. If you still need to listen to some songs before being fully convinced, YouTube is your friend. My personal favourite is She's Makin' Me Lost It, which is SO AMAZINGLY GOOD THAT I SIMPLY CANNOT TALK ABOUT IT WITHOUT CAPSLOCKING. SERIOUSLY, JUST LISTEN TO IT. A THING OF BEAUTY AND WONDER, I SWEAR. The song he wrote with Chris, What'cha Got 2 Lose? (just looking at the grammar, you can already tell that they wrote it, haha), is another highlight.

And I spent too much time squeeing over that, so I'll have to confine the rest of my ramblings to one sentence: PSYCH CHRISTMAS SPECIAL TONIGHT. USA NETWORK 10/9C. It will be epic. And okay that was more than one sentence, whatever.

I really don't have an appropriate icon for this post. All of my dormant fandoms are coming out of hibernation!


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